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Reddit Review: The Saddest Red Wedding Reaction, a new Batman and Robin, and more

Welcome back Reddit and Non-Reddit lovers. This week we have an action packed post for you! Featuring a lot more fan art, montage videos, an extremely sad Red Wedding reaction video, and of course, cake.

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King’s Landing constructed in Minecraft
Posted by: davinator401

4 months, 220,000 man hours, and a couple hundred builders later, King’s Landing exists in Minecraft.


Posted by: ELAdragon

I love the detail work on this drawing. Stick ’em with the pointy end!


The Onion Knight
Posted by: zazpi

A great portrait of one of my favorite characters.


The Women of Thrones
Posted by: dfloyd13 Dames of Thrones



House Stark Ring
Posted by: Tardigrademakes Stark Ring

Very Cool. I hope he gets the funding to make a golden one.


The Mountain VS Viper DOTA Style SPOILER WARNING!
Posted by: XX_THEGREAT

I’m not a big DOTA player, but this was pretty cool!


Montage of Opening Sequences to the Game of Thrones Theme
Posted by: Jdog2010

Probably my favorite YouTube video ever. Nothing like a bunch of mashed up videos to the Game of Thrones theme song.


Game of Thrones References
Posted by: Giovanni_TR

Another YouTube hit for me. Seeing all of the references to Game of Thrones in so many shows continues to highlight its growth into the mainstream.


Online RPG at /r/asoiafpowers
Posted by: Fairfax1

This is for anyone looking to escape to Westeros, and play the Game!


Bathound and Arya
Posted by: elschrambo POW! BANG! ZAP! CHICKEN!

Batman and Robin Strike Again…Except Robin ran off to Braavos….

You can order this as a print or t-shirt from artist Dave Dwonch!


The Saddest Game of Thrones Fan RW-Reaction Video
Posted by: dauntlessmath

The cruelty continues as another fan puts a loved one through the Red Wedding. The poor woman on the right.


Game of Thrones Themed Wood Boxes
Posted by: StannisTheMannis13 Lannister, Baratheon, Bolton, Stark


Robot Battle Jon Snow vs Jaime Lannister
Posted by: marckim

For your viewing pleasure!


Illustrations of Characters
Posted by: selfpeelingbanana

I really like this version of the Mountain Vs. Oberyn, excellent character illustrations!


Melted Crayon Art
Posted by: gingivitis467

By far one of my favorite works of art for Game of Thrones. Very creative, and a cool medium.

Disney GoT Art
Posted by: s0me0ne_else Disney of Thrones

These are awesome. The Hound and Arya, my favorite.


Cake is Coming
Posted by: NotJustClarkKent Name Day Cake

Very good work on this. The detailing is superb. The creator of the cake, Caralin, has a blog post describing some of the finer details she added in, as well as a 360 degree video view!


Poster for Game of Thrones Season 5
Posted by: Giovanni_TR

Definitely not an actual promotional poster for season 5, but it can’t come soon enough!


That’s about it for this review, it was a fun week to sort through. Anything you’d like to see more of, just say hello in the comments below. All material has been pulled from A Reddit of Ice and Fire.

Done in the light of the Lord…