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Maisie Williams hopes Arya’s mentors will return to Game of Thrones

Arya Stark has said goodbye to many of her friends and mentors since the very beginning of Game of Thrones. In this year’s season finale she walked away from The Hound, who was brutally injured in his fight with Brienne. We didn’t see his final moment, and since this is Game of Thrones, The Hound has been added to the long list of characters that we may or may not see again.

In a new interview with Vulture, Maisie Williams speaks on the possibility of characters from Arya’s past returning to the show, as well as her recent meeting with the Queen of England.

Maisie says that she loves all of the theories about The Hound, Syrio Forel, and Jaqen H’ghar, and if it was up to her, everyone would come back.

“All theories that I hope for, just like everyone else! I really hope that it’s not the end of the Hound. We haven’t gotten the scripts for next year yet, so I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen, either, but in terms of speculation? If it was up to me, and it’s not up to me, unfortunately, but the Hound would be back in a second. And so would Syrio. They wouldn’t be gone. I would love to work with both of them again, Rory [McCann] and Miltos [Yerolemou]. I think if you haven’t seen the dagger in their back, they could still be alive, so I’m hoping that they’re going to come back. In an ideal world, they’d all come back.”

She’s also hoping for the return of another one of Arya’s friends – her furry one. Arya’s direwolf Nymeria hasn’t been seen since she sent her away in the first season, and Maisie misses her direwolf just as much as we do.

“I would love to get to work with the wolves again. I really, really miss that. I talk so much to Kit [Harington] about working with Ghost, and how they’re doing it these days, because the dogs are getting so big. So I would love to. It was so much fun. It’s so much more fun when you have a dog on set. And for Arya, she’s not doing so great at the moment, she’s not in a good place. She needs someone to come back who’s not going to betray her, and Nymeria is perfect for that.”

Maisie also comments on her meeting with the Queen of England recently, and noticed they had something in common.

“It was kind of crazy! I really didn’t know how to react. But she was really, really lovely, and I liked her, because we’re the same height, and we were looking into each other’s eyes. I liked that, because I don’t get to meet that many people who are my height. So it felt like we had a connection. [Laughs.]”

For the full interview visit Vulture. Maisie talks about her new film Heatstroke, and briefly touches on that one scene that was missing from the season 4 finale.


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  • “I eat a lot. I just don’t grow” – Arya to Tywin Lannister. Lol I’m glad Maisie found someone her height :-)

  • I want to see Arya and Jon warg into their dire wolves in season 5! I mean they HAVE to, right? Right??

  • All time badass team:

    Syrio, Yoren, Jaqen, Hound

    They will destroy any empire any day! They are all fookin legends!

  • Arash:
    All time badass team:

    Syrio, Yoren, Jaqen, Hound

    They will destroy any empire any day! They are all fookin legends!

    I would add Gendry on that list as well. That boy has Baratheon badass in him in his blood.

  • this is great and all but I need some casting news and I needed it a week ago…Arianne, Griff, a Sand Snake….ANYTHING

  • Hmmm, all these dudes, but the question remains does she want to see her mom, Lady Cathlyn aka Lady Stoneheart return or make an apprearance?!

  • With all the radical changes they have to make in order to cram the 90% of AFFC and ADWD that remain into less than 600 minutes of TV, it is comforting that at least Ayra’s story for S5 should not have to depart radically from the books. A few chapters will have to be trimmed, but otherwise they should be able to take it straight from GRRM.

    Too bad they are going to butcher every other storyline except perhaps Cersei’s, if not lop them off completely.

  • I hope we see Nymeria wolf dreams from an early point next season if they follow FeastDance strictly it’s kind of crucial to one part of Arya’s training and it will be a bit deus ex machina if she sees through the cat’s eyes without it being set up through wolf dreams. They could just have her see through random cat eyes as CotC but it needs to be related back to the Starks innate gifts

  • Adam Evaschuk:
    I think they should do to the hound what the book calls for with Catelyn Stark, Have him come back and exact revenge on anyone!

    They should do with him exactly what the books are going to do with him when he leaves the Quiet Isle.

    Seriously, if anyone really believed that Sandor was not going to play a significant role in ASOAIF anymore and would stay in the Quiet Isle, the fact that the show left his fate unresolved/vague as it was in the book pretty much confirms that he is going to come back and play a significant role (as if that wasn’t obvious from all the foreshadowing, setup and hundreds of mentions throughout AFFC). We know how D&D love to kill off any character who does not play a significant role further down the line, even if they are still alive in the books.

    And the fact that Sandor is very close to the Vale/in the Vale in both books and the show seems very convenient…

  • Annara Snow,

    Really wish i could see your comment without the black out, LoL ,Just really like the character of the Hound! Not that i didn’t like Cat because i did.. The hound has always been my favorite character and i think if he were to come back then he could do some serious damage!

  • Well some of them need to come back… the show is becoming a “kill the new characters” fest.

  • Seriously, I think everyone burned has a significant role to play against the white walkers.