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Spirits of Westeros: Tyrell Rose Margaerita

The folks over at WIC Live have released another Game of Thrones cocktail idea in a new edition of Spirits of Westeros! Last time we learned how to make a Tyrion-tini and the week before that we learned how to make a Bloody Melisandre. This time around, Jessica Kinney shows us how to whip up a margarita named after a character who continues to grow in power — Margaery Tyrell and the Tyrell Rose Margaerita.

We’ve seen Margaery begin to take on more and more power, or at least set herself up to be in a position where she can attain great power. She was first married to King Joffrey but his death has her now after Joffrey’s brother Tommen and her place by his side as Queen. 

Want to taste the power that Margaery is trying to attain? Check out how to make your very own Tyrell Rose Margaerita after the jump!

Tyrell Rose Margaerita on Spirits of Westeros by Winter Is Coming

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  • *insert witty character name here*

    This is a pretty cool idea, keep up the good work!

  • What I learned. – Basil = Class

    – see also every Staten Island italian in New Jersey

  • You didnt mention how many parts tequila or watermelon pucker to use. In the future, you should really add the ingredients list to the post itself so have it readily available. I’d like to make this over the summer but I’m obviously going to have to wing it or look up a different margarita recipe to get the right about of tequila and pucker to use.