Arya Stark Interview Maisie Williams Season 4

Maisie Williams on Arya Stark’s big decisions in the Season 4 finale

Arya Stark’s journey throughout Game of Thrones Season 4 taught her some harsh lessons about a cruel world, which brought about a dark change in her. However, it was the final moments of the season that brought the biggest turning point for Arya, as she turned down a promise of safety, walked away from the one person she had grown to trust, and set sail for Braavos.

In a new interview with IGN, Maisie Williams lends some deeper insight into the choices Arya made in the Season 4 finale.

When Arya met Brienne, for a moment it seemed that the two strong, sword-wielding females might share a special bond, but that bond was meant for another world, and feelings quickly shifted to distrust. Maisie talks us through the meeting, from Arya’s initial intrigue, to her ultimate decision to not go with Brienne.

“I think she enjoys that small interaction she has with Brienne, and she’s very intrigued by this woman, but Arya’s intrigued by a lot of people. She was intrigued by the Hound back in Season 1 when he rode in with this big scar on his face. She was in awe of the guy, until she realized that actually no one is that person. No one is all they’re built up to be. No one is doing anything for the right reasons. I think in Arya’s eyes Brienne just ruins it for herself when she starts talking about how she sworn to protect her mother and all this stuff about loyalty.

“I feel like Arya’s just kind of done with that, really. That’s all she’s heard her whole life. That’s all she ever knew, was her family was these perfect people and did the right things and never wanted to upset anyone intentionally. Then she realized, actually, it doesn’t matter if you’re that person or not. It doesn’t count. No one is playing by the rules. I think when Brienne comes out with this spiel about safety and the Hound puts her in her place, Arya really kind of believes that and is like, ‘I understand you may be out to look after me, but nowhere is safe in this world.’ So that, again, is why she doesn’t go with Brienne.”

Of course her reluctance to go with Brienne left her face to face with another tough choice. Arya’s decision to leave The Hound where he lay left many viewers wondering if she did so out of revenge or mercy. Maisie says that it’s not that simple, and that the lines between good and bad, and right and wrong have become blurred for Arya.

“It’s that whole situation of being a child, because people forget that Arya is a child. I think people expect Game of Thrones to…You know, we’re in Season 4, and people still think the good guys are good guys and the bad guys are bad guys. It’s not that. It’s not at all. Just because they’re your favorite character or they’ve done something that you enjoyed in previous seasons, it doesn’t mean that they’re a perfect person.

“Arya’s been through so much up to this point in that she doesn’t know what’s right or wrong, she’s still trying to figure that out. She’s struggling to hold onto that little girl inside her, but she doesn’t know how to… You know, he’s talking down to her and telling her how useless she is and how she doesn’t know what she’s doing and that I’m a dumb girl; she’s got these stupid dreams that are never going to come true. And then he turns around and asks her to kill him says, ‘You know where the heart is. Go on, girl.’ She’s just like, ‘You know what? I put my trust in you, and you’ve helped me out a lot, but I’m not going to give you this final thing that you want. I’m going to show you a lesson. You can’t treat people like this and get away with it forever.’ I think that’s what she’s trying to do. Plus, she doesn’t want to kill this guy. She makes it out like she’s this hard, bada** girl that has no emotions, but he has done a lot for her. Maybe not killing him is the worse outcome or whatever you want to call it, but she doesn’t want to kill him, and she wants him to finally take her seriously, and he does.”

In Season 5 we can expect to see Arya getting a fresh start in Braavos, but looking ahead Maisie admits that there is one person she’d eventually like to go toe-to-toe with. Although it’s “too soon in the story” she hopes Arya will meet up with Cersei Lannister, even though she has no idea who would come out of that encounter alive.

For the full interview visit IGN.


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  • We’ll put, after watching her whole family get murderd I’m glad she see’s you can’t just kill ppl, in my mind I thought she thought the hound would survive but that was a serious beating he took, but you can’t just kill ppl

  • I love reading what she has to say ! She has great insight into Arya’s character and is damn smart for her age ! She’ll go far !

  • So happy Arya was not nominated for an emmy, will celebrate today. Yay!
    She was OK in S1, but has worsened with each season.

    By far the most overrated actress on the show. Very happy that David & Dan have seen this and reduced her screentime.

  • This is unrelated, but don’t you guys think it’s kind of a big potential spoiler to have a poll pop up randomly on your site that asks if Michele Fairley’s character should return to Game of Thrones??

  • Cersei,

    No, thats why they have extended her storyline for two seasons now.
    She clearly has convinced D&D with her skills.
    They call her a phenomenon.

  • In response to Game of thrones fan cole

    I always found Arya’s and Tyrion’s character arcs sort of run parallel to each other’s.

    In the case of “The Children”, they’re each faced with a choice, with the results surprisingly reversed. It’s Arya who makes the better (I don’t think “right” is the proper word) choice in not killing and just walking away from the mess. Tyrion couldn’t let it go, didn’t walk away, had to have the last word with his father. And well, he possibly destroyed whatever chance he had to make a new life.

    Now they’re both fleeing to the east. I wonder if their paths will cross?

  • Off-topic, but I read a Quentin Martell audition tape apparently had leaked. Are you looking into whether this is real?

  • FreyJoy,

    It was discussed on the comments section. The Quentyn Martell audition tape was fan made. The person also posted a very similar audition last year.

  • Cersei,
    you sound like the the Queen Regent. This is Maisie’s first acting gig and to my mind having read all the books, she is Arya Stark

  • Hahaha you censored the word ass in a conversation about a 12 year old girl leaving a brutal killer who’s favourite word is cunt to die, good one wic

  • And they said pedro pascal was milking it …. Makes is literally in a post every single day talking about the same thing … Still like her though … I just wish we wud get more of the other cast members

  • House Mormont:
    Hahaha you censored the word ass in a conversation about a 12 year old girl leaving a brutal killer who’s favourite word is cunt to die, good one wic

    It’s a quote from IGN.

  • Isn’t this the 5th or 6th article about “Arya this, and Arya that in the season finale”? How about some casting news? And what’s up with that annoying Valvoline ad that won’t go away in the bottom left of my screen?!? 100 bucks says mods won’t let this post!

  • BranSnow,

    You owe me a hundred bucks, and while I’m sure the admins are magical people, making casting announcements appear out of thin air appears to be a spell they haven’t mastered yet.


    And if you follow the link from that article, we also learn that we may hear who’s been cast as the leads of True Detective as soon as next week. Awesome.

  • BranSnow:
    Isn’t this the 5th or 6th article about “Arya this, and Arya that in the season finale”? How about some casting news?And what’s up with that annoying Valvoline ad that won’t go away in the bottom left of my screen?!?100 bucks says mods won’t let this post!

    Yup. It seems like the same interview with the same title getting posted everytime.
    Also why is almost every post in the wic Tumblr blog is an Arya post? Never saw any Theon or Bran posts. The bias is quite obvious. :)

  • People, it’s clearly a very quiet time for new stories and other cast members are presumably not doing much to attract attention right now – if you know otherwise then go find them and give the links to WIC, I’m sure they’ll feature them!

    You can’t make up news where it doesn’t exist and if there were no news items at all people would still complain about that!

    News will surely start to filter out soon once they start filming season 5.

  • Hotpie Targaryan,

    I don’t think it has anything to do with bias. These aren’t articles created by WiC, these are all coming from other sources and reposted here.
    Notice, WiC reposts pretty much anything found from around the internet that applies to the books/show. So while Maisie has been featured in a lot of articles as of late, end of season so nothing odd about it, it has more to do with who the news outlets interview. I would love to hear from Charles Dance or Rory McCann, in particular, but doesn’t look like either man has said much about the season, after the fact.