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Game of Thrones season 5 premiere date: When does show return?

Tonight is the season four finale of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones which means that following the 66-minute episode that will wrap the season up, we will go right back into the void we were all in a few months ago where we had no new Game of Thrones material to chew on.

Fans everywhere are immediately wondering when the new season of Game of Thrones will air and when we can expect the show back in our lives once again. That’s not an easy question to answer — which seems to be in line with the questions raised on the show itself — as there is no exact answer at this moment.

So when will season five of Game of Thrones premiere on HBO? If history has taught us anything it’s that we can expect the new season to air either the last weekend in March or the first weekend in April. That’s been the premiere pattern for the seasons so far and that seems to be what HBO is aiming for once again.

In the meantime, with no new Game of Thrones episodes to digest for the next year, the folks at Winter Is Coming Live will keep you entertained with their carious recaps and segments from this past season. If you’re all caught up on the events of this season, be sure to go back and spend a little time with our WiC Live bartender Jessica Kinney, as she teaches us how to wash away our sorrows of not having any Game of Thrones in our lives with some Westeros inspired drinks.

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