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The North Remembers: July 2011

Time for another trip down the memory lane, looking at July three years ago …


  • Those were the days….

    When fans of ASOIAF still believed that GRRM would finish the books before the show.

    Oh, the memories….

  • Ehhh, I wouldn’t worry. I imagine the floodgates are going to open after ComicCon and in a couple months, people will be griping that they’re revealing *too much* information.

  • Looking forward to some great posts from Comic Con this week. How about a nice casting video HBO? BCog, can u put in a good word for the loyal fans over here at WiC? Maybe a little exclusive casting news? How about just a little clue that we can puzzle over? Please?? We need a fix, man!

  • It’s surprising to read that some parties were somewhat scathing of the choice of Liam Cunningham back then. Fire and Blood has a point about the lack of casting news…I can’t understand why HBO are so coy. Perhaps news will be revealed at Comic.Con but there was nothing of that ilk last year so I’m not getting my hopes up so that I can’t be disappointed.

  • In regards to comic con and the Robin Hobb event in Aug? Great time for George to announce ‘Winds’. If not then, we will hear somsething by year’s end.