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While last week saw perhaps the most shocking episode of Game of Thrones this season, last night’s episode entitled “The Watchers On The Wall” was no doubt the most intense and probably the most enjoyable episode of not only this season but all previous seasons. We walked away from the Battle at Castle Black knowing that we had just seen a top 10 all-time episode, but we also walked away with plenty of questions as well.

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Winter is Coming Live Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 9 Recap – June 9: The Watchers on the Wall by Winter Is Coming

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  • Hodor!

    That said:

    “The Watchers On The Wall” was no doubt the most intense and probably the most enjoyable episode of not only this season but all previous seasons.”

    I doubt it very much.

  • BlackTalon,

    I have two qualms with the episode:
    1. The obvious one, the fact that they didn’t go all the way to the end of the battle. The cliffhanger ending was meh.
    2. The Wildlings beyond the Wall seed great in number at first, but then they started attacking in hellishly small groups. Oh no, here come ten Wildlings! There was one shot that especially made me feel that way. They looked like little ants in the middle of the snow. Then there was the one mamoth which also didn’t help in that regard. That kind made the Wildling army lose the sense of scale. I understand that this is still a TV show, but they make the Unsullied look like a huge army and for the bigger part of the episode they just looked like a small gang.

    Other than that, it was a fantastic episode filled with memorable moments! All the actors pulled it off, there were some truly great shots in there. I wish a Pyp wouldn’t have died, but his death was done well. I’d give this episode a 9.5. It would have been an easy ten if they’d have included Stannis’s arrival and Mance but we’ll just have to wait for next week, which could be the best GOT episode ever.

  • If I may have a question: Were you invested enough in the characters on (and near) the wall to really care about this battle?

    Because that may have been part of the problem for me. There was only Jon I consider an important character. We didn’t even get a cameo by Ciarán Hinds. The rest (Sam, Gilly, Ygritte, Tormund, Thorne, Janos, Magnar, Ed, Grenn, Pyp …) were secondary at best and I just don’t like Jon Snow enough to carry a whole episode for me.

    I kept hoping something surprises me, like Stannis (Davos, Melisandre) using the magical teleporting machine and end up at the wall at the last moment. Or a White Walkers’ surprise attack.

  • TOIVA,

    I do care enough because the actual story really pivots on what happens in the North (and north of the Wall). Hope that they move towards resolving Jon Snow suicide mission next week. Have to admit, my friend and I actually shed a tear for Ygritte and Jon-star crossed lovers. And will miss Php and Grenn! Episode was awesome

  • Everyone is rightfully raving about the long tracking shot around Castle Black in the middle of the battle. But another great shot was at the beginning of the attack: Ygritte was loosing arrows like mad outside the gates of Castle Black and you could actually see the arrows hit their target since the camera was behind her. She even avoided one arrow meant for her.

  • Great show guys & gals! Do you think GRRM is giving Tolkien a little nod w giving Jon Snow 2 good friends named Sam and Pyp (Samwise & Pippen from LOTR) ????

  • Heh, while I’m at it, another question:

    How many of the 102 Night’s Watchmen do you think died?

    (5 with Grenn in the tunnel, one shot down from the wall by a giant, another fell from the wall after the explosion, Ygritte was seen shooting a good number, Tormund hacked quite a few as well, Magnar did slice another few, … Would be fun to actually count all deaths seen.)

  • Patchy Face,

    Good thing you mention the ‘pivot of the actual story’. I keep reminding myself of that but I kinda think it’s the White Walkers that matter and that are that ‘pivot’, not the Wildlings and the Night’s Watch. None of them, I think, could stop the White Walkers. Only joint forces of the Seven Kingdoms possibly with Daenerys and her Dragons could.

    The Wildlings and the Nigh’s Watch are just ‘petty prelude fights’ in that regard for me.

  • Adam, I don’t mean to be THAT guy with the technicalities, but Jon found a moribund Ygritte and the dialogue was very close to what was shown on screen.

    When he knelt in the snow beside her, her eyes opened. “Jon Snow,” she said, very softly. It sounded as though the arrow had found a lung. “Is this a proper castle now? Not just a tower?”

    “It is.” Jon took her hand.

    “Good,” she whispered. “I wanted t’ see one proper castle, before… before I…”

    “You’ll see a hundred castles,” he promised her.

    More of the dialogue:

  • Loved this episode, might be my favorite of the season so far. Grenn’s last stand reciting their vow was perhaps my favorite scene in the entire series.

    The heroism of the Night’s Watch contrasted with the petty and selfish squabbles down South. THEY SHOULD ALL be there to help defend the wall, instead none of them bothered, and it fell upon this group of outcasts and criminals to make the heroic stand.

  • Tomato Knight:
    Great show guys & gals! Do you think GRRM is giving Tolkien a little nod w giving Jon Snow 2 good friends named Sam and Pyp (Samwise & Pippen from LOTR) ????

    Possibly. Sam’s name is actually Samwell, and Pyp is Pypar.

  • How would Sam have recognized Ygritte? He clearly was hiding and he couldn’t see out into the courtyard otherwise she would have put an arrow into him too if his head was popping into view. DUH
    And regarding Ygrittes death, people who say they weren’t surprised are saying the wrong thing. What you guys mean is that you weren’t surprised by the standards of Game of Thrones. It was a sad moment and character death, but a lot easier to take compared to most of the deaths on the show. And it was more expected compared to other deaths on the show. This is compared to the standard that GoT holds itself to, a standard that places itself higher than any other show ever.

  • In the books Jon finds Ygritte on the battle field but she is still alive and they have heart wrenching moment before she dies, not much different. Better in the book though…

  • errr…adam?…this is awkward because so much was made of laughing at your having read all 5 books and getting alliser wrong….but….

    jon DID find an ALIVE ygritte in the books and their conversation DID happen as in the show. he went out on the battlefield after it was done, searching for her, and found her lying in the snow with an arrow in her lung.
    when he held her hand, she opened her eyes and they had their conversation…

    she asked if this was a real castle she got to see, instead of just a tower/windmill…they reminissed about the cave and ygritte said they should have stayed there. jon said they’d go back there, that she’d be fine, that maester aemon would fix her and told her that she wasn’t going to die.
    she sighed, cupped his cheek with her hand and DID SAY “you know nothing jon snow”. those WERE her final words in the books and they haunt jon throughout ADWD. (i’m surprised you thought she was already dead in the books – i thought it was quite a touching death scene to read and the one in the show, though not quite there, was very close dialogue wise. though i think it would have had more impact had they stuck to the format of the books and had her death earlier in the season).