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Game of Thrones Power Rankings: The Watchers On The Wall

Last week’s episode of Game of Thrones was an eye-popping episode to say the least but this week saw an arrow right to our hearts. If those puns aren’t doing anything for you, then perhaps WIC Live host Jessica Kinney’s latest power rankings will.

With just one episode left in the fourth season, the power rankings saw a major shakeup thanks to this last episode being exclusively about Castle Black and both the Wildings and the Night’s Watch. That doesn’t mean we didn’t rightfully see some major players enter into the power rankings thanks to their actions at the battle of Castle Black.

Join host Jessica Kinney as she breaks down the top five most powerful characters in the show at this moment following the ninth episode of the season, entitled ‘The Watchers on The Wall’. Did the Wildings do enough to deserve any spots in the power rankings and is Jon Snow’s reign as the No. 1 ranked character on the show back for good?

Check out the latest Game of Thrones character power rankings after the jump!

Game of Thrones Power Rankings: The Watchers On The Wall by Winter Is Coming
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