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Reddit Review: DIY Dragon Eggs, How Maisie became Arya, and much more!

If you step into your upcoming week and your withdrawals from Game of Thrones have not worn off yet, we have a compilation of posts from Reddit that might ease your pain. In this review we highlight some fan creations, take a peek at the new Thrones coffee table book, and find out how Maisie Williams became Arya.

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Inner Cover of The World of Ice and Fire. Presented by George R.R. Martin
Posted by: AFellowOfLimitedJest

The World of Ice and Fire is coming, and I am very excited about it. Between reading the entire series, The Dunk and Egg short stories, and the excerpts from The Winds Of Winter I have no doubt how exciting this book will be. October cannot come soon enough.

The inside cover looks like a traveler arriving at what I believe is Valyria.

DIY Dragon Eggs
Posted by: actually_a_wolf

A step by step guide on how to make your own dragon eggs, surprisingly simple! All you need is a craft styrofoam egg, quite a large amount of thumbtacks, and some nail polish.

The Ladies of Thrones
Posted by: richierich27

A poster/wallpaper inspired by the women of Game of Thrones.

Throne Felties
Posted by: SamBobz

When I first read the title of this post I was nervous…

Geometric House Sigils
Posted by: kaydiggity

The author enjoys making simple, geometric house sigils so much that they are making wallpapers on demand!

House Themed Goblets
Posted by: erasergirl99

These goblets were designed as take home gifts for a dinner party. Can I get an invite? I wouldn’t mind a Baratheon goblet, erasergirl99!

Maisie Williams and her Journey to Arya Stark
Posted by: Priyasoma

Maisie is hilarious. She seems to be very happy with her decision to be a different kind of dancer.

A Look Inside Shooting Locations in Dubrovnik
Posted by: kikosafe

A detailed account of a tour through Dubronvik’s Game of Thrones locations. I’ve heard Dubronvik is a beautiful place. I think I need to plan a visit at some point.

The Hound and His Chicken
Posted by: J25blazer

A gentle reminder of one of our favorite scenes from Season 4, which spawned many memes, and perhaps one of the best cosplays at SDCC! Note the custom bucket.


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Done in the light of the Lord…


  • That must be an old interview with Maisie? She looks a couple of years younger and has more Zummerzet in her accent.

  • Honestly Maisie Williams is better/more interesting at comic cons and other panels than most of the other actors on the show. She obviously loves doing what she does which helps

  • A culmination post of the best GoT stuff you can find on Reddit, Awesome.. but please enough with the picture that says Le Reddit Army Is Here. True Redditors do not say that. Scumbags(trolls) say that to annoy people.