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Game of Thrones recap: The Children



Last night’s season finale of Game of Thrones is already causing a lot of debate here in Winter is Coming. Some fans seemed to have loved every minute while others were disappointed.

Regardless of your feelings on the finale, I think we can all agree that season four was pretty darn exciting. Our crew over at WIC Live watched the finale in the studio along with a live audience and the recap episode happened just minutes after the episode.

If you missed the live stream last night, check out the season finale of WIC Live below. Join Adam Rady, Tybee Diskin, Jessica Kinney and the returning Dave Cope as the react to all the exciting events that went down in “The Children.”

Winter Is Coming Live: Game of Thrones Season 4 Finale by Winter Is Coming

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  • This series needs to be much longer or need more episodes Because scenes starting to feel like rushed out

    10 episodes definetly not enough

  • so how many more gym badges does Daenerys need before she can control her dragons again. i thought the meereen gym badge would’ve been sufficient. guess Drogon’s level is too high

  • Did anyone read Feast fior Crows and Dance with Dragons? Sansa and Bran have more more more in those books if you read …. Did everyone just skip those chapters?

  • The story is more and more unconvincing. Arya and wounded Dog had finally reached the Bloody gate, but they did not proceeded to the Eyrie, the principal stronghold near the gate? When they heard Arya’s aunt had died 3 days before their arrival, they just turned around ‘n leave? Bloody unconvincing. Brienne managed to beat the Dog, one of the best fighters in Westeros? That’s silly. Little Tyrion managed to strangle Shae? C’mon. In short period of time Stannis’s army managed to defeat army of 100.000 free folks’ army, including giants ‘n mammoths? Unconvincing. Obviously the story went lame.

  • I wouldn’t know if the WiC show is good or not because for whatever reason they use dailymotion for uploading. At least use a competent video hosting service please.

  • Honestly, lighten that studio up a bit…it looks like the inner sanctum of Darth Sidious on the Death Star…

  • Bas,

    Hey Bas, sorry if we in some way offended you. We certainly appreciate you taking the time to watch the show and if it didn’t strike a good cord with you, then its in our best interest to work harder.

    If you could let us know things you would like to see different, maybe we can improve upon them. Again, though, thanks for at least giving the show a chance as we had a lot of fun doing it. Regardless if you watch again, or if we have a show, it’s been a joy!

  • Patchy Face,

    Hey Patchy Face, I was painting in very broad strokes with my statements that “nothing else happened” in the stories.

    The fact is a great deal of character growth, intricate story details, and even some progress is made. However, the details are things I don’t want to give away to unsullied and the truth is many of the “large” events for these characters have come to pass. Sorry if I made it seem like I either didn’t know, or didn’t care that more happens with Sansa and Bran, but in the moment it was simpler to paint with broad strokes and move our discussion along. I love that you all catch these things and we can have awesome discussions afterwards to help us all along! Thanks!

  • It was a good episode but it wasn’t as epic as I thought it would be. Some scenes were a letdown. I felt Cersei’s scenes were unnecessary, and Brienne-Hound fight was a total waste of screentime

  • King of the Ashes:
    so how many more gym badges does Daenerys need before she can control her dragons again. i thought the meereen gym badge would’ve been sufficient. guess Drogon’s level is too high

    Funniest thing I’ve read all week

  • I for one, hope you guys return next year. Its interesting to relive the episodes through your opinions.

    Jessica and Tybee seem more happy with questions about the content of the current episode, and less happy when asked for predictions.

    Predictions from unsullied can be fun, but it is not necessary. I mostly listen for your take on the current episode.

  • I have certainly noticed the Game of Thrones backlash during the last few episodes of this season. It is to be expected. Once something gets popular enough, some people just want to be negative towards it to get attention.

    A shame really, as the show is probably some of the best television ever created.

    Going to stop reading the comments for next season. Just getting this season out of my system first.

  • The Bastard,

    The backlash is very loud on forums, but I have a feeling that its a rather small portion of the millions of viewers worldwide, who wanted Lady Stoneheart that bad. If you view the IMDB score for this episode, it is still extremely high, and does not seem to be affected by many of low votes.

    And yes, the Tyrion scene was short. But it is only one short chapter in the book. I cannot see it would do alot of good to extend that scene from 10 to 20 minutes. The scene did what it should, and the acting was superb.

  • Lou Reed:
    The Bastard,

    The backlash is very loud on forums, but I have a feeling that its a rather small portion of the millions of viewers worldwide, who wanted Lady Stoneheart that bad. If you view the IMDB score for this episode, it is still extremely high, and does not seem to be affected by many of low votes.

    And yes, the Tyrion scene was short. But it is only one short chapter in the book. I cannot see it would do alot of good to extend that scene from 10 to 20 minutes. The scene did what it should, and the acting was superb.

    I agree it is likely the vocal minority. The problem is that it ruins a lot of the forums for discussion. It would be great to discuss the show on a mature level. Instead it is a bunch of people whining about how horrible it is.

    I just need to stay away next season because I don’t want it to ruin my viewing experience.

    Personally I think it is the best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Series we have ever seen on television.

  • As a book reader, it’s really annoying when critics/reviewers/or people on this talk show compare things to the books or say this and that didn’t happen in the book or they didn’t include this or that. You guys don’t usually do that because Adam is really good at not doing stuff about that but the comedian did a bit of that during this one. Just stick to the show! No one cares to hear about the book, they’re different animals. Also, this show is for the Unsullied. They don’t want you to talk about the books! Take a cue from Adam and DON’T DO THAT! It gives people hints that if something in the show is not in the books then it’s probably not at all relevant in the future. It gives spoilers even when you don’t mean it to. It gives hints. Don’t be stupid you guys! Make sure the comedian doesn’t do that if he’s on it next year. I know the majority of your audience doesn’t want that shit. It comes off as smug and annoying. Just let the journey unfold.

  • the comedian ruined that they don’t get back together. Dude, that’s a spoiler. What a dumbass. I expected better from this site. You guys need to go over proper rules over how to avoid spoilers. Wow you guys. “They NEVER get back together”, there’s going to be at least 7 seasons, more likely 8. And you just said that they will never get back together. Why don’t we just spoil all of the minor details for everyone while saving the major details?

  • James has a point. If you guys can spoil, why can’t we spoil stuff? Clearly minor details (by minor, i mean anything that is not a major plot twist or development) are game for spoiling. I guess it’s not much of a spoiler then to say that the mountain will never be the same again and that the Hound will be forever changed and that Davos was sent on a mission and isn’t on the wall at this point and that the Lord Commander is chosen at this point already and that a character that wasn’t shown this season was suppose to die. Spoiler hints seem fair game now

  • If we’re talking about characters that are in the book at this point but not in the show we might as well bring up everyone. It doesn’t matter that some characters are introduced later in the series than they are in the book. This stuff is irrelevant to the show and could be spoilery if the characters show up later. This seems fair game too. So there’s a white walker dressed in nights watch clothes named Coldhands that protects Bran in the north. People theorize it’s Bran’s uncle Benjin Stark. There’s a fat former slave fighting Eunich name Strong Belwas who joins team Dany and is a bad ass. He could always be introduced next season as a Meereen slave fighting champ as Coldhands could always be introduced too, you never know. There’s a veteran nights watch guy named Bowen Marsh who plays an important role and is a fairly good and friendly guy, especially compared to Slynt and Thorne. There’s a wildling named Vladymir Sixskins because he is a warg who has 6 animals with him, including a polar bar and a wolf.

  • Adam, you guys do a good job. There’s just that one girl who didn’t work out and then this mustache guy who kept talking about book spoilers and what happened in the book. It’s just best not to talk about the book unless it’s not at all a spoiler or a hint, but the mustache guy and that girl from before definitely said spoilers and hints. You’ll get a lot of backlash if that happens again. You and Jessica are great. Tybee just doesn’t give good insight and can never come up with predictions and can never explain why she likes or doesn’t like anything. I don’t have anything against her but you and Jessica are really good at making conversations and talking about Thrones, where she is absolutely terrible with that. She never seems to know what to say and seems to say “i don’t know” a lot or shrug. The mustache guy does a good job WHEN HE IS NOT SPOILING STUFF AND TALKING ABOUT THE BOOK. That is a huge pet peeve for EVERYONE. Good stuff though, I’ll still watch when you guys are back next year. Just some hard truth feedback is all.

  • Does anyone else get the feeling that a fly on the wall of George R R Martin’s study would see a huge wall art with all the families, houses, storylines and interactions of the thousands of characters and George Martin, sat at his desk with his head in his hands saying, “What have I done? I’ve created a monster! How on Earth do I tie up this story now?”

  • Adam Rady,

    Thanks Adam (wasn’t really aiming the comment on you but had heard/read in a couple of places) and thanks for the show…really enjoyed this session. Nice job!

  • Great job guys! I enjoyed the show. Jessica can be more open with her thoughts instead of saying “I don’t know” a lot. Overall I like it. See y’all next year

  • I gotta say all of you, Adam, Tybee and Jessica have gotten pretty good at this.
    Adam, you’re doing pretty well at moderating. Also I don’t think you’ve ever let slip anything spoilery (the times that happened, it were your guests).
    Jessica and Tybee aren’t as shy anymore. Jessica in particular really seems to enjoy the reviews.

    I wonder though if it weren’t better to have more time for say rewatching a given episode before talking about it together. It might give everyone opportunity to find interesting moments in the show and discuss them.

    If you come back next year, I’ll most likely keep to watch.

    Oh, and last thing that hasn’t been mentioned much. I’m very much looking forward to how/if Margaery manages to rule with Tommen (assuming that wedding goes without deaths) and what Dorne (along with Ellaria) thinks about Oberyn’s explosion.

  • Adam I sure hope to see you guys again next year, no doubting that you guys started out rough the first few episodes by by midseason I was very much enjoying the reviews. You and Jessica are the stand out stars of this by far, not a big fan when you guys have guests on like in this instance he was a more then a bit annoying. However, like I said I cant understand how anyone would not enjoy having the option to recap the show with a show like this and I think you all did a great job!

  • This recap show has grown on me throughout the season and I would watch it again next year, but please reconsider your streaming platform, there is nothing more annoying than the adverts ruining Q & A ‘s and disrupting the viewers experience. Thanks

  • Just a quick thank you to all of you who have watched this season!

    As I have said time and time again it’s been an absolute pleasure and extreme joy to have gotten to do the show, grow as a host, and interact with all of you.

    I hope we can come back next year with all of your suggestions and comments guiding our way and give you an even better WIC Live experience!

    Again, thank you all from the bottom of my beard!

  • gust5,

    What’s wrong with a little person strangling Shae? That’s discriminating. Just because he’s little doesn’t mean he has the strength of a child or that he’s a weakling. He jumped on top of Shae and he got knocked off her but held onto the necklace. Completely realistic and completely fucked up of you to say otherwise. And why is it silly that Arya leaves? WHY would she stay? Her only family isn’t there anymore, why would the Vale help her? Because she’s her aunts niece? That’s not the way things work in Westeros. She has no family there and who’s to say that they would take care of her or turn her in. There’s no point. She’s still got Jon at the wall. And Brienne got lucky beating the Hound because he was completely slowed down by that wound, as Arya pointed out in episode 8. You come off as a nitpicky complainer. Your complaints have no wait and what you say is silly is not silly at all

  • These guys are great to watch. But he said we are caught up in Dany’s storyline??? Dude… locking up her dragons is one of the very first ADWD chapters. Not even close to caught up in her storyline.