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James Cosmo and Ross Mullan talk Game of Thrones and White Walkers at MCM Manchester

The SDCC storm is about to roll in, but first let’s take a look back to last weekend’s MCM Comic Con in Manchester.

James Cosmo, who portrayed the dearly departed Jeor Mormont, and Ross Mullan, our resident White Walker, were in attendance and participated in a Game of Thrones panel to talk about their work on the series.

MCM Buzz has a great writeup and pictures from the panel, with highlights including:

Both James and Ross enjoy watching the show as much as they enjoyed being a part of it, and James is especially a fan of Peter Dinklage’s work. “Peter has done such an astonishingly good job of that (character) that I can only stand back in admiration.”

Ross discussed his background in working with prosthetics. He took part in ‘mask theatre’ for four years, where he had to wear still masks and learned to use only his body movements to convey the story. “I’ve always been working in the area of animating the in-animate.”

They shared their best advice for those who wish to become an actor:

“But the interesting thing is for a young actor it shouldn’t be regarded as ‘I’m not working’ and ‘I’m not an actor because I’m not acting.’ Because all that observation of life is like ammunition for the future.”

They also answered some fun questions about who they’d like to see on the Iron Throne, and their favorite moment from the series.

James, of course, would like to see his protégé Jon Snow sit the Throne, and admits to being highly amused by the many Red Wedding reactions on YouTube. Ross thinks that Sam would be an interesting choice for King, and particularly enjoyed watching Daenerys and her hatched dragons rise from the ashes.

A highlights video from the convention has also been uploaded to YouTube with quite a long clip featuring James and Ross discussing their audition processes and how they landed their roles.

Ross also reveals that the producers are never quite sure how much of the White Walkers will be featured from season to season. In the past they have promised him that the next season will be his big season but have had to rethink their decisions, because once they give the White Walkers a bigger presence they can’t step back from it. He hopes that Season 5 and Season 6 will give him more to do.

Skip ahead to the 2:00 mark to see their answers:


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