Inside the Episode: First of His Name

In this week’s Inside the Episode David Benioff and Dan Weiss take us behind the scenes of “First of His Name” for a closer look at Daenerys’ realization that conquering is not the same as ruling, and Bran’s quest to find the three eyed raven almost becoming sidelined by an encounter with his brother. They also discuss the symbolism of burning Craster’s Keep at the end of the episode.

In an additional behind the scenes feature this week, Director Michelle MacLaren breaks down how she approached filming the battle at Craster’s Keep. Actors Mark Stanley and Kit Harington, and Stunt Coordinator David Forman also talk about the stunt work.

HBO also shared two shorter videos as usual.

George R.R. Martin explains the Eyrie’s Bloody Gate, and its surrounding area and inhabitants.

Natalie Dormer and Lena Headey talk about the very tricky status of their characters’ relationship as neither quite trust eachother, and why friendship might be a good strategy for both of them.


  • The video where they show how they actually filmed a scene is what I want more of! Not the cast and crew giving us a summary of the episode.

  • Things I miss and hope D&D do not forget in all this mess of story arcs:

    -Brotherhood without Banners (Beric, Thoros…)
    -Blackfish – where is he?
    -Gendry – where is he?
    Lady Stoneheart – when will she be resurrected? Too much time since RW
    -Kevan Lannister – hope he returns
    -Myrcella – will there be a Dorne story?
    -The horn which was found with the dragonglass
    -Red comet references – the prophecy was never explained in the series
    -Illyrio Mopatis
    -Nymeria (at least a reference to the wolf pack in the Riverlands)
    -And what about the ravens sent out by the NW last season. What happened to them? Did only one arrive at Dragonstone?

  • Asoiaf_Fan,

    Woot! How would you all rate the episode? I would personally say it’s my least favorite if it weren’t for the Breaker of Chains fiasco. Sad that THIS was the one people tuned in to (it wasn’t bad by any means IMO, just not as good), but honestly… This season isn’t slowing down one bit! People keep coming! I can’t even begin to imagine how much views the finale will get after all the hype from episodes 8 and 9. Could we get to 8 million this season? That would just be crazy.

  • Harry,

    Luckily, Dorne is all but confirmed at this point! They have taken way too much screentime to set it up for it to not be included in some form. So unless they’ve changed their plans between season 4 and 5, it’s probably in. Oh and Griff is too, since the Golden Company was mentioned (and I just can’t see that being cut).

    As for Lady Stoneheart, we won’t see her resurrection, the books didn’t even show that- we’re just getting the Epilogue Frey hanging scene. And I’m willing to bet Brienne will witness it.

  • My ratings for Season 4 thus far:

    II > IV > I > V > III. The last two would be tied, but the assault on Craster’s Keep was pretty spectacular.

    Still, strong season midway through. It’ll be my favorite to-date if the back half is a bit stronger than the front, which I think the last three episodes will assist with.

  • Asoiaf_Fan,

    Boom! I don’t think during preseason chatter that there were many that thought it would achieve 7 million this season. Not until the finale at least. Sweet!

  • I can’t believe the show already hit 7 million viewers
    Thats insane.
    And the sheer mind-fuckery that will be the rest of the season has not even begun. I am so excited for the trial and to FINALLY see Bravos and the Iron Bank

  • Jeff O’Connor,

    Mine would be 4>2>1>5>3 and I was a bit disappointed with Craster’s Keep. It felt in the end like a pointless detour, whereas the fourth episode set it up for so much more. 5 was entertaining enough, but it was quite slow and the end wasn’t as good in my opinion as most think it is, so it gets bumped down the list. 3 is only last because of… I won’t go there again, actually

  • Interior Bannisters,

    I know it’s awesome!
    Yeah I think the second half of this season is going to be even better. The next episode seems like it will be amazing. Tyrion’s trial, seeing Braavos for the first time and the stuff with Yara attacking the Dreadfort has me intrigued…

  • Jeff O’Connor,

    Ive actually been struggling to make my top five list this since. Last years was so much easier but im going 2,1,5,4,3. 2 is the strongest for me and 3 the weakest but the 3 episodes in the middle are all really close.

  • My rankings

    3 would be much higher if not for “that” scene

    Interior Bannisters,

    Fuck the Iron Bank, YARA IS COMING! Yes!!! I have waited so long! I was not aware of how much I liked her until this point, but apparently I do. lol

    That is because the world is inside her



    sorry to disappoint you but it’s no one important, but the role of ‘Dornish Whore’ has been cast: why would a whore be specifically dornish unless she was in dorne! she will most probably be an extra in the arianne/arys brothel scene. i’m still a little sceptical of this article because of how it’s written, i’m just hoping it’s a journalist with a sense of humour and he isn’t actually having a jab at the nudity on GoT.

  • I’ll watch the episode again. To be honest, I have kind of judged it unfairly considering watching it with family can sometimes be a disaster. Like yesterday. They keep pausing mid-sentence and rewinding…

    Interior Bannisters,

    So hard that I’m not even sure who has the cock and who has the cunt.

  • Ser Davos Seaworth,

    You know “” is like The Onion, right?

    edit to say, I know you may not be familiar with the website, but the article title of “MFA Grad Thrilled to Play New Pair of Tits on Game of Thrones” should have tipped you off. :)

  • jentario,

    You haven’t been paying attention! No one fucks the Iron Bank… Tywin Lannister himself said so LOL.

    Very intrigued to see everything that has to do with the intricacies of Westeros rulers finance woes.

    Also, it is interesting to see that what I considered the weakest ep so far is getting this increase in viewership. Obviously it is more than a mere result of the ep itself but of the built up storylines so far. Good for GOT, though!

  • Strider,

    I think viewings on one episode are highly reliant on the hype from a previous episode. Oathkeeper generated some buzz after going off-book

    And if this is indeed the reason, the finale will have a shit ton of views

  • My rankings go 2, 1, 3, 5, and then 4. I liked 3, partly because “that scene” didn’t bug me as much as it did others, plus Tyrion’s goodbye to Pod may be one of my favorite scenes of the season. I liked this last one but didn’t love the pacing in 4, so it’s last, but really it’s been a pretty solid year so far.

  • Tatters: The Blackfish should be at the Eyrie. Where else? He was in the books why not in the show?

    Ummmmm…no? The Blackfish is at Riverrun in the books. We first meet him at the Eyrie but he returns to Riverrun (with Cat I think?). In the books he doesn’t go to the wedding and remains at Riverrun, which he holds against the siege until Jamie shows up, and then he swims away from Riverrun to destinations thus far unknown. So…yeah…he’s, like, at Riverrun. Or he should be, anyway. We’ll see how that plays out on TV.

  • Now that Dorne is all but confirmed (Doran! Doran! hungry like the…gout? no? +Myrcella mentionings, +Oberyn’s eight daughters! yeha!), I wonder if the next couple episodes will give us any clues about the Iron Islands? Another king bites the dust? An uncle claims the crown? So much potential!

    Someone above wrote that he hoped D&D would not “forget” key characters and story developments.
    Forget? Seriously?
    First of all, what show are you watching?
    Second, please explain what D&D have “forgotten” in the past to make you fear they will do so in the future.
    Third, removing something from the story, condensing, and making changes does not equal forgetting anything. It is called an ADAPTATION, wherein source material is adapted for another medium, from novel to HBO, in this case. Changes are inevitable. If you want an illustration of every moment in the books, sew a tapestry that can wrap around the globe five times or something.

    I find it more than a little amusing that GRRM trusts D&D to do his story justice, the man who said it was unfilmable, but so many fans do not. Oh well :D