Comic-Con Interview

The Game of Thrones cast share bonding stories, and talk death scenes with Entertainment Weekly Radio

The Game of Thrones cast and crew stopped by the Entertainment Weekly Radio studios at Comic-Con last weekend. The interview somehow slipped through our roundups, but thankfully it’s here now, and it’s quite hilariously candid.

The cast talks about how they have formed such a close bond despite not getting to film together. They admit that drinking helps a lot, but that they did get to film together for Season 4 during the Purple Wedding, where they had Scrabble tournaments which Peter Dinklage destroyed everyone in. Gwendoline Christie says that she bonded with Finn Jones on the set by sitting on ATVs and only pretending to drive them, while David Benioff calls her out for getting them kicked out of a restaurant by talking quite loudly and inappropriately. (It gets a little racy at this point!) Pedro Pascal describes how they did some of the bloody effects for his death scene, and Benioff says that they will be filming Season 5 until mid-December.

John Bradley-West talks about how they give each actor who departs the show a special send off, and that if we think deaths hit us hard, they have it even harder. George R.R. Martin reiterates that he’s far less bloody than Benioff and Weiss, and Rory McCann admits he has no idea where his character is, but he’s available for work, and agrees that we should start #SaveTheHound.

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