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Game of Thrones Character Power Rankings: ‘Oathkeeper’

This past week’s episode of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones saw a mighty power shift occur, even if it wasn’t completely obvious to everyone it involved. In the wake of the Purple Wedding, some characters who for the most part had been laying low have resurfaced in big ways and are making moves to ensure they’re in positions of great power in the coming episodes.

The folks over at WIC Live have released another Game of Thrones character power ranking and the changes were felt across the board in the top five.  Not only do we have a new No. 1, but the sleazy Petyr Baelish and his rat-faced smirk are back in a big way as his climb to the top of the rankings hit a major upswing this past week. The only question is, where does he rank and how high can he go?

Host Jessica Kinney breaks down the top five most powerful characters in the show at this moment following the fourth episode of the season, entitled ‘Oathkeeper’. Check out the latest Game of Thrones character power rankings after the jump!

Game of Thrones Power Rankings: Season 4, Episode 4 Oathkeeper by Winter Is Coming

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  • I initially read “Host Jessica Kinney” as “Hot Jessica Kinney” and that is still true ! ^^

  • I am very disappointed at the lack of dragon poo this season. They were all about it in season 3- where is the consistency? Come on D&D, you can do better.

  • WiC sent my comment to the void again. It involved the utter lack of consistency this season with regards to dragon poo.

  • I think these segments would be more interesting if Jessica picked individuals rather than entire Houses and, if she started with #5.

    Perhaps she could even handicap who just might break into her list Real Soon Now™, obviously without spoiling anything.

  • jentario:
    WiC sent my comment to the void again. It involved the utter lack of consistency this season with regards to dragon poo.

    With the utter lack of urinals and latrines from Astapor to Meereen, Dany’s Unsullied army and her dragons must have left quite a trail.

    Tyrell’s at #1? Hmmmm……

  • impuregold,

    It looks like we’re getting a Podrienne (or is it a Briod?) scene already, but STILL NO DREADFORT!?!?

    EDIT: Also, there was a promo shot of Oberyn in a garden, so this will be the conversation he’s having with Cersei in the trailer, but how significant can Myrcella’s role really be to the point they add her to the recap?

  • jentario:
    WiC sent my comment to the void again. It involved the utter lack of consistency this season with regards to dragon poo.

    Me too, the last several posts of mine…… Let’s see if this one works

  • impuregold,

    Myrcella mention! Looks like Oberyn will get some scenes this time. Also, I think we will see Cersei officially ditching Loras- my guess is she convinces Paw Paw to marry her to Oberyn instead, and it seems like we’re getting our first Brienne and Pod scene (probably just them getting to know eachother). Obviously Craster’s is where it’s at, since there are two chained Direwolves, the Reeds (Jojen green dream?), Bran who’s clearly going to warg into Hodor, because of the recap, the mutineers and Jon barreling down on them with his small force. Should be a cool fight scene (the first outright battle scene since Arya and the Hound in the inn).

    On the topic of Arya, she’s missing from the recap even though she’s in the episode. That said, so is Sansa and she’s with Littlefinger. Anyway, I’m hoping for a well paced episode. Maybe we could finally see the Boltons again in the end. And where the fuck is Yara?!

  • zod,

    Fuck that shit. Appearing suddenly in the second half of the season is jarring. I hope she has a large role throughout, at least. And Balon… The only place I can see him dying this season on screen is episode 7. It could happen off screen, I guess, but the show tends to show these things and confirm ongoing fan theories. Could Balon die early in season 5?

  • jentario,

    I hope she ditches Loras for Oberyn. The Cersei/Loras storyline is boring because we know it leads nowhere, and they really make it an afterthought in the show. I loved how in the books Tywin (?) proposed 3 guys to her: Willas Tyrell, Oberyn Martell, and Balon Greyjoy. (lol)

    No, we aren’t getting the Jon Arryn reveal yet. Recap is to remind you of Lysa.

  • Leo,

    I think they will hint at it. Have Lysa said “the things I have did for you, sending Cat that letter…”Without revealing the full scope of it all. I am very worried that Only Cat will appear in episode 7 instead of the finale- I was expecting Littlefinger and Sansa to get to the Eyrie in episode 7, not 5! What will they do there for 5 whole episodes? Could the wedding be in episode 7? With all the Vale lords? Then we can go without the Eyrie until the finale, where we get the snow (and hopefully a snow castle) and Only Cat.

  • I think I can guess what happens at Craster’s:
    Jon attacks, Bran wargs Hodor and frees the wolves, the mutineers are toast

  • Matt Sinopoli,

    They have also said, that the last three episodes of this season have huge moments. IMO “Only Cat” is waaaay bigger than the Mountain vs the Vyper (episode 8).

  • jentario,

    But jarring in a good way, like, “Oh yeah! That’s Theon’s sister! Maybe she can save him!” just to have it all go to shit AND they lose their father too.Very dramatic. Like mini-Starks. Karma!

  • Ashara D,

    It’s funny because just about all the Houses are getting fucked by ADWD. Stark, Arryn, Lannister, Martell, Tully, Baratheon, Greyjoy… The only great house that’s even slightly far from complete annihilation is the Tyrells and they already have one wounded (dying?) son and a daughter investigated by the fate- and the Greyjoys are slowly but surely taking over their lands. Starks can’t be greedy, everyone gets fucked in these books.

  • not ready for a Jon/Bran meeting :( although it’ll probably be a near miss LIKE EVERY STARK MEETING IN THE SHOW

    so ready for Yara though, where you at my girl?

  • House Mormont,

    Rumor has it she will appear in episode 6 (as in, the attack on the Dreadfort), if that helps… Hope it’s true, I’m already dying to see her and Reek. And the Boltons, of course.

  • jentario,

    I think maybe they will have them already married, maybe. As in, after he left in episode 6 Littlefinger actually did go to the Eyrie and marry Lysa and then come back in a ship to pick up Sansa in King’s Landing. Because otherwise, Littlefinger was literally hanging out on a boat just outside of King’s Landing for like, literally two months.

  • Dogs,

    Nope. Littlefinger said in this season’s episode 4 “We are going to the Vale. I will marry your antie Lysa and bang the shit out of her while you hear her moan from the other room.” Well, part of that sentence.

  • impuregold:
    So, I just saw this recap for next episode:

    Are we already going to get to know who murdered Jon Arryn or why are they showing those season 1 scenes?

    Also we get a Marcella scene in that previously on :). Doubt she makes an appearance this season though. Maybe that’s to set up how Myrcella also has a claim to the throne by Dornish law?. Also, I hope we don’t get the Jon Aryn murderer reveal in this episode. I hope they save that and only cat for episode 7s “Mockingbird” since episode 10 will be jam packed (Tyrions rescue, tysha truth reveal, Shae murder, Tywin murder, Dany chaining dragons, wall battle aftermath, Jon getting offered to be lord of winterfell and lord commander election, Arya leaving to Braavos, lady Stoneheart reveal)

  • Turncloak,

    If LS is in the finale, it would be extremely foolish to not have the “Only Cat” scene in the finale as well, likely in a scene or two before the LS reveal.

  • @Dogs, Littlefinger said in “Oathkeeper” when he’s explaining to Sansa the Joffrey murder, that he’s been in the Vale for weeks.


    But Lysa reveals she killed Jon for “The Children” (title of episode 10) “Jon knew it. His last words were the ‘Seed is strong.'” Of course, we all know this line is in reference to the illegitimate Baratheon children, and Jon planned to send sickly Robin away to be fostered with Stannis on Dragonstone for safety before bringing the evidence to King Robert. Lysa didn’t want this, so when LF asked, she killed Jon and took off to the Vale with Robin pronto. I predict this will be one of many meanings of the title.

  • HBO&D&D are the true power in (the televised version) Westeros. They can change the history and events however they please! :o

    Back on topic..

    The Queen of Thorns vs Drogon.


  • What the hell is going on? I guess new ownership are the Boltons. Not a good way to retain readers by fucking with the old guard.

  • The baby White Walkers are killing our posts! Help, help, we’re being repressed!