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Game of Owns: The Mountain and the Viper

In this longest episode to date, your hosts speak through the events of Sunday’s latest offering of Thrones.

Episode 223 – The Mountain and the Viper

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In this longest episode to date, your hosts speak through the events of Sunday’s latest offering of Thrones.

Discussion Topics

Hopeful young men
A recap so far
The biggest show
The duel
Death and Life
Falling action of the Vale
Love in Meereen
The Boltons rise
The safety of the Realm
Owns of the Week
Reads the Tweets


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  • wow 1 hour 42 minutes …. nice
    thanx guys and the lovely kate as well

  • Tyrion would never harm a fly.

    So I wonder if the closing of the season will be an even bigger shock than the fall of the Red Viper.

  • “High fantasy” technically means it takes place in a world other than our own, whereas “low fantasy” is where the fantastical intrudes into our world (supposedly all French fantasy is low fantasy). So “Game of Thrones” is high fantasy (although I’ve also heard the term “low magic” thrown about, which would apply).

    As we know from “Hannibal”, pulling a blade out doesn’t necessarily keep someone alive, it may just accelerate the bleeding!

  • After the Tyrion-Jaime scene, I started to feel nervous about Oberyn. It came across as, “Enjoy Tyrion, his monologue and brother moment while you can because you’re going to miss this.” GOT has given us these small big scenes that we enjoy before following them up with tragedy.

    We had Robb and Tulisa naming their baby and Cat feeling happy for them before, “The Red Wedding.”

    We loved the Joffrey-Tyrion confrontations and we got the longest confrontation between the two before “The Purple Wedding.”

    Last episode we had another Jaime-Tyrion scene, a combination of characters we always enjoy, and this time it felt longer than past scenes. And look what happens, Tyrion is sentenced to death after, “Trial by Combat.”

    Since I’m Unsullied, of course I didn’t know what was going to happen, but because of the scene of Tyrion and Jaime hanging out, I knew the episode wasn’t going to end with Tyrion victorious.

    I just hope next episode doesn’t feature someone we like having a monologue or having a big speech. Definitely don’t want Sam and Jon sitting together at a table before battle reflecting how much they care for each other or else I’ll just start to consider one or both dead. Same for a possible Jon/Ygritte meeting.

    Also glad Micah reassured me that these next 2 episodes are epic. I was starting to doubt that a battle episode could compare to the emotional impact of last week, but I also thought the same after “The Red Wedding.” I’m pumped for some carnage this Sunday.

  • Man if this week is almost two hours, I think episode 10’s recap show may be 3 HOURS!!!

    You know why I love this podcast? Because you guys really get it. You get all the intricacies of the show, you pick up on every significant point and you go out of your way to make sure you hit on all of them. You also never get hung up on dumb nitpicks or unimportant details and you know how to convey your thoughts, in an intriguing and entertaining way

    Great show guys

  • Great ep, but… InfectUous? Can’t say I’ve heard that word before! In house joke?