Game of Thrones WIC Live

Meeting the Cast of WIC Live: Adam Rady

Monday we will film the fifth episode of Winter is Coming Live. We’ve really had a blast producing this show for the site and are diligently working to improve it and all the segments that go along with it, each week.

The hosts of the show are newcomers to the WIC community so we wanted to take some time to help our readers get to know them a little bit better. We got the chance to sit down with each cast member and asked them ten questions about themselves and of course, Game of Thrones.

1. Where did you grow up and how did you end up in LA?

I grew up in Medina, Ohio a small suburb of Cleveland. Around the time that if you don’t pick a major in college they make fun of you, and more importantly you can’t graduate within 4 years, I decided that acting would be fun way to spend the rest of my life, considering I had never done it before. After graduation (within 4 years) I made the decision to save up my money and move to Los Angeles to seek my fame and fortune. I felt it would be best if I could convince my best friend to risk everything and go on the endeavor with me, so in the fall of 2009 we traversed the country and ended up in Los Angeles. Much like all dreamers, the road hasn’t been easy, but it’s been an adventure worth remembering, and that’s all I could ever ask for!

2. How did you first find out about Game of Thrones and when did you get into the series/books?

Upon moving to Los Angeles and finding unemployment wasn’t nearly as much fun as I originally anticipated, I had a lot of time on my hands. I asked my roommate/best friend Jim if he had any good books to suggest and he recommended “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, but did caution me that it was a very dark series and wouldn’t “make me feel good”. He also dropped some hints that the author took his sweet time coming out with new books. Little did I know…

3. If you could have dinner with one character from the series, who would it be and why?

From the show? Daenerys….because reasons….
From the book series? Either Maester Aemon or Ser Arthur Dayne, because Tyrion is too easy of an answer, and both of those guys would have so many awesome stories and so much to teach!

4. Old Daario or new Daario?

I’ve got to give it to new Daario because he has a beard and we of the hairy face must stick together. Also, he gives off a much better Madmartigan vibe that I am digging over the Achilles vibe of the first Daario. Both actors are tremendous though and I would have been happy with either.

5. What is your favorite moment from the series so far?

This question is way too difficult to answer. As an episode? Probably Blackwater. But honestly, any episode in which there is going to be something MASSIVE that shakes up the landscape and expectations. Ned’s death, The Red Wedding, Jaime’s hand, all of these things from a book reader’s perspective are hilarious and extremely rewarding to see played out in the reactions of unsullied. Other top moments for me are the scene where Jaime loses his hand, or the hot tub scene with Brienne, or Dracarys.

6. Of all the characters on the show, living or dead, who do you think would make the best King/Queen?

I think it goes without saying that Ned Stark would have been the best king, from a noble/just position, but he in King’s Landing, he clearly could not survive and would always have been destined to lose the game. As the show sits right now, I’d have to go with Daenerys or Margaery, honestly even Lady Olenna. It’s funny to me that I’d put any of these women on the throne before any of the men on the show, as they have all shown strength, focus, compassion, and justice in equal measure, as well as a willingness to “play” the game. I believe any of the three could bring a peace to the land that would come from a good place and at the same time could protect their crown with a fierceness I would not want to mess with. Other characters like Robb, or Jon would be good, but I’m afraid in the show both have/had shown indecisiveness and both come with the Stark mentality, which in my opinion, would cause them to wind up dead.

7. If you lived in the GOT universe, what would be your profession?

Clearly I’d be King, or at least a lord. But barring those two, a faceless man, cause who knows what those guys can do?!

8. What are some projects you are involved in outside of WIC Live?

The largest individual project I have undertaken is the creation of my own medieval fantasy comedy series, Walking In Circles. It’s a show about “Dragons ‘n Stuff”, that follows a band of adventurers who aren’t very good at their jobs. It’s like a cross between “The Office” and “Lord of the Rings”. You can currently watch the complete first season at and I’m very hopeful to have the long delayed second season out later this summer. I’d love for people to watch, comment, and share the show as it truly is a project of passion and dedication for so many people that poured way more time, money, and energy into it then they ever should have. Additionally you can catch me as one of the hosts of Twin Galaxies Live, a 24/7 streaming video game hangout:

9. If you lived in the GOT universe, which house would you belong to?

Not into the whole inbreeding thing, but do love being a freaking dragon, so Targaryen would be pretty sweet, of course at this point with the whole regicide/genocide of that family tree, maybe not a great call, same with the Starks (though let’s face it, if they basically weren’t all dead, they are a pretty awesome family we all would have loved to be a part of) I’d probably go Tyrell or Martell as they all seem to have a good time and generally not be a bunch of stupid poop faces.

10. Prediction time: When the series is at an end, who do you think will be sitting on the Iron Throne?

Dany seems the logical choice, but this is GRRM’s world and we are but pawns guessing at this greatness…..sooooo, final answer? Me.