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Today, we would like to introduce the latest content delivery service for our selection of Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire goodness, WiC Daily.

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  • Eh. I check in with the site regularly anyway, no need to crowd my email box. Still a good idea, though.

  • Sign me up. This series seems to be only getting better. All I need is the WoW out the end of the year and I’ll be a happy man

  • Sweet! I can stop checking the site every half hour lol. I shall be notified accordingly. Thanks!

    *goes back to hiding in his books, confused & concerned by the events of last week*


  • cosca:
    2017 for TWOW is my optimistic estimate.

    Another leech on the fire for you, ser! Arrrrggghhh!

    Fansided folk: Why does the WiC Daily opt-in box default to “checked”? I don’t want it “checked” by default. Let me make that decision, please.

  • I think I’ll just stick to getting texts when WiC tweets a new WiC post, but this is cool

  • I’ve already been autosigned at least twice today thanks to your stealthy “Opt out” checkbox that you snuck in.

    No thanks. That’s what the site is for.

  • …yeah. I dunno about the mailing list. I already bring up the site several dozen times a day on various devices, and I don’t check my email for these sorts of updates.

    My bread and butter here are the old staples. The new stuff popping up lately, not so much.

  • In my haste, I misunderstood, and imagined my phone goin beep everytime something new got posted. Derp. It’s not that.

    I’ll stay subscribed tho, just so I don’t have to uncheck that box each time lol.

  • ps.. why no comment edit or deletion on here? A basic function. Ooh, and any plans on making comment scrolling a little easier? It makes the lengthy convos impossible to keep up with (and those are the ones I’d like to read/contribute to).

    Love the site tho :D just asking lol

  • Cumsprite:
    Well, nerts. Everytime I go to the bottom of the comments on a post, it appears as though I have selected to receive notifications. I suppose I need to be very thorough about opting out.

    This is Cumsprite, opting out again. I wonder how many times I need to do this until it sticks?

    There’s got to be some kind of Javascript fix. But yeah, one of these times it’s going to trap you and you won’t remember to uncheck that freaking box.

    (Hello, mods… unchecked by default makes the most sense! You don’t want people signing up every post, now do you?)

  • The checkbox issue is ridiculous, this will be resolved immediately. Thank you for the feedback everyone, I’ll pass all of these thoughts along.

  • Zack Luye,

    Yeah, we’ll fix this….I am fairly certain the checkbox isn’t working anyway….is anyone getting the opt-in emails?

  • KG,

    Oh KG, you rogue~

    I had a similar thought, and reservations that precluded its expression.

    Thanks for getting rid of the checkbox, guys. I was a little disturbed by its existence. It seemed a bit below the standards of the site.

  • If it were possible, I would have edited that… For greater effect:


  • With all the operating systems and browser versions for PCs, laptops, googletops, macs and mobile devices out there, it’s a wonder anything works anymore. All I can say is, just keep it simple, folks. At least this isn’t national health care.

    Even though some may like the 50 comments per page limit recently introduced, try clinking a link from comment #125 (3rd page) to comment #5 (1st page), or try to link to a “Recent Comment” on a thread with more than 50 comments. There is no integrity to the links anymore.

    Still hoping for forums and sub-threads.

  • Sister Wrister:
    If it were possible, I would have edited that… For greater effect:


    Is this a Patsy Cline reference?

  • Sister Wrister,

    Speaking of mountains….maybe this week we get a smoke signal that the Mountain is partying in the riverlands or lurking near KL?

    Also, I guess it is good that Yara has been absent thus far. She’s got one hell of a long way to travel, even at kraken speed. I sort of find it funny that she will get to the Dreadfort only to discover that Theon and Co have gone a’flayin’ to Moat Cailin. Oh, for glimpse of Vic at MC! If they are going to have a chance to be consistent with the books (yeah right!), this next episode should see Balon meet the bridge troll. I bet Yara, in her vain effort to save her flayed bro, doesn’t get to sail back to Pike…if she ever gets to see Pike again.

  • Locke’s beard,

    Hmm, it must be I guess, all I have available is reply/quote. Thanks for the reply!

    @The Seven

    I’m on Android using Chrome which is about as standard as it gets. Are the edit/delete buttons unavailable on the mobile site?

    I would check the nooby welcome thread to ask all the Qs I have but this place don’t seem to work like that. I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing it but you really need a forum alongside teh awesome news stuffs. Discussions seem to jump n spill from one thread to the next, often ignoring the actual content of said thread. Lol.

  • Hodor’s Bastard,

    Oh ye of little faith. Asha will transport the same as Littlefinger does , the Gods be great…umm Old & New ones, just to cover all bases. Viewers have only a fewer clues to draw parallels, but we can assume the distance from the shore may be negligible , thanks to GoT generated maps, Moat Callin would be
    a short journey on foot or horse led. So odd getting use to MC as the place of reintroduction to Asha, and not Deepwood Mott. If she is to be rescued, will it be Tycho, Reek or Stannis ? Since Jon is headed toCraster’s and not the Dreadfort in search of fake Arya, has that storyline been nixed ?

    Many here have speculated what comes next, but I’m still caught up on the directors and episode title lists. It’s little unclear how some of these details may occur onscreen. I’m impressed thus far with a strong 1st half of the season, although a tad anxious for the sequence of events. No doubt the show runners have factored in the mystery just to keep us paying attention. We’ll see how the continuity fans out .

    Rh’llor No ! No email updates for me Awful opening up flatulent -laden-notes.


    Relief ! What’s happened to page format ? I cannot zero in on prior comment threads to check on any flaming insults added to what I wrote. I appreciate the responses by Zack & others, but it’s become tedious to do searches here. I can only hope the transition sorts itself out. Nothing is ever easy, so I’ll limit my rant to just that. *>*

  • WildSeed:
    ummm………. where did my comments go ?

    Welcome to the abyss…take a seat and watch the magic show. We’ve got dwarf jousting too!

  • Locke’s beard: The site is dark, and full of comment-eaters.

    Actually her comment was just in the spam filter. Multi-paragraph posts often get read as spam. I cleared it. Voila.

  • Hmmm, spoiler comments are showing…


    Edit: Yep, there’s a black bar, but it doesn’t hide the comments, it just changes the font colour to white. Using Firefox.

  • Well this site is acting up (again)…and is it me or has it become more anemic than before?! But anyways, I certainly look forward to this week’s episode!

  • Dillan,

    Cheers – that’s a great interview with John Bradley. He seems like a really great and intelligent guy who has put a lot of thought into his character.

  • The Game of Thrones youtube page just uploaded episode’s 5 recap:

    It appears that Bran will warg into Hodor again, and could it be that we’ll get the revelation that Lysa and Littlefinger killed Jon Arryn (not that any of the show watcher would care)in this episode?.

  • cosca:
    Hodor’s Bastard,

    Well, if it’s any consolation, ADOS will never be published and AFFC & ADWD are still terrible.

    I was about to commend you for having an optimistic estimate at all for TWOW. Never mind.

    There’s something fundamentally wrong with this thread. It’s almost impossible to read; many original posts gone missing. That spam filter must be a bitch.