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The North Remembers: May & June 2011

Those months three years ago were glorious. We were fully immersed in the first ever season of Game of Thrones and watched it until the bitter end, still chomping at the bit for more. With the tight production schedule, though, everything concerning season two (and even beyond) had been set in motion by then as well.


  • I love these “looking back” segments. I started visiting wic around the time season 2 started. I finished reading all the books after season 1 as I did not want to have to wait a year to find out what happens next :p. I’ve read some of the comment sections for season 1 and I find it hilarious that the things people complained about then were Direwolves barking lol. Can’t wait for what’s to come on this show

  • These are so awesome. I don’t know how all of you “Been here since day 1” people have handled all the suspense for this long. You are gentleman (and gentlewomen) and scholars each and every one of you.

    Side comment: I have heard people mention in the past that there was quite an uproar when Gwendoline Christie was cast because she’s “too pretty”, but can anyone even picture Brienne anymore without picturing Gwendoline? I can’t.

  • Canis Dirus,

    Agreed! Although I have to say it is a bit funny since she did modeling and they specifically said no model-types. But she IS Brienne and can’t imagine anyone else.

    It does seem that those who everyone gets in an uproar about casting wise seem to be the favorites down the road (like Pedro Pascal).

  • Canis Dirus,

    I wouldn’t exactly call it an uproar, but yes, there were a few people, who said that she was too pretty. Never understood why, finding someone pretty or not is highly subjective, but way more importantly, I never got the feeling from the books that people called Brienne ugly, because she was not “good looking” per se, but simply because she was too tall and manly looking to fit there idea of a “proper” woman. It was much more a peer-group pressure and social education thing than personal preference.

  • These look backs are interesting to me as I hadn’t visited the site in 2011. Looking at the article about the casting of Natalie Dormer, I see there were a few vitriolic comments back then. Some people have noted an increase in negativity on the site of late; maybe so but there were some sour posts even “back in the day”. Sorry – just noticed that Roopert has said something along similar lines before me.

  • Gwendoline Christie is not ugly by any means, but she’s also not particularly attractive, IMO. Plain-faced, with a hint of beauty, is the way I would describe here. Great casting, though. I cannot even fathom another Brienne!

  • What was the fanbase like in season 2? Judging from how people talked about Emilia and Kit after season 2… it must have been pretty terrifying

    And I can imagine the Stannis fans just being constantly angry

  • Canis Dirus,

    quite an uproar when Gwendoline Christie was cast because she’s “too pretty”

    Yes! I remember that too…and I did wonder if she could pull it off but now, yeah, she’ll forever be Brienne to me.

    Renly’s Peach,

    Stannis fans have always been angry and will always be angry.

    No offense to Stannis fans but I just don’t get why they like him (I didn’t like him in the book or the show). Is it because they like his absolutist thinking or is it just because he appears strong? To me he appears weak in many ways that will matter in the long run. He’d make a great general in battle but to rule a kingdom? Not so much IMO.


    Make-up can do wonders. I hardly recognized Gwendoline when she first appeared on the screen. Her face looks much longer without make-up.

  • Ms. D. Ranged in AZ,

    Several reasons
    1) Stannis saves the wall from the Wildlings
    2) Admits that as a leader he was wrong “I tried take take the cart before the horse”
    3) Rally’s the Northern mountain men to his cause
    4) Liberated Deepwood Motte from the clutches of Ironorn scum
    5) sees that the white walkers are the real threat and commands that dragonstone be mined for it’s obsidian to combat them
    6) Offers Jon Snow to be Lord of Winterfell
    7) currently the only king facing off against the Boltons
    8) believes in absolute justice
    9) is an atheist
    10) Superb general
    11) Overall badass (see stupid, lord too fat, the bastard.. Let them come)
    12) Is the rightful fu**ing king

  • Stannis also has a wonderfully dry wit.

    “They don’t have enough men between them to raid a pantry!”

    “Serve fish. We’re on an island.”

    “Pray harder!” (books)

  • It was about this time a year ago that we first got news of Oberyn’s casting. So, I think some casting news is imminent. Unless they save announcements for a video for Comic Con, like they did for S3. Which was cool as well! But it’s too far off, I need a casting fix!!

  • Hear Me Roar:
    Oh, thank you everyone who likes these posts and says so :)

    Could one of the mods have a word in the shell-like (not nastily) of Udi who keeps spamming the threads about Game of Thrones speech bubbles. I would imagine anyone who can draw – and I don’t mean like an expert – could draw their own speech bubbles if they wanted them.

    Thanks for taking the time out to write the “North Remembers” features, Ours is the Fury.

    Now not directed at Ours is the Fury but about Stannis, when I saw Season 2 I was unsullied and I thought it was hilarious when Stannis was dictating the letter to the High Lords of Westeros and told the scribe “Robert wasn’t my beloved brother” (that might be a slight paraphrase as I’m going from memory) and then when the scribe reads back the part of the letter saying that the “royal” Baratheon children are actually the product of incest the scribe reads “and her brother Jaime Lannister” and Stannis says “Ser Jaime Lannister” and reflects that whatever Jaime might be he was still a knight! I thought that was a hoot.

  • Sweet! So in a couple of years I can read all the stuffs I’m too busy/tired/lazy to read over the next few months. Thanks for collating it all!

    As for Stannis… I think he’s awesome. The man with the plan.

    I hate how the show messed up E9 by bringing that white-out far too soon. They shoulda waited till after the Jon/Mance conversation and just blacked it out after Stannis’ arrival and those chilling words from Snow. Then… start E10 with Aemon stood in front of the wall, in remembrance of the dead crows. Blah

    Like everything else they watered it down u_u

    Now I go back to not posting, as apparently, the negativity still hath me. Uh! Back to my Dance with Dragons which gets better with every re-read. There is sooo much to take in.

    ps.. last night I noticed that when Robert and Ned are chatting in his tent (breast plate stretcher lols) the storage unit in the background is the exact same one used by Twyin in the S4 finale.

    Which I thought was cool.