Hodor Interview Kristian Nairn

Kristian Nairn shares details about his Australian national tour

Kristian Nairn will take his DJ skills on the road later this year, as he embarks on a six stop Australian national tour. Aptly titled Rave of Thrones, the tour will showcase his deep house mixes while fans enjoy Game of Thrones themed dance parties.

Kristian recently spoke with News.Com.Au about what fans can expect from the shows, and shares some inspirational words about one of his more memorable Game of Thrones scenes.

Although the shows will be Game of Thrones themed, Kristian insists that he won’t be doing any Game of Thrones remixes.

Oh my God — I get a few requests. I’ve tried to do a bootleg and it sounds all right — I don’t feel comfortable crossing the two over. I think the theme is good — I don’t think I could improve it. But I’ve heard a dub-step version of it and it’s terrible.”

What fans can expect is some piano-based deep house, and he reveals the set he’ll be performing is a cross between two of his previous mixes, Summer Nights One, and Summer Nights Two, both of which are available for a listen on his SoundCloud.

“It starts of with some nice vocal-based deep house and progresses up over the set. I’ll probably mix in some EDM for a lack of a better term into some progressive house. I started DJing in the 90s so I’m very influenced by that — there’s a lot of piano stuff coming back around now which I really like.”

Onto the subject of Game of Thrones, Hodor gave us some great moments in Season 4, including a Darth Vader grip neck snapping, but fans aren’t likely to forget his prosthetic debut in Season 1. Although it’s fun to joke about now, Kristian says the scene was important for another reason.

“It was one of those things. It was just before I stepped into the role and the writers told me ‘we’ve got one other thing to tell you’. I was like ‘what, really?’. But in the end it became important to me to do that scene. There’s a lot of shapes and sizes in Game of Thrones — more in fact (than) on any TV show that’s ever been. I thought to myself — it’s important to represent real life people.”

Kristian will be representing his real life self in Australia. Rave of Thrones is encouraging fans to dress up for the shows, but Kristian jokes, “I don’t think I need to — I’m f—ing Hodor after all. I’m not wearing a f—ing sack.”

Check out the entire interview at News.Com.Au, and view tour dates and ticket links below:

Thurs 28th August – Sydney – The Hi Fi (Tickets)
Fri 29th August – Brisbane – Secret Warehouse (Tickets)
Sat 30th August – Perth – Villa (Tickets)
Thurs 4th September – Melbourne – Prince Bandroom (Tickets)
Fri 5th September – Darwin – Discovery (Tickets)
Sun 7th September – Adelaide – Zhivago (Tickets)


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