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George R.R. Martin guest stars in Conan O’Brien skit “I Got This”

Last night’s ‘Conan’ featured a skit entitled “I Got This” promoting a service that would guarantee your TV viewing experience is never ruined by a casual viewer’s annoying questions. With Game of Thrones being a prime candidate for such a service, George R.R. Martin guest stars as a part of their Premium Membership, offering expert level service straight from the source.


  • so….this is what he does while the world agonizes for his writings?

  • I absolutely enjoy how the late night talk shows (Conan, Fallon and Kimmel) and SNL have embraced this show. Nothing beats Kimmel’s “Colonel Sandor” bit (after S4ep1) and SNL’s Adam Friedberg sketch (in 2012) but this one garnered a few chuckles.

  • The uploader has NOT made this available in your country. And I’m using Media Hint. Shite!

  • That was really funny, and just what I needed after a rainstorm run. That guy would be perfect on the set of the Hobbit; no special effects required!

  • This is why I prefer to watch alone. I don’t even want the cats bugging me while it’s on.

    As someone who guiltily watches Dance Moms it made me happy to see it referenced here.

  • jentario,

    Thx for that. Just think how bloody and intense these next few episodes are going to be!! Mountain vs RV, the ironborn massacre at MC, Freys hanging, Thenns and wildlings slaughtered, Mole’s Town massacre, NWmen killed, UnSullied burned, wight’s defeated by CotFs/Summer, Tywin/Shae…..Aaaaggghhhh!

  • this is why i end up watching the show 3 times every monday which is sunday night for u guys … first i watch it alone …then with my dad and then finally with my mates …dad doesnt ask too much …just stuff like o shit he did that i kinda forgot or wait isnt he that guy …but mostly after a scene is over or the episode is over so its cool …but my friends ….uuugh …makes me wanna SANSA-SLAP them

    now i do something else … we all download the episode and then watch it at the same time but in our own house while messaging each other on fb …so if im too engrossed i just reply later when theres a nights watch scene ….honestly the nights watch is sooo boring

  • I hope everyone who complains about him doing anything but writing the books (even promoting his own career) can retire for the rest of their lives in wealth and comfort, but instead choose to work every single day because they feel obligated to please their fans.

    If that does not describe you, you really aren’t in a position to be casting any stones at the mans work ethic. He has no reason to work other than enjoying what he does. Be thankful he writes at all, and accept the fact you will see the ending in one form or another within the next 4 years. Likely on HBO.

  • ser McPato:
    so….this is what he does while the world agonizes for his writings?

    i know its ridiculous he should be up night and day and typing on his keyboard, and not allowed to promote it, have any fun, or enjoy any of the fruits of his labours by meeting his fans

  • Need to get this for my unsullied friend that has to sneak watch the show on his phone before watching with his wife lto answer all of her questions. Haha

  • The only thing worse than one person talking during the show is TWO people talking during the show!


    (Or just for people to wait until commercials on network TV to ask their stupid questions, but we know that’s not going to happen.)

  • This was good for a laugh. Way to bring it full circle George… [casual viewer scratches head]

    And big ups Conan! These rabbit ears still listen for you…… glad to see you’re still layin it down.

  • I would put a SPOILER warning on this video… Cause GRRM basically ruins the entire King’s Landing plot. Even though it is pretty funny