GoT Laughs: The Westeros Bunch, 169 deaths, and a final Facebook Recap

Although the familiar intro to Game of Thrones is great to look at, it doesn’t share anything about the long list of characters you’re about to watch. The Wil Wheaton project has created a more informative intro to help explain those characters and their complex relationships, inspired by The Brady Bunch, and the way they all play the Game of Thrones.

This is funny, in a gruesome, twisted kind of way. Digg has combined all 169 deaths from Season 4 into a concise 2 minute video, with a rather cheery soundtrack.

In case you missed it in our Video Recap Roundup, Gay of Thrones delivered a final recap for Season 4, and their epic story came to an end, with a little help from George R.R. Martin.

And for the final time this year, the Facebook Recap delivers many laughs. Savor them.


Game of Thrones: Should We Be Rooting for Cersei? by winteriscoming

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  • Definitely a good week. The FB recap was one of the better ones of the season. The only thing missing was Lady Stoneheart, or her ghost, commenting on how she was a no show.

  • That Gay of Thrones recap with GRRM mashing up The Princess Bride was BRILLIANT.

    I love when the kid says, “Why did you kill JONathan…he’s my favorite character,” and GRRM says, “I didn’t say he was dead.”

    Great shout-out to the ending of ADWD…”Why did you kill Jon Snow, he was my favorite character…” and GRRM basically acknowledging right there that he might not be dead.

    If you didn’t see last year’s Gay of Thrones and it’s own shocking finale, you’re in for a treat! And I love the episode with Alfie Allen, where’s he’s like, “Um, don’t call him ‘Munchkin.'” But the best one of all, IMHO, was the one where Jonathan is trying to talk Spanish…I think it was S4 Ep2, the introduction of Mr. Sophia Vergara and Busted Gloria Estefan.

  • Ugh @ the brady bunch thing. It’s just so exhausting at this point, like how many fucking GoT mashup/parodies do we have to suffer through? It’s like some pop culture historian is sitting down making sure there is a game of thrones mashup for every single reference ever though of

  • ace,

    His Karl Tanner impression was the stuff of fooking legend. I hope this means there’s another Words are Wind out soon.

  • I don’t believe Cercei would have told the world about her incest with Jaime. If she did, it would reveal that Tommen is not a “legitimate” heir to the throne, Stannis would be installed as the rightful King, and she would lose all the power she’s been culling over the last few years.

    Hated the Jaime/Cercei scene. I was hoping he had finally put that whole affair behind him.