Game of Thrones WIC Live

Meeting the Cast of WIC Live: Jessica Kinney

Monday we will film the fifth episode of Winter is Coming Live. We’re really had a blast producing this show for the site and are diligently working to improve it and all the segments that go along with it, each week.

The hosts of the show are newcomers to the WIC community so we wanted to take some time to help our readers get to know them a little bit better. We got the chance to sit down with each cast member and asked them ten questions about themselves and of course, Game of Thrones.

1. Where did you grow up and how did you end up in LA?

I was born in Colorado, but moved to Tennessee when I was a baby. I grew up in Murfreesboro with a strong single mother, but continued to travel to CO at least once a year to visit my father. I think experiencing life in different places helped me develop a love of acting, but I always knew that I was a performer. After my not-so-pleasant high school experience, I went back to Colorado for college in Fort Collins and majored in theatre. At this time my mother had had another child and my father 4 more. So, I was now a big, big sister to 5 siblings and got to act like a kid as much as I wanted! My acting skills were being sculpted and I wasn’t even aware at the time. Next it was off to LA and nothing could really have prepared me for this town, but I came here with strong acting chops and a background in music and theatre. I am still trying to figure it all out, but happy to be chasing after my dreams!!

2. How did you first find out about Game of Thrones and when did you get into the series/books?

I was actually a late bloomer in the GoT craze. I didn’t start watching the first season until right before the second one was out. I was tired of hearing all my friends tell me how much I would like it. See, I am what they call a “nerd”… and to prove it, I will tell you that I have a tattoo in Elvish. If that isn’t enough, I have a wand that controls my television, am a half-elf druid in a current campaign of DnD I am playing and made my own Leeloo (from The Fifth Element) outfit. Needless to say, once I actually started watching Game of Thrones, I realized how well my friends did know me, cause I was hooked!!

3. If you could have dinner with one character from the series, who would it be and why?

Well, this one is tough for me. There are different people for different reasons:
Who I would have the most in common with- Margaery
Who I would have the most questions for- Tywin
Who I would want to meet with just cause they are awesome- Lady Olenna and Tyrion
Who I would want to skip dinner and make a baby with- Jon Snow

4. Old Daario or new Daario?

I have fought a few people on this, but I still like the old Daario best. My reason being that he had such interesting features and a sneakiness about him that the new Daario lacks. I feel that he was more unique and enchanting than this new one. I am not saying that I hate the new Dario because he is growing on me, but he seems to be your typical cocky dude with a hipster do and laid back beard. Prove me wrong new Daario!

5. What is your favorite moment from the series so far?

Wow. Really tough question. There are so many good, crazy, shocking, terrible, frightening, powerful moments to chose from! If I absolutely had to pick and went with my first thoughts, I would say when Arya gets her first real justice by killing Polliver and taking needle back. Girl power!

6. Of all the characters on the show, living or dead, who do you think would make the best King/Queen?

Based on the most recent developments, I think that Daenerys would make a great Queen. We know she is kind and cares about her people, but we also see that she is strong and determined. She has the right to be on the throne more than anyone else, she would be a ruler without “ruling” and she would let the people make their own choices. Plus, she is the Mother of Dragons and how awesome is that!?

7. If you lived in the GOT universe, what would be your profession?

Queen. Boom.

8. What are some projects you are involved in outside of WIC Live?

Most recently I have been making my own shorts and videos for and my youtube page KinneyKayComedy. I am the lead in the feature LAID that should be coming out later this year, am working on an animated project I do the voices for and have been making a new line of jewelry called Westeros Punk for my etsy page NikkiGCrafts!

9. If you lived in the GOT universe, which house would you belong to?

Well, I did a survey online and it said Tully, but if I were to base it on my own personal opinion I would say I am a Stark. I am more of an Arya than a Catelyn or Sansa though….I have honor and love and value family, but I am not above revenge, justice and taking back what is mine!

10. Prediction time: When the series is at an end, who do you think will be sitting on the Iron Throne?

No one. Everyone will be dead. Haha


  • Greetings, fellow CSU Ram! Although I am displaced from Colo for the past decade, nothing beats memories of weekends at Horsetooth reservoir, riding up Thomson canyon, skiing at Eldora and climbing Longs Peak.

    Good luck with your shows. I can picture you in a Melisandre red dress and cape. How are you with leeches? How many takes does it usually require for you to get the drink tasting shot just right? You’re such a lush! :)

    (You made your own Leeloo outfit? Wow…photo please….)

  • Maybe Daario’s character was merged with Euron Greyjoy, so he’s the creepy pedo in disguise. (AFFC spoilers)

  • Hahaha! Welcome, fellow Lady Geek! The Fifth Element! Can’t pass it by on the movie channels when it pops up. “Moolti-paass!” ;D

  • Do they get paid to this??? Since its internet thing, I’m guessing she’s not getting paid.

  • SHK12344,

    Your love and devotion is all we could ever need….well, except to pay rent. Then maybe we’d need more than love and devotion. How about your first born?