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Spirits of Westeros: Castle Black Revolver

The folks over at WIC Live have released another Game of Thrones cocktail idea in a new edition of Spirits of Westeros! Last time we learned how to make an Oberyn Martellini and the week before that we learned how to make The Dragon Egg. This time around, Jessica Kinney shows us how to whip up a drink that we can use to toast those we lost at the Battle of Castle Black. If you need to warm yourself up after all that we endured in the latest episode, then a Castle Black Revolver is what you need.

Here’s everything you need:

  • 2 oz Bourbon
  • 1 oz Coffee Liqueur
  • Dash of orange bitters
  • 3 oz Coffee

Combine coffee, coffee liqueur and bourbon into a coffee glass and then add the splash of bitters at the end and feel the warm slow burn of your insides. If you want to sweeten the drink up a bit, you can substitute Irish cream liqueur for the bitters. Garnish with a few coffee beans to add a crunchy texture to your drink!

Watch Jessica walk you through the steps on how to make your very own Castle Black Revolver after the jump!

Spirits of Westeros: Castle Black Revolver by Winter Is Coming

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Is Ser Alliser Dead? by winteriscoming

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  • No one cares about these drinks. I like that you guys are trying to do Game of Thrones related topics, but this is one that no one cares about. I’m only here to comment to tell you that no one cares about westeros drinks so you guys stop doing it and try something different. Predictions for each character is always awesome. You guys should do more predictions. The looking forward is cool, but how about having all of you people (Unsullied that is, and also one for Sullied) make predictions for everyone? I know Tybee can’t for the life of her come up with any predictions (Which is really weak when you’re doing a talk show. You need to be able to analyze better and make predictions and provide better insight, the others do a good job)The power rankings is okay. I definitely dig the curtain calls. The dame of thrones and player of thrones are pretty cool. You guys should open your minds can;t you guys tell that no one reads it at all compared to your other better stuff?

  • I hope you all aren’t paying her because that sounds AWFUL and no one watches these videos.

  • Wtf is wrong with you people? if you don’t like this entry, just skip it. You don’t need to be so fuckin rude with the guys that run this website and makes this articles just to have fun and teach us something.

  • All this fansided shit is really unnecessary. It spams the website tbh
    I wish there was an opt out. Still, I really can’t see them

    M bothering with thus sort if stuff next year, because I don’t think many bother with it (certainly judging from the comments

  • I dont get what the deal is with some of you guys, like they said if you dont get anything from it then dont watch it. I personally find these drinks kind of fun, this one especially seems like something i want to try.

  • …that a whole bunch of people complain about all the negativity on other sites, yet they go on to bash their “favourite” one. I, for one, enjoy a lot of the content on here and the ones that don’t interest me, I just skip. Why do people feel the need to just shamelessly (and destructively) bash people???

    In the words of one of the smartest men I know, Tyrion, :
    “Where do cruel people go?” and “Thmath the jerkths. Kunk! Kunk! Kunk!”

  • I never watched these videos because I don’t drink but some of the people here are really rude.
    Ok, you may not like these videos but calling them useless is kinda selfish. I’m sure there are people who really enjoy them. If you don’t like them don’t watch em, is that simple.

  • It’s sad…,

    Couldn’t have said it better!
    Guess some people prefer to get a kick out of bashing others than out of drinking a nice warm mug of coffee and bourbon.

  • James:
    I know Tybee can’t for the life of her come up with any predictions (Which is really weak when you’re doing a talk show.You need to be able to analyze better and make predictions and provide better insight, the others do a good job)

    I’ve noticed this too. She even at times seems to get irritated and annoyed when asked for insight or predictions. Why is she even there if she doesn’t want to contribute?
    She’s also outright stated she finds a lot of the characters and stories boring and “unwatchable.”

  • I love how she just tosses in however much booze looks right without any kind of measuring device. My kind of bartender.

    And to the people for whom merely looking at this post while browsing WiC is a waste of time, but coming down here to write an angry comment isn’t: get a life.

  • Omar Brown,

    I’m guessing it’s the same picture every time. She has Tito’s Vodka in the picture, but that’s not on the table in this video.

  • I don’t understand the name? Whomever named this drink knows very little about the story. A Revolver. What? Did they just pick something they heard people talking about and add Revolver? There are no GUNS IN THIS WORLD!!

  • James,

    Sorry you don’t like the segment James but it isn’t going away. We will be working to continue to develop new segments as we continue on in this venture.

  • The Ghost of Mr Stokeworth:
    I don’t understand the name?Whomever named this drink knows very little about the story.A Revolver.What?Did they just pick something they heard people talking about and add Revolver?There are no GUNS IN THIS WORLD!!

    The revolving/360 scene of the battle of Castle Black. I thought it was a great name.

  • People suck.

    Videos of a nice lady making Westerosi cocktails do not.

    I really wanna try this one. Mid-winter, by a fire, surrounded by wildling carcasses. Rawr

  • So has anyone actually tried this yet? I’ve always been an Irish coffee fan.

    I was hoping to find some comments about the drink instead of a bunch of whining. If you don’t care about drinks, don’t click the drink post.

  • Of course people are going to come on here to just to talk shit. People take so much shit in their life from their bosses, customers, family, etc. They have to hold in so much. Part of the appeal of the internet to many people (and psychos) is that they can come on here and speak their mind and let it flow without worrying about people responding. They can just be negative and let it flow! For most people, their life is taking shit from other people. They have no lives. That’s why they go on the internet and talk shit. It’s how the internet works you guys!

  • You guys need to be able to take hard truths, as Davos puts it. Just because you put time and effort into something doesn’t make it a success or make it interesting. The hard truth is that most people(as in your fans) would like you guys to put that effort into something more interesting. We want you to cut out the fat and have a lean, mean entertainment machine.

  • This is the best recipe so far. I will be making it when Winter finally comes.

    The name of this inspiring libation should be The Castle Black Scythe.

    It will knock you over if you are not careful.


  • Well I can understand, why people comment here who don’t like it. Since this site was “fansided” I find it increasingly hard to enjoy.

    “Why don’t you just go away then?”

    Well, because I once really liked this website. When articles here were meaningful and had content, when discussions from sullied and unsullied were more or less intelligent and on topic.

    Most of the segments now are so dumbed down it hurts to “watch” them. and no, I do not have to watch them, but everything I would like to read about, is drowned in a flood of senseless crap without value. These cocktails here are one of the best examples. Apart from just being horrible cocktails, where the hell does this relate in any way to the show, the books or the world of Westeros in general? :S

    If I want a “funky” drink with a “groovy” name I certainly don’t come here. >.>

    I suppose there is no way this website is going back to its roots, and it makes me sad. Eventually I will have to move on and make room for people who enjoy the new content.

    RIP WiC

  • Jessica would make such a good wild-eyed Mel….why not exploit that in these short segments? :)

    Also, I think she should film all of these segments at once and have to drink each concoction after she makes it. Following each drink she should fire a crossbow at a Davos target. We would get to track how far off target she is after each drink….and see how many cameramen and staff she injures and maims.

    “Watch out! She’s had another Varamyr Vodka Wargmeister!”

    She could get creative with leeches too.