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Reddit Review: A Tribute to the Creative Fans; HBO Rumors; A Gem from George!

We’re back with more Reddit-y Goodness. This time some possible good news for HBO, some very creative fans, and some hot video game action for those who know how to work the D-Pad & Joystick combo.

Quick Observation: Lightbringer and Zack have done such a great job of covering SDCC (KUDOS), that there wasn’t too much left to add to this post from there, except for maybe the gem at the bottom.

Lets get into it!



Wood Burn Print of House Targaryen
Posted by: nantela

This would make a sick wall mount/beer pong table!

Vinyl of Thrones
Posted by: ProbablyPostingNaked

I’ll take a Baratheon one please!

Dornish Lantern: Make your own!
Posted by: Jdubs083

I wouldn’t mind one of these either!

Who will wear the “CRAYON?”
Posted by: Kaminaaaaa

What a fantastic idea. The detail is impressive. How do you carve a crayon and make it look so smooth?

Mobile Wall Papers
Posted by: JerryLiuStudio

More Art From JerryLiuStudio
Posted by: JerryLiuStudio

I like JerryLiuStudio’s simplicity. You should check out his tikitakatees website. He has some really cool items.

SPOILER ALERT: A Neat Ode to Seasons 1-4
Posted by: Mateush66

A lot of these mashup videos are making it to reddit…this just happened to make the cut.


Skyrim Tywin
Posted by: Ser-Gregor_Clegane

Tywin Lannister is Dragonbor… Never mind.

Posted by: ilovesnes

I have a feeling some of those players would not be playing for the same team.


Posted by: Knodiferous

The numbers are insane. When looking at the growth in revenue alone, HBO is posting impressive numbers. If Time Warner opens up access to more viewers, the possible growth could expand HBO and bring about the possibility of producing series and original movies on an even bigger scale. (**COUGH COUGH ROBERT’S REBELLION**).

Lite Spoiler Report: Pedro’s Fan’s Have Special Requests
Posted by: TMWNN

I wouldn’t be opposed to having that picture with him. He seems like a fun guy to chill with. Maybe one day!


A Normal Conversation for Some


Posted by: cheerycherry2501

Give me one of each please.

Posted by: justbeingfrank


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  • Yeah let’s just hope the TimeWarner shareholders don’t prove too greedy and give in to Rupert “Darth Vader” Murdoch and accept his offer to buy out the company…Murdoch has already planted the seeds of discord with his bonny Cryptkeeper fingers by going around the Executive Board who has rejected his initial offer…and he went directly to the people who don’t give a shit about viewers, consumers etc., they just want a quick profit…consequences be damned.

    If Murdoch gets his hands on Time Warner…and by extension HBO, we’re all fucked! Jon Stewart has already started a fake Kickstarter campaign to buy CNN and was musing on his show a few nights ago about becoming Fareed Zakaria’s new boss. Murdoch and his attack dogs already made it clear that they would sell CNN (which is a shitty news network to start with…but still not Fox News level of crummyness!).

    You can probably imagine what it would happen to HBO…as Bill Maher said, you could kiss his ass godbye…LOL and get instead “Real Time with Bill O’Reilly”!

  • Those crayons though.

    I love all of the fan made stuff, someone needs to mass produce tables like that for all of the houses!

    Also, after seeing that picture of George on Thursday, I can’t imagine a world where someone wasn’t there to capture that moment.

  • These reddit posts just go to show how much this site is reaching nowadays for content. There used to be insightful articles during the off months of the show. Between these dorky posts, the god awful live shows and drink videos (really?) this site has totally sold out to its fansided overlords. Stick with the old format…thought provoking articles, great comment discussion and the podcast (which is the only reason to come here anymore). Sad sad sad