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WIC Live, First of His Name recap: Attack on Craster’s Keep

This week’s episode of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones raised a lot of questions and most certainly set in motion some events that will continue to unfold as this season presses on. One of the biggest developments happened North of The Wall, as the attack on Craster’s Keep proved to be a dramatic high point in the episode.

While Littlefinger was talking his way through the episode, Jon Snow and Bran were fighting their way through it and they nearly reunited at the end. With Jon Snow continuing to be a powerful member of The Night’s Watch and Bran now fully dedicated to his quest to find the three-eyed raven, there was plenty to digest from what we saw transpire.

Join WIC Live’s Adam Rady, Jessica Kinney and Tybee Diskin as they discuss Jon Snow, Bran and how it’s never a good idea to drink out of a skull.

Check out what our panel of Game of Thrones experts have to say after the jump!

Game of Thrones, First of His Name: Attack on Craster’s Keep by Winter Is Coming

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  • I don’t get this post. We have seen this segment with the lovely WiCLive threesome already on a few other threads, and this topic has been debated to death already. Information pollution!

  • How would you all rank the episodes of the season so far?

    Mine would be:
    1. First of His Name
    2. The Lion and the Rose
    3. Oathkeeper
    4. Breaker of Chains
    5. Two Swords

    Season Rankings (based on Ep 1-5)
    1. Season 4
    2. Season 3
    3. Season 1
    2. Season 2

  • Mine would be:
    1. Two Swords (Arya v. Polliver and Colonel Sandor)
    2. The Lion and the Rose (Joff bites it, Loras says “Neither will you”)
    3. Breaker of Chains (Daeny laying down the Valarian, Tywin in-state Civics lesson)
    4. First of His Name (Sansa gets lemon cake from bunny boiler, Tywin discusses Iron Bank customer service, and Qarl speaks with knifed tongue)
    5. Oathkeeper (Grey Worm laying down the Valarian, tuck-in time with Mags Tyrell)

  • Off topic… Did they reveal how Ghost got out of the cage? I thought I heard crows cawing right before Rast was attacked and killed. Could it have been CH who let him out? Or did Ghost simply break out?

  • Gregor,

    Presumably, the mutineers locked Summer up in the same cage. Bran said they were going to free Summer when they were leaving so they must have let Ghost out as well.

  • Gregor,

    My assumption was that Bran, Hodor, and the Reeds unlocked Ghost’s cage at the same time that they went back to free Summer from the trap that he had fallen into. Remember that they were imprisoned in close proximity.

    It’s abundantly clear at this point that Coldhands will not be appearing on the show.

  • can anybody find the link for British personality Jonathon Ross Thronecast interview? Aiden Gillan’s interview is on Youtube

  • Gregor,

    Yep. I thought Bran & co freed him.


    I dig Thronecast! Wish we had it here in the States. Hey Fansided folks, can u link us to those interviews regularly? Thanks!