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Ned Stark collectible figurine updated with more accurate face, same foolish honor

Recently, Winter Is Coming highlighted Threezero’s upcoming officially-licensed Ned Stark collectible figure coming soon to both Threezero’s and HBO’s stores. The foot-high figure’s head has since been updated to better capture Sean Bean’s likeness, particularly the cold, thousand-yard stare of a man who dies in film and television often. This $160 action figure has seen some things, man. His eyebrows are also no longer shooting off into space, which is helpful.

You can check out a full gallery here. By comparing it to the previous photos, you can see the shading on Ned’s face is darker, as if the shadows of King’s Landing have already descended upon him. (Sadly, the head is not detachable.) The photos also highlight the various accessories that come with the figure, though Ice, Ned’s sweet Valyrian greatsword, is still a pre-order exclusive. Speaking of which, pre-orders are still being accepted over at Threezero’s website; we’re guessing that “honor,” “virtue,” and “justice” are not acceptable methods of payment, though.

More of the updated pics after the jump….



  • That sculpt is a huge improvement. Especially the “passive” version. As a toy collector, I was actually shocked that Threezero put out such a lackluster likeness; glad to see they corrected it.

  • Holy CRAP!! I did not see the original version, but of all the various Boromir and Ned Stark figurines/staues I have seen over the years, this one is the most like Sean Bean i have ever seen!! Just WOW!!