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Game of Thrones, The Mountain and the Viper Live Stream Recap Show

This week saw perhaps the most shocking episode of Game of Thrones we’ve seen yet, as the conclusion of the episode was one of the most brutal moments in the entire history of the show. Not only did the death of Oberyn Martell make our stomachs turn, but it may set forth some serious ramifications that cause the deaths of more characters we love.

Besides the brutal fight between The Mountain and Oberyn, we saw a little bit more with Sansa and Petyr as well as and update with Arya’s journey with The Hound. There was plenty to take in and talk about, as we were once again left with so many more questions than we saw answered. Thankfully, the WIC Live crew is here to help get us through our emotions and questions from last night’s episode.

Join your Winter Is Coming Live host Adam Rady, along with Tybee Diskin and Jessica Kinney as they discuss everything that happened on this week’s episode of Game of Thrones. Winter is Coming Live is brought to you by, and our friends at

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Winter is Coming Live Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 9 Recap – June 2 by Winter Is Coming

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  • Question: What do you see from Sansa next? She’s proved she can lie and manipulate and even save Petyr from danger. Will she continue to grow to the point where she has more power than him?

  • Was Danys mind made up about Jorah in advance, or was she pissed of more, when he tried to justify himself?

    Would it have been better for him, to just beg forgivenes.

  • Lou Reed,

    It seem as though she knew already right? She wasn’t I shock, nor did she overreacted with anger. From my point of view

  • Fred laz,

    But losing Jorah must be one of the worst things that could happen for her. She must have been hoping he could say something, that would make it right.

  • Lou Reed,

    I think there was a window of doubt. I don’t think she knew exactly what Jorah had done, but I’m sure Barristan would have speculated that Jorah had been a spy. I don’t think she decided anything until she heard it from Jorah himself, hence why she was so hurt and blinded by that hurt. If she had time to digest it, maybe she would have come to another decision. Or grown more bitter and had him killed….

  • What to think of the grey worm – missansei storyline? I am a little worried about grey worm’s survival….

  • I have one question:


    Okay, now that I got that out of my system, here’s my actual question: Now that he’s legally a Bolton, do you think Ramsay has plans to kill his father? It occurred to me that Ramsay is just the kind of ambitious sociopath that would bump off his own father.

  • Did Sansa and Littlefinger get it on? What happened/speculation?? Also why does the video autoplay when you load the webpage?? Are the admins just daft?

  • Darth Sansa,

    I doubt we will see any more of Sansa this season. She’s been in 7 episodes so far and I think that was a perfect finishing point for her character. In the first scene this season we see her crying and possibly contemplating suicide, and the last we saw her she was happy, proud, powerful and has a new dress.

  • Pali,

    I’m not sure how it would all play out. Because everyone thinks Bran and Rickon are dead, Sansa would be assumed to be Lady of Winterfell as well as heir to Riverrun. Theoretically, if the Valelords follow Sansa, it could unite three of the seven kingdoms and put together 75% of the Robert’s rebellion coalition (North, Riverlands, and Vale). If, say, they did something like negotiate a marriage between Robyn and Shireen Baratheon, would could see a repeat of Robert’s Rebellion. Or, Sansa marries someone in Dorne instead. Or both.

    Thing is, the North and Riverlands have taken a beating and one must question they have the will or ability to fight another rebellion, especially with Houses Stark and Tully exiled. So, Baelish could be leading the Valelords into a trap (on purpose?) wherein they end up standing alone in rebellion.

  • Pali,

    I have a new theory on how Sansa’s story will continue in tWoW, since 80% of Sansa aFfC story is already covered in the show. This is a brand new theory since she revealed her true identity to the lords of the vale on the show it must mean she’ll do so in the books soon. Possible spoilers ahead… Petyr will contact Anya Waynwood and try to arrange marriage between his ‘bastard’ Alayne and her ward Harrold Hardyng. She will refuse saying “the heir to the vale deserves more than a foreigner’s bastard” to which Sansa will stand up and reveal her identity. Then (still under the guise of Alayne) she will marry Harry the Heir. I believe during the wedding Petyr will ensure Harry gets absolutely flat out drunk during the ceremony so is unable to consulate the marriage, instead Petyr will takes his place and take Sansa’s VCard in her wedding bed (possibly rape), Sansa doesn’t tell anyone because she knows she could use this to her advantage in the future and use this incident as possible leverage and control over LF. Harry is left to believe he claimed his wife’s maidenhead. Shortly after the wedding, but long enough to remove suspicion Robin Arryn dies of his illness (which may or may not have been assisted by poison…). Then LF persuades Harry to not only name himself Lord of the Vale but King of the Vale and North (since the Arryns were Kings of the Vale prior to AL, and the claim for the north is thanks to Sansa, this is when she reveals her identity to all of the country). Petyr is named Harrold’s Hand, but because of the rape incident Sansa is able to manipulate LF and persuades them to march north and attempt to retake her home of Winterfell, which after Stannis’ victory at the Battle of Winterfell has been liberated from the Boltons (both Roose and Ramsay are either dead or have escaped and are now in hiding). Now she is a Queen, Sansa begins to use tactics she learnt from Cersei and uses her womanly ways to ensure her own private support. Maybe she even uses her beauty and body to win over the mad mouse (Ser Shadrich) who is apparently a great swordsman, similarly to how Cersei slept with the kettleblacks to employ their swords. Now Sansa finds herself in a position where she has LF in her pocket, knights loyal to her and a young husband/King who isn’t a psychopath (hopefully) . I can see Sansa turning into the future Cersei, a Queen who knows her talents and uses them to control all those around her.

  • Thanks for the answer guys, I thought watching the episode, how nice it would be if someone took Stark side for a change and betray Lannisters. But it seems too good to be true, especially after that soulcrushing ending of the episode…