The Queen’s Guard perform the Game of Thrones theme at Buckingham Palace

It’s a two Game of Thrones theme renditions kind of Saturday.

This one comes courtesy of the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace. During the changing of the guard ceremony on Tuesday, June 24, tourists were treated to a familiar song by the band. HBO has confirmed that the performance was timed to coincide with the Queen’s visit to the Thrones set.


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  • The Queen’s gonna do a naked walk of penance from St. Paul’s Cathedral to Buckingham Palace.

  • Sometimes it seems that all this has become too mainstream.It doesn’t affect the coolness yet ,but they are trying,they really do..

  • Indigo Viper,

    Why should the fact that GoT is mainstream now affect it’s appeal? I love that GoT is mainstream. Not only are more people likely to discover a great series because of it, it also shows that fantasy gets more and more excepted as a genre.

  • Abyss,

    I get your point ,i really do.I myself never thought that something should be super obscure in order for me to enjoy it..But,and again it’s just a personal thing ,there’s mainstream and there’s TOO mainstream.Don’t get me wrong, i love the show( and the books much more) but i think it is this kind of popularity that might eventually destract people from the artistic value of this whole saga ,and reduce it to a pop culture refernce or a parody of itself or what have you..i like as well, that high fantasy is getting some respect but there is also this aspect to it,just saying..And do excuse me for my lousy english ,i’m not a native speaker ;)

  • I guess that answers the question whether the Queen watches the show or not. I hear she really enjoys watching TV series. I bet she is a rabid fan and people in the know did this a as a little favour.

  • Love the tuba and trombone providing that familiar bass rhythm.

    The Queen has invited the Boltons over for some Frey pie, made by none other than Lord Lamprey. It will be a grand affair indeed!

  • Indigo Viper,

    Don’t worry, I’m a second language speaker/writer as well when it comes to English. ;-)
    And I wouldn’t worry too much about GoT going too mainstream. It’s way too complex and well done on so many levels to become just a pop culture reference. Fantasy has never been done for TV on such a scale or with such quality. GoT is something very special for that fact alone, and as we can see from all the awards the show has won up to this point, the professional side of the film business recognizes that.

  • Awesome, this made my day! I’m ok with GoT being mainstream if it gives us things like this.

  • Mario:
    The Queen is actually Benjen disguised as Daario

    Who is, of course, actually Varys in a glamour, being warged by Euron Crowseye.

  • Karl:
    Stop posting good content and show more of that Axey Fab sellout douche.

    Hmm, I don’t mean to be touchy, but that’s just unkind : (

  • Screw the irrelevant British monarchy! A fat man farting the theme song in the shower would be more interesting… pour the hate…

  • harry potter:

    You’ve GOT to be kidding me

    Nope! But luckily for you, there’s plenty of room for you both!

    I doubt you’d fare too well in Westeros, though…

  • Props to them for playing the RIGHT CHORD at 0:44. About 75% of the covers i see on Youtube, people play a C-minor there, which is the chord that happens in the next part of the phrase, but instead they play it both times. It’s such a blatant mistake that makes the song more simplistic than it actually is, but if you listen to carefully to the actual theme and then to a lot of the renditions online, you’ll understand what I mean and start to notice it.

  • Phiiiiiil:
    Props to them for playing the RIGHT CHORD at 0:44.

    Well, I’d hope Buckingham Palace employ a brass band arranger capable of getting the chords right.

    It’s kind of dull overall though. I used to play in a few British-style brass bands, but after years of getting annoyed at at how boring the music tended to be, eventually I worked out it really wasn’t for me.

    The cover I liked best of the GoT theme was done by an acoustic Celtic folk group I saw busking it on the street in Hobart about a year ago. Wish I’d caught it on video.

  • The Queen has always been very good at boosting and evolving Britain as a brand, remember when she “jumped out of a plane” with Daniel Craig when we hosted the Olympics and Skyfall ended up massively successful? Now she’s taken GoT under her wing, which is good for the show, and good for tourism