WIC Launches iOS & Android Apps



FanSided is excited to announce the release of iOS and Android apps for!

WIC content has been available on the FanSided app for some time but we wanted to build an app specifically for the WIC community. Users can subscribe to just WIC content or they can also opt in to receive updates from some of the other entertainment sites within the FanSided Network like Hidden Remote, and Lightly Buzzed.

As always, we will work to improve the app’s performance so please be sure to leave your feedback so we can make adjustments as we release updates.

Preview shots of the app available after the jump.

Download the iOS App

Download the Android App





  • Yay! I’m gonna download it now. I hope we can get notifications for every new posts!

  • Posting from the app now. I wonder if it will remember my handle/email for easier/faster commenting?

  • It doesn’t seem to work for me, it keeps force closing. I’m running Android 4.4.3 on ART, is the app optimised for running on ART?

  • So I uninstalled it and than installed it again and now it seems to work, though the pictures don’t seem to load properly.
    Other than that the app runs smooth and I can’t wait to get a WiC notification :-)

  • So it looks like in order to post I get redirected to my browser. Is this how the app works or another bug on my end?

  • Aw man :( when I open the android app on my phone, it just opens up a white page and then stops working and shuts down.

  • Will you be releasing this through the Amazon App store as well, or have the Android version available somewhere other than the Google Play Store for those of us with Amazon Kindle Fire devices?

    Or does anyone know of a way I can get this installed onto my Kindle Fire HD 7 somehow?

  • Awesome! No more opening chrome every 2 minutes to check for updates!

    Stannis! Stannis! Stannis!

  • Yay! Love that there is an app for this now. Seems to be working ok from this iphone :)

  • Just downloaded the app. Is there a way you can quickly jump to the bottom of the comments section? For example when I use the mobile site on my iphone I use the dolphin browser which allows me to go to the bottom of the page with a simple gesture

  • This is my first attempt at posting with the app. Already I noticed something strange. When I entered this thread and hit the button to go to the bottom of the page, instead of showing the replies to this thread, I was seeing the replies to Oz of Thrones’ latest post.

  • Aaand….I posted that message 2 minutes ago (when I started typing, he adds much later), but there is no option to edit it from my laptop even though usually we get to edit recent posts. Weird. Even though it’s not a scenario that should happen often (why would I use the mobile version when I have access to a computer?) it’s still weird.

    The reason I wanted to edit the post was just to note I use an iPhone 5.

  • Aw, I can’t get it. I have an iPhone 4 and were I to upgrade to iOS 7 I would need to say goodbye to everything else I have on here; these older models just don’t have the space for such new-age mumbojumbo. Guess I’m stuck with the site as-is for now.

    Great that this is out there though. One day I’ll upgrade my phone, I suppose, and when I do I’ll happily grab this.

  • On posts with lots of comments, there seems to be a slight lag when scrolling through. Other than that its sweet! Looking forward to a lil notif :)

  • Zack,

    I think you were seeing the bottom of the post with those comments screenshotted (is that even a word?) as an example.

    I’ll wait for the Kindle version of this, but excited for it!

  • Yaaaay it’s working :) my first two installations felt like MASSIVE SPOILERS… just a white screen of death.

    But now I’m posting from it and very happy :) The icon looks lovely sat upon my Stark bannered wallpaper and the app itself runs far smoother than it does in Chrome.

    Thanks muchly doods!

  • Grey Ghost,

    I get that too, when I hit ‘post comment’ a window opens asking me with which browser app do I want to complete the action. Though annoying, I’ve noticed that if you press cancel the comment still gets published.

  • Balerion The Cat,
    Hmm, cheers for the tip. It loaded automatically for me as Chrome is the default browser. I guess if I reset that, I could just cancel like you suggested, but that seems counter productive so ill just wait and hope for a fixy.

  • Lol. It did it again. I now on the mobile site.

    Anyway, more importantly, I can’t wait for a notification thingy xD

    pls b a snowflake

  • Matt Blake,

    I’m not sure what you mean. A picture of the app pre-post? Or a picture of Chrome post-post (lol). There’s nothing really to see. I type and post the comment in the app, at which points it opens the responding WiC page in Chrome, with the message successfully posted.

    It’s only little, crossed wires(code) I guess. Good luck figuring it out though :/ apart from that its awesome

  • Uhoh, there may be a spoiler fail. It was fine before but now they are showing as bold

    Scary o_o

  • Love that there is an app now! Thanks so much! One issue I noticed is that when someone posts a link in the comments section, clicking on the link won’t take me out of the app. That is really my only complaint, other than that this is awesome!

  • Lot of intrusive permissions needed, think I’ll pass:
    modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
    test access to protected storage
    Wi-Fi connection information
    Device ID & call information

  • Downloaded the app and when I opened it, it was just a white screen that made my phone freeze… I had to restart it.
    I have an HTC One S

  • loved the app but scrolling down the comments take too long. is there a way to scroll faster?