Pedro Pascal hosts Reddit AMA: The best Game of Thrones answers

Earlier today, Pedro Pascal took to Reddit to host an AMA. Short for ‘ask me anything,’ fans were given the opportunity to address Pedro himself, while he chose his favorite questions to answer.

Here are some of the best questions and answers relating to his role of Oberyn Martell on Game of Thrones. Pedro talks about his experience working with the GoT family, funny stories from the set, who he’d like to see on the Iron Throne, and the training he went through for next week’s big fight scene.

Hypergasm: I’ve heard that you are a fan of the show as well! As a fan, what has been your favorite thing about being able to work on the show? Also, have you had any memorable moments behind-the-scenes with other cast members? Thanks for doing an AMA!

I’ve never had an experience like this where I got to be a part of something that i was already aware of as a fan. And the experience of being on-set for the first time was really surreal and a little overwhelming because even if you didn’t know anything about GoT, if you showed up to work on it you’d still be so impressed and wonder how this could possibly be a TV show because it feels so epic when you’re doing it. To add on top of that the fact that i was already a fan, and was being thrown into the center of such an important storyline and getting to interact with these amazing characters played by these amazing actors, I was pinching myself throughout the entire 4th session. It never really let up, there was never a point of adjustment, I never landed completely. I was kind of in awe of it throughout.

Lena is one of my favorite persons. And she (in life) is so funny and so smart, such a good person, a good friend and a good mother, I think everyone on that set and anyone who comes in contact with her develops an instant crush. Talk about male or female, you’re going to get a crush on her easy. And I was just lucky that I got to work with her and hit it off and continue being friends. Everybody was a joy to work with. It’s just this huge family and the great thing about the way that David Benioff and Dan Weiss have adapted the character of Oberyn is that they have him interact with even MORE characters, and getting to be in the trial, and at the wedding, I got to meet so many of the actors, and being an actor from the US, I was staying in the hotel that all the other actors were coming in and out of. I got to meet and hang out with so many of the other actors that I didn’t have scenes with. There was another new addition to the cast, which is Ellaria Sand played by Indira Varma, and she and I got along really really well which is very important because she is a character who is Oberyn’s equal and the love of his life. And she’s just as fierce as he is, and that is why they are together, so we got to do a lot of fun stuff together. But I got to love working with so many of them, Peter Dinklage and working with him was a career highlight, I mean, you can refer to what i said earlier about it never ceasing to be a completely surreal and wonderful experience.

JZer86 : There’s a bunch of non-shoot related cast photos floating around the internet, for example some beach photos where everyone looks to be having the times of their lives. Is the GoT cast one giant family? Have any funny stories while on set?

The GoT cast is a giant family. And they also have the amazing opportunity to shoot in really cool locations, and so there was, I can’t remember, I suppose it was a weekend that the weather in Croatia was really beautiful and we all had the day off, so we all hung out and captured some of it on camera. And that was those photos.

One of the funnier moments that I had offset was making Gwendoline who plays Brienne and the two show runners Dave and Dan pose with me on the steps of a plaza in the old city of Dubrovnik for a fantasy album cover of mine. I haven’t shared this photo yet, though! It’s just for me! Not to be too much of a tease, but the photo was taken by Nikolai too.

AaronC14: Oberyn is one of the greatest warriors in Westeros, what kind of training did you have to undertake to help fit with this trait of his?

The production of Game of Thrones actually put me in some pre-training before I went to Europe to start shooting. I was put intro some classes with a master of Wushu, an acrobatic martial art, and they put me with a master, his name is Master Hu, and he has a studio in Los Angeles where he sort of basically showed me the basics and taught me how to fight with a spear and twist my body around and move in ways I never thought possible. And this was a guy who actually did Shaolin movies with Jet Li very early in Jet Li’s career, and fought alongside him as his sidekick, so he was the real deal.

Then once I got to Europe and started shooting, there were really intensive fight rehearsals with me and the stunt team that was headed by C.C. Smiff, and other actors, and we did a lot of fight choreography and rehearsals. The Oberyn style of fighting is inspired by Wushu.

SlowbroBaggins2: Who do you want to see sit the Iron Throne?

I think the most capable rule of Westeros would be Tyrion Lannister. I wouldn’t want to put Arya there because it’s too dangerous of a place, and I think that Tyrion is very cunning, very very intelligent, smarter than everyone in the room, smarter than everyone in any room that he is IN, but also has an emphasis that is for ultimate rules.

For all of Pedro’s answers, and there were a lot of them, click here!


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  • I would love to see the picture of Gwen, David and Dan also Pedro that was taken by Nikolaj. By the way, Pedro has amazing chemistry with Lena even with few of their scenes. I think the real life chemistry matters.

  • Some of the folks over at Reddit don’t seem to understand how spoilers in the TV industry work. They want to discuss future episodes? Pedro can’t talk about it. That’s it, cut and dry. So why ruin the experience for show watchers?

  • Also- think that Pedro has what it takes to be the next action hero in the vein of Harrison Ford/ Liam Neeson. Are you listening Hollywood?

  • Pedro seems like such a down-to-earth, fun person. Always great to read an interview that seems like real instinctive and personal answers – not purposely politically correct replies or shaped studio spin.

  • Patchy Face,

    I had the weird thought the other day that Pedro Pascal could pull a latin American version of the superhero Doctor Strange, who Marvel is currently developing a movie for. He has the charisma and is the age that Marvel would want for the role, and given the push in Hollywood to appeal to a more cultural diverse audience, it wouldn’t be that crazy for Marvel to change the character’s race. Still probably wouldn’t happen, just an idea that poped up in my mind.

  • Captain Crunch is amazing if you just eat it by itself, but them damn cuts on the roof of your mouth though.

  • Seems like a really good guy. While I was hoping for an Antonio Banderas, he’s really done well with the part.

  • Patchy Face,

    I love this guy, and not just because he plays the ultimate Dornishman. I totally agree that he could do an action hero-type roll very well, especially with romance thrown in. A Latin James Bond. Meow!

    Can’t wait for next Sunday!

  • I want (need) to see the Red Viper busting out his 武术 moves. Now!!

    This could be really cool – if the rest of the Westerosi fight scenes have been choreographed by people specialising in western swordplay stuff, and the Dornish essentially fight eastern-style.

    Looking forward to the trial!

  • For those of you who haven’t seen Chinese martial arts before, look up Changquan . This explains some of the flips he was doing in the trailer.

    A lot of people were saying the 2-3 brief seconds of clips from the Mountain vs Viper duel looked wrong, but I’m guessing from his comment that what they’ve probably done is basically changquan style, with a spear (qiang in Chinese). It’s fully legit in wushu, involves sideways somersaults and stuff.

  • Ser Maester,

    This is an interesting idea. I heard Depp for the dr. strange role at one time, and am glad to hear they are rethinking it. Last I heard something about macanahay? I have newfound respect for this guy after finally watching True detective.

    Cool qandA. Dude seems like a really genuine guy. And he is killing the role of the Red Viper. this is gonna be crushing to so many unsullied

  • I so much knew his fighting style is based on kung-fu, his moves are pretty much the very basic excercises they teach you when you learn staff/spear in kung-fu/wushu :D

  • I saw the 1st episode of Homeland S3 recently and thought…wait….is that?? Nooooo…. but it was him! I couldn’t believe it. Had I only seen him in that, I never would have given him a second thought, but after seeing him in GOT, I want to see much more of this guy. Such a badass actor. Makes me wonder how many other great actors are out there that nobody knows about because they’re given crappy little roles like Pascal’s role in Homeland.

  • Reef:
    Makes me wonder how many other great actors are out there that nobody knows about because they’re given crappy little roles like Pascal’s role in Homeland.

    Thousands. There are immensely gifted actors out there who just never get their lucky big break.

    Conversely, there are plenty of interesting moments where you can spot people in tiny character roles from before they got famous (e.g. Hey, was that a very young George Clooney serving coffee in the background of that restaurant scene?)

  • Im in love with Sansa Stark but thanx to Pedro im now in love with Oberyn Martell too … this guy has made me bisexual… there i said it …

  • What a cool dude. I knew he would be great right from when he was first cast – I just had a feeling!

    So sad that he’ll only be in one more episode! He’ll be a part of the GoT family forever though and we’ll never forget Oberyn Martell. My dream now is for Pedro to be cast in Hannibal season 3…

  • Pedro Pascal has not made me want to bat for the other team like some other people here have confessed. However, he was an awesome casting choice and I’m glad I supported him from day 1 :p