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Game of Thrones Season 4 Finale Live Stream Recap Show

This week was the last week we can expect to have a new episode of Game of Thrones in our lives until next year and the episode was something we will all be talking about for a very long time. As usual with Game of Thrones, we had more questions raised then answered and not even 66-minutes could wrap everything up.

Not only does this leave us with a lot to chew on until next season, but it left us with a lot to talk about in terms of what went down and what it means moving forward for the characters who survived the episode and the season and those who didn’t.

Join your Winter Is Coming Live host Adam Rady, along with Tybee Diskin and Jessica Kinney as they discuss everything that happened on this week’s season finale episode of Game of Thrones. Winter is Coming Live is brought to you by, and our friends at

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Winter Is Coming Live: Game of Thrones Season 4 Finale by Winter Is Coming
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  • Now THAT was the best episode of Game of Thrones ever.

    Don’t even think about saying Watchers on the Wall was better.

  • Wow, just wow! After Arya and the Hound’s extended buddy road trip, I did not think they’d play it out like that, but I’m glad that they did. Damn, that was an incredible episode! Also…BLOODRAVEN! :)

  • Wow fantastic episode , so many great moments and some omfg wtf moments ,loved every minute ,muppets over at already giving it 1/10 , seriously cannot understand them.

  • Much better final shot than last season’s.

    Evil Dead tribute?

    They saving Stoneheart for next season, I guess.

  • They just wasted the most impactful scene that could have happened since the Red Wedding.
    Utterly stupid.
    Could you imagine the reaction Stoneheart would have gotten?

  • So they draw out these scenes with the Hound begging Arya to kill him, and then Jaime freeing Tyrion and him killing Shae and Tywin (pretty much one of the biggest moments that readers were looking forward to this season) all happen in like, 5 minutes. This was supposed to be a huge moment, and it felt so rushed, like it was just tacked on at the end.

  • I feel shaken and breathless. That was a DARK episode. All the changes were surprisingly well-planned. Quite possibly probably the best hour Game of Thrones has ever had. The Tysha discussion isn’t important and would have felt flippant at a time like that. Also, they’re saving LS for a more satisfying build and reveal in season 5. Good call by D&D. With countless new characters and storylines muddying up season 5, a shocking reveal with a familiar character will be much more welcome.

  • So wasn’t there a scene where Jamie told Tyrion that his wife really loved him and wasn’t paid to be with him? I though that would be in this episode for sure. Was still awesome though.

  • The first half was outstanding, as was Arya’s story. Tyrion’s left me very, very flat. That whole thing was far too rushed, the best line in the entire set of books was cut out and the whole thing felt horribly disjointed. And what the actual fuck, leaving out the single most anticipated part in what should have been the natural conclusion of the season.

    At least for us book readers it pretty well confirms Jojen Paste. So yeah. Where it shone it was brilliant, but far too many beats left unanswered for my taste. Loved Ramin’s ending music, though!

  • From now on in D&D I trust. With twow not coming out for another decade or so I count on them to bring my favorite show to screen

  • Andy-D:
    So wasn’t there a scene where Jamie told Tyrion that his wife really loved him and wasn’t paid to be with him? I though that would be in this episode for sure. Was still awesome though.

    If they did that then we the audience would look at Jaime with disdain, again. D&D believe we need a character in KL for us to root for or be sympathetic towards for next season. Whom besides Margery is in KL for us to care about for S5?

  • Andy-D,

    I think they left all that out because a) the audience would need to be reminded of Tyrion’s first marriage, which hasn’t been mentioned on the show for years and b) Tyrion telling Jaime he killed Joffrey would probably confuse people.

  • Neil,

    I agree with that. I actually didn’t like that part in the book. It never made sense to me that Jamie asked him if he did it when it was pretty obvious he didn’t. Shae’s killing seem a bit off because I thought she tried to explain that she was forced to do it but Tyrion just couldn’t forgive her. The show leaves with no clue on why Shae betrayed Tyrion. Overall, I actually think the ending here was as good if not better than the book.

  • Well done guys, 1 hr what a live marathon, but you made it.

    I love watching these talk-shows, hearing others thoughts on the show. After What the Flick, this is my second favorite show about GoT.

    Really hope you guys are back next year, and Jessica, whats up with your arm :O

  • Smitzzz: westeros

    Um, most people over there rated it highly, and the site’s review was balanced and said how a lot of the scenes were really well handled even if they had some criticism.

  • Anthony Moses Camacho,

    YES! I totally felt some scenes were way longer than they should be while others were way shorter. When I looked at my watch and realized they had gone through half the episode already, I knew they were going to be rushing the Tyrion stuff. Aryas moment with the Hound was probably 2 min too long. Daenarys ‘s part was also kind of weird, in the books some major stuff starts happening and they totally didn’t deal with her at all in a major way, it didn’t feel like an ending to her arc.