Video Roundup: Season 4, Episode 5 “First of His Name”

Welcome to this week’s video commentary, recaps and reviews covering episode five! Below are videos live by the publish time of this post; have links? Post them in comments!

comicbookgirl19 delves into this week’s episode. Here’s her take on episode 4 if you missed it. (Book Reader)

SourceFed Nerd (Combination- 2 Unsullied and 1 book reader)

Reader of books:

AxeyFabulous is Caught Up this week with his book reader review on ‘First of His Name,’ featuring friends from Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.


Watchers of show:

This week is the inaugural appearance of Emergency Awesome

Sandrine flies solo in another Targaryen dragern shirt as she reviews the episode

Gay of Thrones presents Westeros’ Laverne and Shirley 

Dino and Byron will be discussing the episode on Tuesday night at 8pm EST. Valar DoWaitIs

Larry Assembles his ‘First of His Name’ review which is much more favorable than last week’s

Schmoesknow noted one small moment that could have been a gamechanger


Sullied and Unsullied combinations:

Your favorite What the Flick comentator may have taken the week off, but the panel brings their snap opinions of the show as usual

ThinkHero was another review that enjoyed this week’s episode 

These were the vids out at the time this post was made; we hope to add more in retrospect. New videos will be incorporated next week based off of suggestions.


Winter is Coming Live Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 5 “First of His Name” Recap by Winter Is Coming


We also would love your help! We’d like to add more videos with female hosts. Know of any ladies running weekly commentary? Please let us know!


  • Kdenn1020:
    Where’s GOO????

    They said they would release today, so hopefully we’ll only have to wait a couple more hours.

  • Mariya Martell,

    Sucks. I’ve been trying to find something to kill time between “giving up on studying” and finals later tonight. Time is dragging so bad. I was hoping it’d be up by now.

  • CBG19 lost the robot and gained a sponsor. Good for her. Cats and laser pointers are always fun. I like how she uses the maps from TLoI&F to supplement her reviews.

  • I probably complain about this show more than I praise it, but I have to really wonder about the attention span of some of these viewers. One of the dudes from SF Nerd seems to think nothing ever happens on this show. Episode 5 was riveting. Do these viewers hate character development? What is it they want from their TV shows? Constant swordfights? Talk about nothing happening!

    I have a lot of problems with GoT but boring is the one thing it pretty much never is.

  • anuhealani:

    I have a lot of problems with GoT but boring is the one thing it pretty much never is.

    Ratings are at an all time record breaking high, but I’m somewhat disturbed by this recent trend I’ve seen. On various forums around the internet, I’m seeing many, many comments about how the last few weeks have been “filler”, “boring”, “nothing happened”, etc. Which is crazy. The show has always been a bit talk-heavy, but there’s also so much more action than in Season 1 or 2.

    It’s weird, because despite ratings being so high, I think this could be the very early signs of interest beginning to wane. As with most shows, popularity peaks and then viewers start losing interest. It’s for this reason that I’ve finally decided 10 episodes is the right amount (if people think it’s boring now, 12 episodes would just make things worse) and that 7 seasons might be the right choice after all. If the story stays epic and exciting and moves towards a conclusion 3 years from now, they may be able to retain interest rather than start losing viewers.

  • Lex,

    I don’t think this is anything new. Every year there seems to be complaints about the middle episodes. The same things were said throughout season 2 and after ‘The Climb’ and ‘The Bear And The Maiden Fair’ last season. But, as always, the climactic episodes at the end of the season reminds them why they love the series.

  • ok AA podcast’s disscusion reviews in youtube are way much detailed and cooler than those !!!

  • Sawyer7mage is probably my favorite YouTube recapper other than Dino and Byron. Should defenitely be in this list

  • Please start including the “What The Flick” Recaps by The Young Turks. Its one to two book readers and a rotating panel of unsullied.

  • DylanB:
    Please start including the “What The Flick” Recaps by The Young Turks. Its one to two book readers and a rotating panel of unsullied.

    + 1