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WIC Live: The Watchers On The Wall Recap Show

While last week saw perhaps the most shocking episode of Game of Thrones this season, last night’s episode entitled “The Watchers On The Wall” was no doubt the most intense and probably the most enjoyable episode of not only this season but all previous seasons.

We definitely all walked away from this most recent episode knowing that we had just seen a top 10 all-time episode, but we also walked away with plenty of questions as well. What is next for Jon Snow in his epic journey, how will the death of Ygritte affect him moving forward and did we all just watch Sam grow into a man before our very eyes?

Join your Winter Is Coming Live host Adam Rady, along with Tybee Diskin and Jessica Kinney as they discuss everything that happened on this week’s episode of Game of Thrones and answer the questions we’re all still thinking about.

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Winter is Coming Live, The Watchers On The Wall Recap (REPLAY) by Winter Is Coming

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  • don’t know why but i find these guys boring. I listen to Game of Owns and that has so much energy which i find it lacking here

  • Ygritte has an even more dramatic farewell in the book; Jon didn’t just find her body. Her last words, from the mention of the cave to the last “You know nothing, Jon Snow”, was exactly the SAME in the book. The only difference is that there were a few more lines of dialogue before her last words.

  • Thanks for answering my question (unlike with Alliser, you read my username fine, Adam :D ).

    I’d still like to see the White Walkers and/or Mance Rayder more to enjoy the Wall storyline.

    I’ll add my best moments from the episode:
    1) Mammoth ridden by a giant out of the forest.
    2) Giant using a giant bow and arrows (and blowing everything and everyone off the wall).
    3) Alliser almost managing to hold his own against Tormund.
    4) A single giant trying to avenge his fallen friend (those cowardly Wildlings let him alone when he by himself managed to get in the tunnel – had a couple dozen help him, they’d overpower Grenn and his 5 fellows and invaded Castle black, game over).

    Hmm, I actually want more giants. I want to know more about them, how they lived, where they lived (can you imagine a mammoth and a giant wight fighting for the White Walkers, btw?).

  • Ygritte’s death scene and final line was nearly word for word from book- she woke up and did so “You know nothing, Jon Snow” right before dying. Know your stuff, come on!

  • i can’t seem to ever agree or even really respect tybees opinions… they seem very shallow and not really matured trains of thought. idk. maybe I’m just irked by her.

  • Valyrian Walker,

    Hey Walker, thanks for giving us a chance, everyone has different tastes and we’re happy that you have given us the opportunity to try and entertain you! We’re always looking to do better, so we’ll keep at it!

  • Adam Rady,

    I do really like your show and watch it every week! All is cool. I am a book reader but the purists (not saying you) can be super annoying and didn’t want to feed into that.

  • Another great recap from the WIC team. Thanks for all you guys do.

  • The WIC discussion is ok, and there are some good insights sometimes but all three are trying too hard to be relaxed and funny and not being very successful at it. Too many uncomfortable moments to fully enjoy it. But I still watch it. That’s how addicted to GOT I am!

  • Will Tybee be in the finale show? I didn’t quite get if she would be there or not. I love the show best when it’s Adam, Jessica and Tybee and not some random guest. You guys are amazing!

  • Why isn’t the video playing??? I keep getting a message about encoding not being finished…

  • Jaehaerys,

    I’ve been sitting here waiting for nearly an hour for “encoding” to finish, but it hasn’t yet. I can’t tell that any activity, encoding or otherwise, is happening. I had to go to the WIC Live page linked to watch the vid directly instead, where it loaded nearly instantaneously.