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WIC Live: First of His Name

The fourth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones seems to be flying by. Last evening, we were treated to the latest episode, First of His Name, which saw Littefinger reveal himself to basically be the architect and mastermind behind everything we’ve seen transpire up to this point. Not only is Peytr the ultimate rat-faced puppet master, but he’s paired himself with an unstable Lysa Arryn.

Meanwhile, Daenerys showed some vulnerability for the first time in a long time but it only seemed to harden her resolve to rule the Seven Kingdoms. However, she must first hold things down in Slavers Bay.

There was plenty to talk about and the hosts of WIC Live recapped it all this morning. Join Adam Rady, Tybee Diskin, Bryan Forrest and Jessica Kinney as they give their thoughts on First of His Name.

Check out the latest episode of Winter Is Coming Live after the jump.

Winter is Coming Live Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 5 “First of His Name” Recap by Winter Is Coming


  • I can’t read any of the comments on the recap threads, that go past the 1st page. There are no page switching buttons. Very annoying.

    Speaking of that, I much preferred when they were all on one long page anyway.

  • Ser Pounce 4 life!

    A much smoother operating episode for you all. Not going to fan questions after every topic made the flow of the discussion seem more natural.

    On a side note, Tybee rarely looks into the camera. The mark of a good panelist. Jessica, stop staring into our collective souls! As a featured panelist, you address the host! ADDRESS THE HOST, JESSICA!

    Or do whatever you want. I’ll eventually get over it.

  • So this whole lysa confession probably means it was littlefinger that tried to kill bran. It makes me think of all the littlefinger bashing by varys carry a lot more weight…not really a littlefinger fan but he’s pretty bad azz

  • I haven’t watched one of these before but it’s 3am and this was great, those guys have a great dynamic

    and it really is the beard

    ps who’s sullied and who’s unsullied?

  • I didn’t have the time to put a question in the comments monday but I’ve come to really enjoy those WIC live recaps. Next week I’ll put in a question.

    Suggestion: at the end you should do a little segment where you review the preview for the next episode. What does Tybee and Jessica think will happen at Tyrion’s trial, Stannis in Braavos, etc…it’d be cool.

  • loved having Jessica back really enjoy her energy, Tybee seemed like she was a bit tired and uninterested today, but thats ok we all have those days. Really enjoying these more and more each week… and keep Jessica on please really enjoy her.

  • Please fix the main recap thread! There’s HUNDREDS of comments I can’t read, because you can’t switch the page.

  • I don’t know what’s sadder: the fact that all the great members of the Stark family are dead or the fact that Sansa is still alive.
    But i can promise you this much folks, if you havent read the books then Thank the Gods because you’d hate her even more. I Lost count how many times she betrays her family, she’s so stupid.

  • The season is really slow paced, we are at the half point and the show is still building up the events.

    It seems they plan to put all the action and events in the last 2 episodes.

    If we are to look just at the first 5 episodes of each season so far, this is the weakest season. :-/

  • Udi:
    Ser Dosser,
    Err… did you not watch episode 2?
    Does that major event in (only the 2nd episode) not count for something?

    It counts that we lost our centerpiece villain who i miss dearly. .-)

    But you must admit the show is slow. Too slow so far.
    Maybe when the whole season is complete it will work out, but just looking at the first 5 episodes seems weak.

  • I enjoy these videos, and they’re getting smoother each time, but the advertising is getting ridiculous.

    I understand the need for advertising in these videos to monetize and pay for the sites, but it’s REALLY jarring in these videos and is getting worse.

    The advertising starts at set times in the videos, regardless of what is happening in the video, completely halting the flow of the conversation. In this video, each and every break happened not only in the middle of one of the host’s sentences, but in the middle of one of their WORDS! It comes across as very unprofessional. And when the segment comes back, it’s in the middle of the sentence, and we have to try to remember exactly what the host was saying after the jarring commercial. Isn’t it possible to set these commercial breaks in between the discussion segments, even if it cut into Adam’s smooth attempts at segways?

    It doesn’t help that there are SIX breaks in a 33 minute production, again hurting the flow. It would be better to have 2 breaks with three commercials each. Or at least three breaks of 2 each.

    If you’re going to have six commercials per video, is there any way to insure that we don’t get the same ones over and over? I got one of them three times, which just made me never want to buy that product again out of annoyance.

    To make these issues worse, the volume of the commercials is RIDICULOUSLY loud compared to the much lower volume of the normal show. It’s completely jarring! I was watching this show at 2 AM last night and kept getting startled by the sudden VERY LOUD commercials (unexpectedly right in the middle of sentences) — and had to quickly turn the volume down to avoid waking the neighbors! If you can’t adjust the volume of the commercials, maybe the volume of the show should be louder toe make the breaks less jarring?

    I do enjoy this show quite a bit, but the commercials are really disrupting it.

  • Udi,

    I agree, but yet it’s STILL so enjoyable, i feel like i can watch them 24/7 just living their every day life in Westeros and it wouldn’t get boring.