Davos Seaworth Interview Liam Cunningham Stannis Baratheon

Liam Cunningham talks Ser Davos, loyalty, and what’s to come in Season 4 on Thronecast

On this week’s Thronecast, Liam Cunningham sits down to talk all about Ser Davos Seaworth and his one true King, Stannis Baratheon. As usual, Liam gives a great interview, discussing the characters’ story so far in Season 4 including their recent visit to the Iron Bank of Braavos, the threat North of the Wall, his funny feeling that the end is going to be ugly, and much more.

Talking points:

  • Davos’ story so far in Season 4
  • The meeting with the man who finances death and destruction
  • Will Davos have more of a physical role this season
  • The threat North of The Wall
  • Does Davos have a part to play in who will be the future King
  • Davos’ loyalty to Stannis
  • What has Stannis done to deserve his loyalty
  • How Davos deals with magic as an atheist
  • Visiting the Iron Bank of Braavos
  • Davos’ reaction to the death of Joffrey
  • Is Davos ultimately after the Iron Throne for himself
  • David & Dan knowing the end

Game of Thrones: Stannis, Davos and the Iron Bank by Winter Is Coming



  • In the same episode as this interview they interviewed Ross Mullan who played the white walker who gave an interesting answer when asked whether we’d see the white walkers communicate on the show he answered ” Yes” (almost immediately) “yes, I think so, I think you will”

  • Love Liam, perfect example of a decent book character being elevated higher by an outstanding actor. I would love to buy this guy a pint!

  • Stannis is headed to the wall?!?!?!

    (Obligatory viewer-hasn’t-been-paying-attention post)

    I’m real thankful that GoT has Liam playing Davos. He’s my favorite character in the books and Liam plays him absolutely brilliant.

    It still boggles my mind how many people I chat with about the show and they’re always like “Who’s Davos again?”


  • So how about putting the Peter Dinklage video behind a cut? (Or stop it from autoplaying, either is fine with me.) I’m really curious about why this is, seemingly, impossible.

  • GRRM is “half way” through Winds of Winter? If true, no chance of a publish date next year. I’d given up on the 7th book, but now I’m starting to doubt the 6th book will come out before the end of the show.

  • Bgap,

    If GRRM is 1/2 way done, that means he’s completed 1/6th of the book since 2013s GOT premiere. If he keeps up that rate, he should be finished writing in 2017. However, the book needs to be edited and all that stuff, so it will probably come out 2018.

  • You can tell that Liam is really into the show. His passion for his character really shines through in this interview.

  • Bgap,

    Halfway is just an easy way of saying not finished. I doubt Liam actually knows how much GRRM has got left.

  • In other news, Jason Momoa can really slam down the Guinness, and it’s really fun to play “Spot the WiC.netters” I think I finally narrowed down who they were.

    We’ll see if I was right.

  • Bgap:
    GRRM is “” through Winds of Winter?If true, no chance of a publish date next year. I’d given up on the 7th book, but now I’m starting to doubt the 6th book will come out before the end of the show.

    I’m guessing that “halfway” is just an expression. I really doubt that Liam actually talked to GRRM a week ago and GRRM said: “I’ve finished 50% of the book” or “I have to write twice as much the amount of pages I’ve written already” or “I’ve finished half of the chapters I want to write” or whatever.

    Some fans seem to take everything literally.

  • I am constantly amazed by how good the casting on this series is. So grateful to have such wonderful actors bringing the characters to life. I think a fair few of them have even surpassed their book counterparts.

  • I totally agree with Liam. Jon screwed it up. If he does come back, he should learn a lot from his past mistakes to make a good ruler. I am kind of a dany fan because of the dragons but now I doubt very much that we will have the “dany saves the day with dragons and is gifted with the throne” story. Considering the themes and patterns of the series, humanity will lose the battle because of their selfishness, greed and even (starkish) naivity. So, a white walker sitting on the iron throne at the end makes a lot sense