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WIC Live First of His Name recap: How Powerful are Lysa and Littlefinger?

This past week saw another great episode of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones but once again we saw more questions raised than answers given. Perhaps the biggest question of all involves the power shift that occurred as Petyr Baelish and Lysa Arryn revealed themselves to be more deadly than we previously thought.

With Littlefinger revealing that he has been the architect of virtually every major event we’ve seen on the show, the question becomes just how powerful is he and will he be able to see his plan through to the end? Additionally, just how stable is Lysa and will she be able to keep it together long enough for Petyr to take everything for himself?

Join WIC Live’s Adam Rady, Jessica Kinney and Tybee Diskin as they discuss just how powerful Littlefinger truly is and what his potential is at this point. Check out what our panel of Game of Thrones experts have to say after the jump!

Game of Thrones, First of His Name: How Powerful are Lysa and Littlefinger? by Winter Is Coming

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  • WTH? wasn’t there already 3 other recaps of some kind already? what’s with this content vomit?

  • jwal,

    You gotta milk this shit for all you can! We need a recap of the recap of the first recap. Then a LIVE recap of the recap. Then individual posts about the PEOPLE who do the recaps of the recaps.

    I’m honestly surprised we haven’t gotten posts yet entirely dedicated to recaps about Ser Pounce or Hodor.

  • I agree, I feel recently the quantity of posts have gone up substantially but the quality seems dipped for some of them, I don’t read as many as I used to. I also miss the old pages with the episodes and the cast of each season. They were nice little touches that I cant seem to find anymore.

  • Hmm, I don’t mind many posts being written, but why reposting part of what’s been posted already?

    I was thinking this’d be some ‘supplemental’ to WiC Live, but it’s just the beginning of the regular review. Call me disappointed.

  • I think Petyr is sexy. I don’t like Aiden Gillen but the way they groomed him and that sexy moustache makes me want to make out with him eveb more than Lisa lol

  • Josla:
    I think Petyr is sexy. I don’t like Aiden Gillen but the way they groomed him and that sexy moustache makes me want to make out with him eveb more than Lisa lol


    Aidan Gillen is hot in other roles, but as Littlefinger, he’s just super-slimy and creepy and extremely unattractive.

    There was a great Star Wars/GoT meme with comparisons of characters (for instance, Leia says “I kissed my brother once” and Cersei replies “That’s cute”), and my favorite was the one with Jabba the Hutt saying “I’m a gigantic slimeball” and Littlefinger replying “That’s adorable”. :D

  • Josla,

    I think Littlefinger is sexy too! I tried to hate him after what he did to Ned, but I’m over it now! He works it so well!

  • Annara Snow,

    I was strongly attracted to Aiden Gillen’s LF against every fibre of will I had during Season 1. WHY DO I WANT TO EAT YOUR FACE YOU ARE SO GROSS!!

    Thankfully the speech impediment he acquired in S2 turned me off so I no longer have that problem.