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Player of Thrones: Ser Davos Seaworth (the Onion Knight)

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With that being said our fifth player is one not to underestimate. He is one of the most loyal and misunderstood characters in Westeros. He is willing to stand up for what he believes in even to those who publicly denounce him. If I had to have one person I could trust to remain loyal and not flatter me with falsehoods, I would choose this knight. He is the honorable and humble Ser Davos Seaworth, the Onion Knight.

Much had changed within the past year for Cassana. A girl of only five years, naturally black of hair and eyes grayer than the sky she grew up with, she was full of life. Her knobby knees danced beneath her once beautifully blue dress. The dress emblazoned with golden buckles to signify her land of origin, the Bronzegate. She was from a farm just outside of the Bronzegate, however since the beginning of Robert’s Rebellion she was now moved to the castle to be protected from the men baring the Golden Rose on a Green Field of House Tyrell. From the sea she could see the sails of House Redwyne, Azure in color with a Grape cluster. Behind these banners on both land and sea many more were visible however none were friendly. 

These did not worry Cassana. She never was one to worry. She was a sweet and yet fragile young child. Beautiful for a young girl she could very well be a highborn child. Her laugh and giggle was the calming like the sound of a harp. Her voice was small but full of positivity. She spoke well and her use of language was terrific for her age. On her farm she was the heart of the land. She cared for every little animal or plant that struggled to grow bigger. The heart of a pure child free of politics and religious convictions. 

As Cassana awoke she made her way from her self made shelter towards her friends along the battlements. She was on her own now. Her father off to fight in the Rebellion against the Dragon, two brothers starved to death, and her mom nowhere to be found, she fought everyday for life. The soldiers that protected the city gave her great hope. Their ability to be brave against a great host outside the walls and along the sea provided her with the smallest bit of hope that she needed to keep going. 

She looked on as her younger brother, only of eight months, wither to ashes after their mom disappeared. She barely knew him as he had always been a sickly boy. She was too young to understand how to care for him. That was what her older brother Galon was for. Galon was of ten years. He too was of pure black hair and grey eyes. He was strong for a little boy. He was the eldest and was expected to help their dad with the farm and raising the livestock. Galon built the shelter she lived under and fed her alone to keep her alive. He caught a fever on a rainy night and couldn’t keep down the food if he tried. She awoke to him sunken in to his own body and no fire left in his skin. He too was gone. 

As she climbed the battlements a fat cat hissed at her. She named it Arys after the Mad King. He was always following her around possibly waiting for her to be too weak to fight back. With her sweet and innocent voice she responded to his curse with a warning. She told him that if he continues to be nasty that it will bring nothing but nasty things back to him. She picked up a broken arrow off the ground and waved the pointed end at the cat. Arys arched his back hissed and cowled away. This took a lot of energy out of her…not to mention make her way up the never ending stairs to the battlements.

She had a good friend amongst the battlements. He was an honorable knight. He would save her half of a rat leg and a quarter of a dog ear for her. Rations had been tight ever since land and sea routes had been cut off from relief. She didn’t care. She had her father’s stubbornness and her mom’s sweetness. His name was Herrod and wore a sigil with quartered Suns and Stars, the sigil of House Tarth. He was not of House Tarth but fought hard for the Baratheon’s.

Every time Cassana would approach Herrod he would remove his helmet bow and present her with a small torn fabric pouch with her rations. In return Cassana would tell Herrod a story. She told Herrod this time of how brave she was to fight off the mean and treacherous cat Arys. He gave her smile and told her how proud he was of her bravery against a formidable foe. He told her that if she could fight off a cat that he too could fight off the flower. This made her blush and swell with pride. He swore that he would protect her from this tyrannical cat and would defeat him in battle if he came across him. She embraced him and thanked him for his bravery but warned him that his cat was mean to eat their rats and become so fat while they all were struggling for food. 

As she left Herrod a horn sounded and the wall was in full action again. These were the most dangerous for her to be so far away from her shelter and she carefully made her way back to it to not be caught by a stray arrow. By now she was used to death. Between her brothers and the many people that had fallen to starvation she was numb to this. She stayed very bright and positive though as it kept her alive and going.

Her clothes were now far too big for her. She was nothing but a walking skeleton now. Even the hour she spent away from the shelter she grew tired. As she returned she opened the parcel of food from Herrod and ate it as slowly as possible. Rat was very dangerous to eat. They were disease carriers and if not cooked fully could bring upon fever and most certainly death. After her meal she laid to rest with a battle raging all around her holding the broken arrow as if expecting Arys to visit her that night. 

In her shelter she had a blanket made up of a tattered banner of House Baratheon. It kept her warm when the nights came and proved to keep her alive on the worst of nights. Wind never was an issue but the rain came as a danger. She enjoyed the castle as it felt safe. She was protected by the men sent to garrison the castle and the castle protected them against the army of men and wind. It was said that the a mythical power protected the castle from the elements and anyone who tried to bring the castle down. It was the strongest of its kind in the Stormlands.

She awoke the next day in a great panic. She had slept too long and what bit of dog ear she had left was gone. Someone or something had taken it from her. Arys she thought…and she was right. As she looked for signs of the dreaded cat she noticed his auburn fur at the foot of her shelter with his paw prints walking away. She was too weak to hunt him down but made her way to her feet to find Herrod.

She made her way to the battlements. The men were getting weaker and weaker as the days went on. As she made it to Herrod’s post she noticed his shield with the House Tarth sigil laying bloody rested along the wall. She immediately dropped to her knees and collapsed into a heap of bone and skin. She was too weak now to pick herself up. Where had her knight gone, where was Herrod?

Another knight rough of skin stained with blood commanded her to leave at once. It was not safe for her up there. She did not move. She couldn’t cry. She couldn’t think. She was hopeless. The little bright light had burned out. She was now darker than the storm sky above her. RAIN she thought. If she were caught away from her shelter in the rain she would be finished. She pushed her legs from underneath her and used her weak little arms to push herself up. She looked at the shield. The Tarth sigil was now broken off on its own plank of wood. She pulled it away from the other wood and very carefully made her way down the large tower. 

As she reached the bottom the wood plank continued to get heavier and heavier to drag. Her legs were shaking with a violent behavior. She needed food or this would be her last night. As she left the tower and made her way across the yard she heard a faint voice call out. 

“Little girl” a knight cried to her, “Little girl, over here.”  He had a bandage over one of his eyes dripping with blood. He was laid amongst a wall to hold him upright.  It was a fresh wound on his eye and his right side too was too weak to hold him up. She recognized him, it was Herrod. He was pale and now, and with only one good eye. She gave him a look of surprise and relief. He wasn’t dead but not far from it either. “The thorn has scratched me, but alas do not be alarmed for it shall not keep me from defending you from that cat.” Cassana knew better but let out her gentle laugh. If he could not hold himself upright he could not defend a dog from a flea. She told him about Arys stealing away the dog ear. She asked him if he had any food left for her from his rations. He looked away with the one eye and a tear ran down his cheek. “There are no more rations to be had, especially for someone who can no longer defend this wall. Now go. I must keep an eye out for Arys.” She walked over to him and embraced him again. They both knew this would be the last time they would meet. 

As she broke away from Herron, she removed her over dress, the blue one with the three golden buckles on it. She handed it to him and said, “For your shield to protect me against the tyrant, I present you with a banner to fly when you can rise again.” He took the tattered dress looked at her and nodded his head. “Now go child, for it is about to rain.”

As she stepped away she looked back at Herron who shot her that familiar smile. This comforted her. It gave her enough to feel like she could get back to her make shift shelter and rest. Hopefully someway somehow as night fell with rain that cat would come to her and she could kill him and…eat him. The thought of this ran chills down her spine. Chills so strong it knocked her from her feet. She dropped the shield…dropped her legs again…and fell to the hard ground. Her shelter was only feet away but she could not go further. It had been too long for her to go with out eating. As she lay on the ground she felt her stomach sink. She was not able to go further. Her eyes were burning and her head was on fire. The first drop fell and the thunder clapped. 

She was scared and alone. She could see eyes watching her from the building across the alley she lived in. No one there to help, no one there to pick her up. Then, from the darkness, came the orange fat mean cat, Arys. Mouth bloody from the most recent kill. Creeping from the darkness, Arys’ eyes were locked on Cassana’s. This was it. She was unable to defend herself let alone move. If the cat didn’t kill her the rain or starvation had already. Time slowed, breathing shallowed, and warmth departed. She drew in one last breath and was gone from the world. 

Herrod watched as the cat sniffed the girl. He shouted at the cat as loud as he could but the cat just hissed back and continued to circle the dead girl. He gripped the blue dress as harder and harder knowing there was nothing he could do to save her but even worse now to watch the cat feast on her bones. Arys stopped sniffed the girl and as he opened his mouth to begin his feast. Herrod didn’t see it coming but heard a loud thump. The only thing Arys feasted on was an arrow through the back of his head. The same knight that commanded Cassana to leave the battlements took the beast down. He smiled at Herrod and said one disturbing word, “Dinner.” Herrod frowned at the knight but the knight shook his head and signaled with his bow further across the yard. A man in all black appeared with a wooden crate in hand. He  approached Herrod with the crate and placed it next to Herrod. As he pulled his hood back Herrod saw an ordinary man with brown hair and brown eyes. He had a full beard and smelled of seawater. His beard and hair had begun to pepper with speckles of white. An middle aged man with a kind face. He looked concerned at Herrod and reached into the crate. As he opened the crate Herrod’s senses exploded. The smell of dry fish and onions filled his nostrils. It might have been the sweetest smell Herrod had in a long time. The man handed Herrod a whole onion and some dry fish with no words picked up the crate and moved along.

In the coming days Herrod grew in strength. The mysterious man cloaked in black was able to provide almost all the soldiers and guardians with rations for a whole week. He recruited the women and children to unload his vessel. A ship with all black sails. He was able to sneak in past the Redwyne ships and smuggle in the onions and fish.

With this miracle the troops were able to regain strength, the sick were able to regain strength and life within Storms End had been somewhat rejuvenated. Not all was sweet for Herrod though. The little girl Cassana was gone. The one person that brought him happiness and joy through up to this point the most difficult point of his life. When Lord Eddard Stark arrived and freed the city from siege, Herrod made a point to fly Casssana’s dress around his armor as a tabard and rebuilt his shield with the Tarth sigil.

He approached the knight who killed Arys the Cat and asked him who the mysterious Smuggler was. The knight said that he is known as The Onion Knight but his name is Davos, the smuggler who sailed his black ship in the dead of night and saved Stannis Baratheon’s garrison during the siege of Storms’ End.

  Ser Davos and Lord Stannis Baratheon


Although this story is not directly from A Song of Ice and Fire or Game of Thrones, it gives an inside look of what it might have been to live in Storm’s End during the siege, and how important a role Ser Davos has to the survival of Storm’s End. This played a big part in Robert’s Rebellion being successful.

Ser Davos wasn’t always a Knight. He was low born from the Flea Bottom District of Kings Landing. He lived a very rough young life plagued by poverty and duress. To escape this, as a youth he found his way aboard a ship helmed by a Tyroshi smuggler/pirate. As he learned the ways of smuggling and gained the trust of different people within the business he secured himself his own ship. He nicknamed it “Black Betha” as the ship was completely black. He became an infamous smuggler due to his ability to sneak into port in the dead of night due to his ship and sails being completely black.

Durring Robert’s Rebellion, Davos found service with Stannis Baratheon to smuggle food past the Redwyne blockade at sea outside of Storm’s End. Davos was able to save the Baratheon garrison at Storm’s End by smuggling in onions as well as dried fish and other food items. Because the garrison had a new surge in strength they were able to hold off the Tyrell and Redwyne forces until Lord Eddard Stark was able to relieve the city.

The reason that holding Storm’s End was so important to the Rebellion was because it was a direct route from the reach to Kings Landing through the Kingswood. With the full force of The Reach (the Tyrells and their banner men) behind the Royal Targaryen Family the Stark, Lannister, Arryn, Tully, and Baratheon forces would have been overwhelmed. Holding Storm’s End became so vital to the success of the Rebellion that if it had fallen the Rebellion would have certainly been lost.

Because of his bravery and execution Davos was knighted by Stannis Baratheon, defender of Storm’s End, and was given the surname of Seaworth for his House.  This was looked down on by a lot more high born knights throughout the realm because Davos is lowborn. Davos was grateful for Stannis’ loyalty that he swore to serve Stannis. Stannis had a few conditions. First Davos would receive land and take Davos’ son as his squire. Also, for Davos’ crimes as a smuggler he had to be punished. This meant losing your non dominant hand or in some cases just the finger tips. Davos is left handed so Stannis took the fingers, knuckle up, to serve as punishment. Davos agreed as he believed he deserved some sort of punishment for all of his past smuggling crimes. Davos keeps the bones of those fingers around his neck in a pouch because he believes they have brought his family luck.

We meet Davos (and the Stannis story) at the beginning of Season 2 when the Red Priestess, Melisandre, has arrived and convinced Stannis that he is the Azor Ahai reborn (the champion of the Fire God R’hllor). Davos has his doubts and is already weary of Melisandre. Up to this point Davos had been Stannis’ closest advisor and now with this Red Priestess showing up, he feels as though his position and influence on Stannis is quickly fading.

Stannis asks Davos to join Melisandre to assassinate his brother Renly Baratheon due to Renly’s plans to become the next king, when succession goes to Stannis. Davos witnesses a shadow assassin being born from Melisandre and comes to find out that it brings the downfall of Renly. Davos and Melisandre

He voices his concerns to Stannis and states that she could become a distraction on to their march on Kings Landing to take back the throne after Robert is killed in a hunting accident. Stannis listens to Davos and keeps Melisandre behind. While sailing to Kings Landing, Stannis lets Davos know that when they take the throne he would have him be his Hand of the King. Davos reluctantly agrees believing that his low birth would not condone respect at the court.

When Davos, Stannis, and the fleet Davos had recruited through the Pirate Salladhor Saan, arrive at Kingslanding they are bombarded and completely destroyed by Wildfire. Davos is tossed from the ship and later retrieved by Salladhor Saan. He suffers wounds and the loss of his four eldest sons and his three Seaworth ships including Black Betha.

Upon returning to Dragonstone, Stannis questions Davos as a loyal companion and has him imprisoned. Stannis states that because he didn’t trust in Melisandre and her powers they lost the Battle of Blackwater and his chance at the throne. Davos is then released by Stannis to observe the power of the Lord of Light R’hllor (whoop whoop) as Melisandre drains blood from Gendry into leeches and curses Joffrey, Balon Greyjoy, and Robb Stark, all who want the Iron Throne.

Davos is still not a believer in the Lord of Light and stands up for his opinion. He denounces Melisandre again and Stannis sentences him to death. Davos saves himself due to learning how to read while imprisoned with Shireen, Stannis’ daughter. He read a raven to Stannis from the wall stating that they are in need of help. Stannis asks Melisandre to confirm this in the fire and she is able to receive a fuzzy picture of what is to come. Stannis puts Davos in charge of recruiting again. This time Stannis wants the best of the best, mercenaries. However, the mercenary companies are extremely expensive. Stannis asks Davos to find a way to fund their attack of the kingdom. While in a reading session with Shireen he discovers that the Iron Bank of Braavos might be the best way to go.


I love Ser Davos, and I feel as if I was a character on GoT, I would like to be him. He is loyal, stubborn, and honorable as well. He is good at what he does, which is smuggle.


What are your thoughts of Ser Davos? Do you believe he can end up on the Iron Throne? Is he just a pawn for other players?  Who knows? Liam Cunningham portrays Davos Seaworth on HBO’s Game of Thrones

Liam Cunningham’s IMDB Page  He has a very impressive resume and is one of my favorite actors on the show.

Please remember with any spoilers please use the Black Sails of Black Betha to hide from the ships of Unsullied that visit our site. Follow me @WiCThoros and tweet what you think of this article! I personally love Davos a lot. I feel like I can always trust him and he is very honest. Please post below and thank you for reading! If you can think of another Player of Thrones Character you would like to see please let me know as well!

So far we have:

Oberyn Martell, The Red Viper
Melisandre, The Red Priestess
Jojen and Meera Reed, The Crannogmen
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Done in the light of the Lord…


  • It just dawned on me that the chance of getting the Iron Islands in season 5 is really small (compared to Dorne which is almost definitely in). Meereen has a navy… enough ships to carry Dany’s whole army and then some…

  • Lord Lamprey: Storms End isn’t between the Reach and KL…

    Yeah, I never understood this either. Holding Storm’s End supposedly meant the Tyrells couldn’t join the Targaryens at the Battle of the Trident, but to get from say Highgarden to King’s Landing and then on to the Trident, you don’t have to go anywhere near Storm’s End. Through the King’s Wood, sure, if you follow the road, but Storm’s End is like a cul-de-sac coming off of that.

    I can only assume maybe the Tyrells were given orders to take Storm’s End before coming to the Targaryens’ aid, as if it was more important, because it was Robert’s castle, but otherwise I don’t know.

  • I LOVE DAVOS so I don’t see him as misunderstood… a behind the scenes player on the “all men must serve” side of the equation. Like a forthright Varys. Maybe he’ll serve Queen Shireen.

  • The Onion Knight! Always felt that since the Ned Stark beheading he became our most loyal/honorable character in the show/books. Like Ned was a friend and a Hand to Robert, Davos is a friend and Hand to Stannis. Both are loyal to a fault but hopefully Davos’ loyalty will result in a different fate than Ned’s did.

  • jentario,

    Yeah. Unfortunately I think the Iron Islands will be cut as well. I don’t want them to be, but at least it would give GRRM a storyline to work with that will go unspoiled for when the show surpasses the books, which it almost surely will at this point.

  • Mace Tyrell besieged Storm’s End for the entirety of Robert’s Rebellion not because it blocked the Roseroad, but because he was unsure of who to support. By keeping all his 60,000 banners at Storm’s End he could easily convince Aerys II he was doing his duty to the Iron Throne if Rhaegar had won the Battle of the Trident, whereas he could just as easily bend the knee to Robert and expect no backlash, as he didn’t seriously commit himself to House Targaryen.

    Tl;dr Storm’s End does not block the Reach from King’s Landing in any way.

  • Troublesome Birdsong: Yeah, I never understood this either. Holding Storm’s End supposedly meant the Tyrells couldn’t join the Targaryens at the Battle of the Trident, but to get from say Highgarden to King’s Landing and then on to the Trident, you don’t have to go anywhere near Storm’s End. Through the King’s Wood, sure, if you follow the road, but Storm’s End is like a cul-de-sac coming off of that.

    I can only assume maybe the Tyrells were given orders to take Storm’s End before coming to the Targaryens’ aid, as if it was more important, because it was Robert’s castle, but otherwise I don’t know.

    I concur that Storm’s End is too far East to control (as a local fortress) the road from Highgarden to King’s Landing.
    However, I could buy the explanation that if the Baratheons were left behind controlling Storm’s End, then they could sortie and attack the rear guard of a Tyrell army that would have lifted the siege then marched North, making them surrounded by Baratheons from the South and Stark/Tully/Arryns from the North.

  • I feel fairly certain that that link is not supposed to say Tommen Reed.

    What Robar said about the siege of Storm’s End. It was a good way for Highgarden to make a show of loyalty while not putting themselves at risk.

  • With all this talk of ships and smuggling, I want some Victarion, Euron and Kingsmoot action next season

  • Rickard Greyjoy:

    Yeah. Unfortunately I think the Iron Islands will be cut as well. I don’t want them to be, but at least it would give GRRM a storyline to work with that will go unspoiled for when the show surpasses the books, which it almost surely will at this point.

    The problem with cutting the Greyjoys and hoping THAT will give Martin a storyline to work with unspoiled for his upcoming work, is that if they do cut them in the show, the probability is great those Greyjoys are not that important to the books going forward. In itself that’s a very real spoiler for book fans IMO.

    Frankly, I hope to see both Dorne and Greyjoys represented if not fully developed to the extent of the books. Though how that’s going to work for
    S5 I have no idea.

  • jentario,

    That would be a shame even though I’m not the biggest Greyjoy fan. I would much prefer Dorne over Iron Island stuff although I would really like to see the Iron fleet arriving in Slaver’s Bay and wrecking shit up. The Yunkai’i wouldn’t know what the hell had hit them. I think we could get the Greyjoy brothers but with much less time on the Iron Islands. If Balon dies in the first ep then have the Kings’moot in ep 2/3 then immediately after Euron sends Vic to get Dany then Vic could arrive in Slaver’s Bay in time for the finale.

  • Robar,

    I think I miscommunicated this point. Thank you for catching. I didn’t mean to say it would have kept them from getting to KL from the Reach but rather that it would’ve given them a more tactical advantage.

  • spacechampion,

    It’s my take on the view of a child and a soldier during the Siege of Storms end. I used it to show the struggle of the people and defenders of Storms End. What did you think?

  • jentario,

    I had the same thought when I rewatched this episode. I’m not a Greyjoy fan, but I don’t want their absence to spoil the books for me. Perhaps they will be severely cut back as they are the storyline with the fewest links to others, but to cut them entirely would make me sad. Glad to see lots of Dorne, tho!

  • I think you need to pick if you are going to discuss the book version or the TV version of a character; you very much blended the two Davoses in this article, and that could either confuse or spoil people.

  • wizardeyes,

    When I heard Daenerys already has 93 ships in the show, I also felt it was goodbye to the Victarion arch at least. The Greyjoys will likely continue, as a faction we mostly only hear about. Like when the Redwyne fleet sails to Dragonstone, and the west coast is unprocted, we should hear of them landing at the reach and raiding up the rivers, forcing the Tyrells to draw forces home. The big question is, will Baelon die, and will we get another Greyjoy figure (Euron), or will they just stick with Balon and Yara as it is.

  • KG:
    I think you need to pick if you are going to discuss the book version or the TV version of a character; you very much blended the two Davoses in this article, and that could either confuse or spoil people.

    This, plus I, for one, have been coming to this site daily for years for news articles, interviews and the commentary on those items. I just don’t feel that this site is the proper venue for fanfic. Maybe a section with links to a separate site devoted to fanfic would better serve.

  • I too don’t think fanfic is appropriate for this site. Also, GRRM is opposed to it and regardless of my opinion it’s his and his lawyers opinions that should concern you and Fansided, which presumably makes money from ads run here.

  • I thought it was very well written and thoroughly enjoyed it. GRRM would tip his cap.


  • I don’t think you can write something yourself and then say it provides insight, just sayin’…

  • If you are going to write fanfic, then tell us. I wouldn’t have bothered. And the rest of the piece was just a recap. I was expecting some analysis or insight. I’m starting to feel pissed off about this kind of stuff on WIC.

  • I appreciate the feedback. It will help me out with these posts the more and more I discover what you all are looking for. Thank you for the suggestions!

  • I do think we’ll get a truncated Iron Islands. Jorah already said 10,000 men isn’t enough to take Westeros back. So Dany still needs more people.