Daniel Portman Interview

Daniel Portman on the new odd couple of Pod and Brienne, and saying goodbye to Tyrion

The only thing that could make us feel better about loyal Squire Podrick Payne having to say goodbye to Tyrion, is that he is now in the service of Brienne of Tarth, who is due for another road trip.

In a new interview with Access Hollywood, Daniel Portman talks about filming that goodbye with Peter Dinklage, and what we can expect from the odd couple of Pod and Brienne in tonight’s episode and beyond, as they set out to fulfill an oath.

AccessHollywood.com: That was a really sad scene between Pod and Tyrion when they had to say goodbye. Tell me about filming that. I’m assuming they kept it serene and serious on set.
Daniel Portman:
Yeah. That was one of the first things I shot last year, and as it was quite a longish scene, it was quite an emotionally charged day in terms of how the atmosphere was because it was such a sad scene. And it was a real privilege for me to get the opportunity to sit down and just do a scene where there were just two guys staring each other in the eyes and talking to each other and getting to do that with Peter — it was a real privilege for me because he is such a wonderful actor. Getting the opportunity at a young age to work with him on that kind of material was really, really good fun.

Access: Pod is now with Brienne. How would you describe their relationship? She was not pleased to see [him] at all in that first scene you [and Gwendoline] had together.

(Laughs) No, no. That vibe continues throughout the next episode. She is really, really not pleased that he’s there and poor Pod is trying to do everything in his power to make her like him and he just can’t do anything right.

Access: Do you think she’s displeased because she has a companion, or because he doesn’t have the kind of skills that she’s used to being around? She was around Jaime for a while, and she saw him fight before he lost his hand. Now she’s with a young guy who has been squiring at King’s Landing.

I think she feels it’s a bit of a burden, and especially with the way Pod is handed over in terms of, [it being a] favor, so she has more responsibility on her shoulders to almost look out for this guy that she’s not asked for. … But he’s useful in his ways, Pod. And he knows quite a lot of things other people wouldn’t have known because he [worked] so closely within King’s Landing and with Tyrion for so long. He knows quite a lot of things that other people might not know, so, he’s useful in his own ways.

Access: Some of the most lighthearted and fun-to-watch moments in ‘Game of Thrones’ are when you pair up two people who might not otherwise be put together. Is there some comedy we’ll see as well?
Yeah. They’re an odd couple and Brienne being quite so stern and focused on the job at hand and Podrick being quite awkward and quite clumsy and shy and just out of his depths, yeah, it makes for some quite funny stuff throughout the series.

For the full interview including more on Daniel’s last scenes with Peter, the gift of Tyrion’s axe, and meeting cast members he doesn’t get to work with, visit Access Hollywood.


  • The scene between Pod and Tyrion was one of my favorite ones this season. So sad those two had to say goodbye. I’m glad we will get to see more of Pod with Brienne, and I hope sometime in the distant future, Pod comes back to work with Tyrion when he becomes the Hand again. ;)

  • Pretty sure the third question answer is about what he learns in lf brothel. I suspect in that context brienne will indeed find him useful.

  • We’ve already seen some of the comedy associated with this odd couple. Pod is use to a small person and has helped Tyrion with many of the task that Brienne wouldn’t need, such as the hands up into the saddle. I lost it when I saw him holding his cupped hands for Brieanne.