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Game of Thrones numbers dip slightly with The Laws of Gods and Men

Stern and solemn faces meet this week’s numbers

The expected fluctuations have happened as the viewership numbers dipped to 6.40 million this week, TV by the numbers reports. Still comfortably in the mid-6 million range, though, and still comfortably winning the night among cable shows, far ahead of the competition. The repeat airing added another 1.10 million, for a total of 7.50 million for the night.

This dip is comparable to the one that happened last year with episode 307. Hopefully the numbers start climbing again already next week; the impressive second half of this week’s episode should help, and there is quite some action promised in the following weeks as well. When more viewers flock to the screens as traditional for the finales of shows (and episodes 9 in case of GoT) we could see new record highs reached once more.


  • From the promo it looks like Arya sticks another fool with the pointy end. Can’t miss that!!

  • I’ll stick to my prediction of around a 7.8-7.9 by episode ten and crossing 8 with the next premiere.

  • I underestimated the Mother’s Day dip. But I just looked and realized that for three years now the ratings have dipped a good deal on MD. Even for the episode following “The Old Gods and the New,” which was widely loved by Unsullied and many non-purists.

  • The Bastard,

    I doubt it. They just watched it On Demand or on their DVR a few hours or a day later. These numbers are goofy, especially since GoT (and this site) is on an international level.

  • There was a similar dip last year on Mother Day. I wonder if the ratings will follow a similar trend as last year, hit new series highs during the first half and then hold steady the rest of the season. I still think the season finale will hit series highs but I’m not sure if they will grow much higher than 7m this season.

  • Hodor,
    I know you are joking but Hodor was in last weeks episode. The ratings are often impacted by the quality of the previous episode especially if there is a cliffhanger. If the ratings dip again next week you can blame the lack of Hodor.

  • well, the book purists always say they would prefer lower numbers if it means faithfulness…i’m pretty sure the ratings dropped because they got what they wanted in a strict and faithful adaptation of the book.

  • JamesL:
    This is what happens when they have an episode without any nudity!!

    Was I hallucinating during the dreadful Dreadfort and the salacious Salladhor Saan scenes?

  • johnnytata,

    actually, I’m pretty sure that, this season, the writers have buried the books somewhere deep in the earth and decided to write their own story.

  • Hodor’s Bastard,

    Obviously he was referring to the episode before, and the consequences of what would happen in viewership in the next episode. Of course it was also a joke. But I was wondering for a second if I was hallucinating when I read your post, cause I really did not think anybody could misinterpret a post as bad as that. But than again I see peoples statements get twisted all the time on this site just so they can have the satisfaction of cutting someone down. Which I’m now guilty of, by cutting down someone who cut somebody else down. Oh well. I guess it’s true that the bastards get less intelligence than their fathers had.

  • Was the dip responsible for Mother’s Day or did those casual viewers who wanted Dany to head for Westeros and groaned when she decided to stay and rule, turn off from the show. If numbers stay lower over the weeks I say it’s the later.

  • I’d hazard a guess and say that the ratings will hold steady next week and then increase with each episode for the rest of the season.

  • I expect that this dip in the ratings (to a impressive that’s still extraordinarily impressive, mind you) can be attributed almost entirely to it being Mother’s Day. The live viewership will climb back up again next week.

    One of the innumerable reasons why my mother is awesome: she loves Game of Thrones every bit as much as I do. We got to watch it live together!

  • Hodor’s Bastard:
    The Bastard,

    I doubt it. They just watched it On Demand or on their DVR a few hours or a day later. These numbers are goofy, especially since GoT (and this site) is on an international level.

    Valid point. GOT’s success is not built upon one rating. It is from international viewership numbers. It is from the number of people who get HBO right before the season starts. It is from the number of Blu-ray and merchandise purchases.

  • StrokemeMarg,

    That would be ridiculous, if you only watch for one character then you would of turned off a long time ago. If you’re an unsullied still watching you surely are invested in multiple arcs by now.

  • tcovey11,

    Besides the two big detours at Craster’s and the Dreadfort, most storylines are in line with the books, with some slight alterations(Daario replacing Belwas,Jaime replacing Kevan, etc.).

  • I usually watch at 9. I watched at 11:30 because of Mother’s Day. I imagine that wasn’t uncommon.

  • tcovey11,

    This season has had more detours than the previous season, but it still seems to be heading in the same general direction on all fronts. That’s why I consider them detours rather than deviations.

  • johnnytata,

    i tend to the book side, almost purist and most of us in our circle tend to go that but i never encounter a “purist” who hopes the ratings are dropped because they changed some things.

    stereotype goes both ways, don’t clump us with the noisy (very) minority people.

    anyway, on topic. the graphs i see only shows episode (X-axis) and viewers (Y-axis), could someone be a dear and add additional info like mother’s day episode or the US holiday, the one with memorial for the veterans. not sure. thanks

  • Hodor’s Bastard,

    No! Don’t call the Dreadfort scene dreadful! The beginning and end were meh but the middle was AWESOME! Yara’s speech was epic, the struggle against Reek was epic. I think the fault here is in clumsy editing/writing (in an episode that is aside from that close to perfect)… But don’t underestimate the epicness of it. It was just a great scene (minus the beginning and end which had jarring transitions).

    Yes, it was in the end pointless, but so was Craster’s Keep and people seemed to enjoy THAT. This scene was a hundred times better than Craster’s, if only Yara’s escape would have been more fleshed out…

  • Matt N,

    Who’s cutting anyone down? I was responding in the same tone as the original post. No harmful intent intended.

    The Yara speech and Yara/Theon interaction were the only memorable parts of the scene. I was referencing the sex stuff. And the scene was not epic.

  • Does anyone know if Arya/The Hound will be in episode 8? They are usually in one episode and then miss the next, but episode 9 is the Batlle at the Wall so they wont be featured in that either

    I know they have an upcoming fight with knights of the vale that was directed by Alex Graves but he has also directed the finale. I cant see them having the fight and Arya boarding a ship all in one episode

  • jentario,

    Yes, it was in the end pointless

    IF the show still has the Kingsmoot or at least has Yara struggle to become the Ironborn Queen, then that scene will not have been useless at all. That scene establishes that she accepts her brother is truly gone and that she is the only living heir to Balon and can legitimately make her claim when Balon dies. Do you think she would have accepted that Theon would want to stay with his torturer if someone simply told her that? She needed to see it with her own two eyes.

  • In this thread:

    Game of Thrones’ ratings (dropped/will drop next week/will rise next week) because of (factor that is likely insignificant to most viewers but validates my opinion of the show).

  • Mrs. D. Ranged in AZ,

    It seems awkward to send her so far only to turn back, though. It could have been better (just like Craster’s). But it might pay off later this season, I can’t tell.

  • I am blaming this on the holiday as well. I and most of my friends had to skip our usual Sunday Night get together to watch Game of Thrones, because we were taking our moms or grandmothers out to dinner.

  • I really fail miserably at predicting these ratings. I expected a bit of a drop last week and the ratings went up. Now i expect them to hold steady at least with Tyrion’s trial.
    Clearly mother’s day is a much bigger deal in the US than elsewhere cause it exists here but isnt as big a deal. Nothing to worry about though if something similar happened last year.

  • I hold responsible for not watching it when it air due to Mother’s Day. Had a great time with family and although we can tolarate action I was not about to catch porno scenes with them which I knew it was coming. I will be back next week to boost the ratings a bit :p

  • Oz of Thrones:
    There are ramifications for killing off Noah Taylor.

    I should hope so!

    Killing off Locke on the other hand, might do nothing for the ratings :P

  • Really???? Are people really trying to question a slight ratings drop. An look for some big dramatic reason behind it? Ratings go up it down a bit. It happens. Did you expect them to go up and up an up and up and up and up? Which has never happens. Jesus people. 6 million + and people are acting like it’s the end of the word.

  • Could just be that more people watched it via HBOGO or waited to watch it after sports. As I’ve been saying for years, wait for the overall viewership numbers to judge whether more or less people are watching week-to-week.

  • johnnytata:
    well, the book purists always say they would prefer lower numbers if it means faithfulness…i’m pretty sure the ratings dropped because they got what they wanted in a strict and faithful adaptation of the book.


  • Tyrion Pimpslap,

    Jamie replacing Kevan? hmmm, that’s the first time that I’ve heard that theory. Disappointing, but very plausible at this point. You might very well be hitting the mark here.

  • The worst thing about the Yara (Asha) scene was that she just stood there while Ramsay unlocked the dog cage – in character would be to plant an ax in his skull.

  • I guess it’s a combination of MD in the US and three average episodes (3,4,5) in a row.

    Ratings will probably go up again next week, definetely after episode 8.