Filming Production Season 5

Preparations for Game of Thrones Season 5 continue in Kaštel Gomilica and Split

Grada Kaštela, the portal that revealed Kaštel Gomilica as a new location for Game of Thrones Season 5, has now released a number of new pictures of the preparation taking place around Kaštilac, and some new information on the filming that will happen there.

Not only are materials being burned to clean the area in preparation, but sets are also being constructed. The most notable addition are some backdrops representing House Lannister and Baratheon, similar to the ones used at the Purple Wedding reception. The architecture of the surrounding area was being altered with the addition of some archways, stone facades, heavy wooden doors, and clay tile roof awnings.

The preparation is reported to last around 20 days, with 4-5 days of filming scheduled for the beginning of September.

A number of extras will be required for the shoot, as well as a number of ships. Grada Kaštela’s sources tell them that production has asked the local port authority to provide berth for several dozen ships around the area of Kaštilac.

Visit Grada Kaštela for even more pictures.

Yesterday, a fan also spotted a new set going up Split.

jaleCro on Reddit shared two pictures of a large set in the midst of construction. The workers wouldn’t share what was going to be filmed there, so our best guess can only come from the architecture visible so far.

The building features white stone pillars, as well as white and grey brick work. There also appears to be clay roof tiling in the background of the second shot. This would match with the mediterranean feel of Dorne, but could also very well represent Braavos or another location with some additional work. Only time will tell.

Filming in Croatia will begin in a few short weeks, but production in Northern Ireland marches on.

Titanic Studios welcomed back some Thrones actors and extras wandering the halls in costume this week:

Liam Cunningham has headed back to work for his second bout of filming:

And the Game of Thrones crew has been spotted at work in Mournes:

Exciting news all around. We’ve received tips that a number of extras in Split have been hired as Braavosian sailors and children, so it’s looking very likely that this new location will represent Braavos. It’s great to see everything starting to come together. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we learn more!

h/t: WotW

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  • Classical Hodor!

    That said, I am surprised by the Lannister and Baratheon colours in the Kastel … I had half been expecting it to be part of the Braavos storyline …

  • i live like, 5 minutes from Kaštilac.. i’m gonna do some serious stalking for the next few days. last year i met the whole essos crew, it would be nice to meet someone from westeros this time ;)

  • So, Kastel is not HOBAL, huh. The roof says “King’s Landing”, doesn’t it?

    The stone pillars in Split doesn’t looks Westerosi. HOBAL, maybe, but my first thought was the gate of the Iron Bank. Who knows? Having Arya assassinate an IB official is mindblowing!!

  • The burning is of ground cover for the production facilities. It has nothing to do with any photography. Yes, the Lannister and Baratheon colours are interesting and i’m not sure what that means – my guess is that some representatives of the respective Houses are visiting Braavos – for this is without doubt the port area of said city. I think the whole set looks stunning.

  • Nice new locales, but to the residents of that former castle, shame on you all for not keeping the place up. Being a designer it’s upsetting to see historic places such as Kastel in such a state, many of the windows, facades and doors are a hodgepodge of eras and styling. A developer should buy the place out and renovate it to it’s former glory.

    I am patiently waiting for pics of the Sand Snakes in glorious costume.

  • @strokememarge how bout you cut that condescending attitude and stop being such a snob? you don’t know people who live there and you don’t know if they’re even capable of doing such a costly action. ”being a designer..” … how fancy, we all care.

  • Bronn and Jamie leaving for Dorne?

    Cersei commissioning a new Royal Navy?

    Royal Family telling the Iron Bank to “Go stuff themselves”?

  • A lot of developers do buy up castles like this and turn them into private resorts are inaccessible to anyone without crazy amounts of money.

  • strokememarge,

    That is a incredibly naive thing to say, perhaps the owners simply can’t afford to do the place up to its “former glory”

    If a developer were to come but it, first thing they would do would be to kick out the residents.

    Then the houses would become a hotspot for game of thrones fans to come and stay in a house that was near the filming of the 5th season.

    Local residents get kicked out for stuffy tourists.

  • Soliwo,

    I hear Vin Diesel rents a castle for about a week every year for he and his friends to run a Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

  • I actually think the Bartheon/Lannister standards are just painted plywood boards that are being re-used for constructing the set. They’ll be painted over with stone or wooden facade- they’re both in bad condition and one is upside down and both are nailed to wooden frames.

  • strokememarge,

    It is very possible that #1, there are legal limits to what is allowed to be done with ruins, a typical thing in an area with historic or architectual importance, or more likely, its a small area and they don’t have the money to do it, which is probably why they were more than thrilled to bring in GOT. Give the people a break, can’t you.

  • Ivan Jurić:
    i live like, 5 minutes from Kaštilac.. i’m gonna do some serious stalking for the next few days. last year i met the whole essos crew, it would be nice to meet someone from westeros this time ;)

    I’m totally jealous right now. :) Can’t wait to see some HOBAW!!