Awards Season 4

Watch the Emmy Nominations announced live!

The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations are minutes away! Mindy Kaling and Carson Daly will be announcing the nominees from Television Academy headquarters in California at 8:30am ET, and the event will broadcast live over at Emmys.Com. Click on the banner below to watch:

Here is a quick reminder of the categories Game of Thrones has been submitted under:

Outstanding Drama Series
Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series: “The Children”
Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series: Alex Graves (“The Children”), Alik Sakharov (“The Laws of Gods and Men”), Neil Marshall (“The Watchers on the Wall”).
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Charles Dance, Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series: Emilia Clarke, Natalie Dormer, Lena Headey, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams
Guest Actor in a Drama Series: Pedro Pascal
Guest Actress in a Drama Series: Diana Rigg
Art Direction: “The Laws of Gods and Men,” “The Mountain and the Viper”
Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series
Oustanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series: “Mockingbird,” “Oathkeeper,” “The Lion and the Rose,” “Two Swords”
Sound Editing: “The Watchers on the Wall”
Sound Mixing: “The Watchers on the Wall”
Outstanding Costumes: “The Lion and the Rose”
Outstanding Hairstyling: “The Lion and the Rose”
Outstanding Make-up (Non-prosthetic): “Oathkeeper”
Outstanding Prosthetic Make-up: “The Children”
Stunt Coordination for a Drama Series, Miniseries or Movie
Outstanding Interactive Program: Game of Thrones Premiere: Facebook Live and Instagram

We’ll have the official nominations up as soon as the announcements are complete, until then, let’s watch with fingers crossed!


  • Supporting Actor: Peter Dinklage
    Supporting Actress: Lena Headey
    Guest Actress: Diana Rigg
    Best writing: D&D for episode 31
    Best director: Neil Marshall for episode 39
    Outstanding Drama

  • Pedro not being nominated is a crime! He gave, without question, the best performance of the season. Half of the characters in that category were completely forgettable…

  • Congratulations to Peter,Lena,Diana Neil…
    I’m sad for Kit, Pedro and Charles Dance…

  • Disappointed that Pedro was not nominated but Lena’s recognition makes me very happy.

    A little surprised by Neil Marshall’s nomination…was he nominated for “Blackwater” as well?

  • Congrats to everybody, most of all to D&D.

    Thank you guys for creating this perfect puzzle of creativity.

  • Caliope:
    Congratulations to Peter,Lena,Diana Neil…
    I’m sad for Kit, Pedro and Charles Dance…

    Diana Neil? Do you mean Diana Rigg?

  • That’s so huge for Lena Headey!!! Great for her.

    Very sad about Pedro (and a similar snub for Lou Gossett Jr. in the same category).

    I really don’t get the ongoing love for Jim Carter in Downton Abbey. He was fine, sure, whatever, but still, so many other possible choices.

  • I wonder if they will submit Lena Headey as a lead actress next year considering how strong of an arc she will have. They can than put Emilia Clarke in the supporting actress category as she will also have a powerful ending to her season

  • Yay Lena! Fierce!!!!!

    Diana, too. Very nice. Ladies representing. Dinklage was a shoe-in. Only surprise, no Pedro.

    Actually I’m surprised episode 31 got best writing, and Neil’s episode was best director. I think many of the other episodes were better.

  • Lack of Pedro Pascal is disappointing but all in all really decent nominations this time.

  • Congrats to GoT with the most nominations of 19! And special shout out to LENA and RAMIN DJWALDI (at last)! How much do I love this show…

  • omg. I fear, this nomination of hers will reduce that Lena’s chance at being naked in season 5

  • Congrats GOT! 19 nominationa woop.

    Nice to see Lena on the list!

    Shame the younger actors don’t get recognised, they put in consistently brilliant performances. Let’s pray for the future.

  • Did they submit Charles Dance? Because Lena Headey should have been nominated two years ago, and while it’s great that she got it this year, it should have been Charles Dance this year.

  • I honestly don’t think GOT has a chance at winning any awards in any category. It was stiff competetion this year as far as story telling and acting goes. Who cares though? It’s still (arguably) the most enjoyable show on TV!

  • The Emmys are silly.

    Lena is a great actress but didn’t do much this season. Same with Diana who was much better last season. Pedro absolutely owned every scene he was in so no idea why he was snubbed.
    GoT hasa great cast but I think some fans here are blided by their love for the show. If you’re being completely honest then Peter, Pedro and Rory (no idea why he didn’t get a nomination) and arguably Maisie deserve nominations this season not that the Emmys are really needed to appreciate great performances.

  • Arriba:
    I’m surprise by the Lena nomination, I think it’s been her weakest season.

    Whaaaaat?? Her conversation with Jamie first episode, meeting Brienne, her performance at the wedding talking to just about everyone until Joffreys death. Her reaction on his death. Her sweet conversations with Marg, Oberyn and Tywin when she was playing the game of kiss ass for the judges. Tyrion first trial she delivered her case all the way until the final episode with Jamie and Tywin and being a bitch to Pycelle.

    She had just as a strong season since season 2 or better I think.