Game of Thrones WIC Live

Meeting the Cast of WIC Live: Tybee Diskin

Monday we will film the fifth episode of Winter is Coming Live. We’re really had a blast producing this show for the site and are diligently working to improve it and all the segments that go along with it, each week.

The hosts of the show are newcomers to the WIC community so we wanted to take some time to help our readers get to know them a little bit better. We got the chance to sit down with each cast member and asked them ten questions about themselves and of course, Game of Thrones.

1. Where did you grow up and how did you end up in LA?

 I grew up in Tallahassee, FL.  I went through the BFA Acting program at FSU, and once I worked a bit with the film school, I decided I preferred film to stage work and headed to L.A. after graduation.

2. How did you first find out about Game of Thrones and when did you get into the series/books? 
I spent a summer at home a few years ago and discovered an episode of Game of Thrones one lazy day. I think it was the fourth episode of the first season.  It put me in some sort of trance, and I ended up watching all the way through the finale.  I had to start over to see what I had missed at the beginning.

3. If you could have dinner with one character from the series, who would it be and why? 
Either Tyrion or Lady Olenna.  I love that ol’ bat, you know?  She’s the best.  And I think I could get drunk and laugh way too much with Tyrion.  They’re both delightfully sarcastic.

4. Old Daario or new Daario? 
Old Daario.  But I would most definitely  date new Daario in real life.

5. What is your favorite moment from the series so far? 
Oof.  One favorite?  From the whole series?!?  Maybe when they gave Daenerys’s brother his “crown.” Or Arya getting needle back.  Or Jaime saving Brienne.  I don’t know.  I like love and justice.

6. Of all the characters on the show, living or dead, who do you think would make the best King/Queen?
Probably Ned.  But I’m not sure what “best” means.  Best at ruling?  Best for the people?  Maybe Daenerys for the people, Tywin for just overall Kingtastic wisdom.

7. If you lived in the GOT universe, what would be your profession?
If they took female hands to the king, I’d be that.   An advisor or consultant of some type.  Or maybe I’d marry someone powerful and be an Olenna Tyrell type.

8. What are some projects you are involved in outside of WIC Live?
Ooh! Let’s see.  Right now I am the Creative Director at Wayside Creations, where we’re cooking up some positively diabolical things.  *evil laugh* I’ve also signed on for a fantasy series with Machinima that will be directed by Jay Lee, and have a feature coming out this summer.

9. If you lived in the GOT universe, which house would you belong to?
Tyrell.  They’re secretly the baddest bitches around. (Besides Daenerys.)

10. Prediction time: When the series is at an end, who do you think will be sitting on the Iron Throne? 
I genuinely have no idea.  I would have liked it to be Robb once upon a time.  Now, I’m hoping it’s one of the women.  Daenerys?  Or Margaery finally gets to be THE queen?  As long as it’s not Stannis.  Then it would be SNOOZE landing.  Snoozesteros.


  • How dare you insult Stannis like that!


    I will look for you in battle Tybee!

  • The bannermen from House Baratheon have been been called upon….

    The Red Lady is starring into her flame to see your fate Tybee…

    After we squash this wildling uprising from the north we will gather our forces and seek you out…

    Stannis is the rightful king and The Lord of Light fights on his side.

  • Someone else who thinks Stannis is a bag of donkey dongs? Maybe there is some hope for her after all.

  • Has she read the books? I get the impression she hasn’t… (loving Dany, hating Stannis)

  • I’ve never understood the whole “the show’s producers hate Stannis” thing. It amazes me how it can take over whole discussions here.

    I’ve read the books and watch the show. I find Stannis on the show to be MUCH more interesting than he is in the books. Not that that says much, since he’s totally boring and uninteresting in the books, as well as ridiculously rigid, on both personal and political matters. He may have one of the better claims to the throne, but I wouldn’t want to see him there.

    Back on topic, I enjoy Tybee’s energy and insights on the webcast.

  • You guys. Remember our vengeance is coming; these days of people loving Dany and thinking she’s badass are coming to a close…HER JOY WILL TURN TO ASHES IN HER MOUTH

  • In all seriousness I was just being silly about the whole Stannis thing.

    It’s so fun to pretend to be a stern Stannis follower. I like Stannis but also think he’d be an awful king.

    I’m routing for Dany to take back the throne, I have always just said I hope she doesn’t kill any Starks along her journey to get there.

    When these fan favorite POV characters start crossing paths and killing each other it’s really going to be weird and I am not going to know how I’ll feel about it…