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AxeyFabulous! “The Mountain and the Viper” reviewed

Many things conspired to try and stop my latest AxeyFab from going up before tonight’s NEW episode of Game of Thrones, but I was not to be deterred!

Come watch my latest ep and bear witness as your fatuous and oft-flabbergasted FaB somehow manages to mangle half of the name[edit: s] in the ASoIaF dictionary!


  • Concerning topless Missandei:
    I remember that the Croatian paparazzi shots had her with pasties on… Definitely absent from the finished shots in the episode!
    Where’d they get lost? ;-)

  • Regarding the dyed hair, they’re touring the Vale, and to everyone but the high lords she’s still pretending to be Alayne rather than Sansa. Otherwise word might get back to King’s Landing.

  • FictionIsntReal,

    That’s true, though they’re still trusting that the Lords Declarant will keep their collective mouths shut. I guess we’ll see what this “tour of the Vale” entails.

  • Fire And Blood,

    I’m mostly testing my capacity to post, I’ve been labeled as spam, haha, I’ve posted, I don’t know, under 10 times? But enjoying the review as always! We have to have faith with the Lords Declarant… I don’t wanna have faith, but I suppose we must. Heck, we already have to trust Robin, what’s a few more, much smarter people?

  • Fire And Blood,

    Well Cobray did say “your secret is safe with us”. So that’s something. Royce seemed sentimental towards the Starks and thus willing to keep the secret and Waynwood might know anyways in the books given that Harry the Heir funny business. I don’t know why Cobray conspicuously disappeared between those scenes. I guess LF didn’t invite him to his walking down the stairs talk, but if we go by book canon anyways Cobray’s already pretty firmly in LF’s pocket.

  • Many things conspired to try and stop my latest AxeyFab

    I feel your pain! My last two recaps were the same. Glad to see you make it in under the wire. Please tell me you were just knuckling your nose! Also, the Tumblr twitchy hand was funny. As always I enjoyed it. Thanks!

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  • Ms. D. Ranged in AZ,

    I thought Karl died at Craster’s. Good to see that dude alive and well. I guess.

    (And for the record, we do know most of the people who change their names but post from the same URL. I have like… two quality trolls in my life here. They’re not very bright though. They should at least move around so we can’t tell.)

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