Game of Thrones fans treated to a dream come true wedding ceremony

Blinkbox continues to creatively promote the arrival of Season 4 to their online streaming service, all while rewarding a couple that are as passionate about Game of Thrones as they are.

When Kerry Ford spotted an ad on Facebook seeking couples wishing to marry Game of Thrones style, she showed it to her Fiancé, Darren Prew, but she didn’t think anything of it. However, Darren saw an opportunity to move their wedding date a little closer while making a dream come true, and secretly entered along with hundreds of other fans.

Kerry and Darren ended up clinching the win, and were treated to an amazing Game of Thrones wedding ceremony. Darren said, “We have been a massive Game of Thrones fans since the beginning, so having our biggest day styled in such an amazing way is a dream come true.”

The wedding took place over the weekend, and to host the occasion, Blinkbox hired out Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire, England. They also provided a couple of (almost) direwolves, a white horse to ride away on, and a professional wardrobe and makeup team.

In a dose of fan fiction coming to life, the bride was transformed into Daenerys Targaryen, while the groom became Jon Snow. Of course the Mother of Dragons and a Man of the Night’s Watch couldn’t get married in front of common folk, and the entire wedding party of twelve was given makeovers of their own.

After over 50 hours of fitting, styling, and theatrical makeup, the Best Man intimidated as a White Walker (“With such a bizarre look, Mike was guaranteed a few laughs during his speech.” commented Darren), the Best Woman took on Ygritte, while the father of the bride became our beloved Hodor. Catelyn Stark, Melisandre, Khal Drogo, and Brienne of Tarth also made an appearance.

No wedding is complete without a cake, and the bride just happened to be a cake designer. She spent two weeks creating the stunning five tier cake, topped with an Iron Throne. “I took over 20 hours to make it – it’s comprised of each of the Game of Thrones’ houses, then there are the wedding vows from Game of Thrones, King Joffrey’s crown made out of chocolate and topped with the famous iron throne. It was almost a shame to see it eaten. I changed my mind over the design of this cake so many times, it’s the most important cake I’ll ever make.”

Visit Blinkbox for more details, Flickr for an entire wedding gallery, and check out a video from the big day below.


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