Arya Stark Awards Maisie Williams Rory McCann The Hound

And the WiCnet Award for Best Comedy Moment in Season 4 goes to…

…Arya and The Hound, for their exchange in “Two Swords.” We had it listed as only the final bit of the exchange, but really, the whole thing is a delight.

“I know him. The small one. His name his Polliver. He captured us as took us to Harrenhal…he killed Lommy.”

“What the fuck’s a Lommy?”
“He was my friend. Polliver stole my sword and put it right through his neck. He’s still got it.”
“Got what?”
“My sword. Needle.”
“Needle. Course you named your sword.”
“Lots of people name their swords.”
“Lots of cunts.”

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I love just about everything about this scene. First, the increasing understanding between Arya and The Hound made their scenes a consistent joy. After the Red Wedding, Sandor Clegane’s sympathy toward the girl grew, and Arya’s realization of that, willingness to manipulate it, and comfort with it provided a fascinating tension. It helped as well that after three seasons of relative underutilization, Game of Thrones realized Rory McCann’s strengths and gave his Clegane emotional depth and mental cleverness alongside his violent cynicism.

Then there’s the scene itself. Having the warrior and the girl poke their heads through holes in the hedges is just delightfully silly, and would seem more at home in a sketch comedy than a prestige drama apart from the fact that, well, it doesn’t. The weight of the series post-Red Wedding, and the conversation that the two had immediately before where Arya says she’d be dead by nightfall without Clegane, prevent it from feeling out of place.

The actors, of course, play the parts well. The way McCann curses, like he’s holding a note in a song just enough to be noticeable–except with the Hound’s gravelly voice–makes the curse the important part of his lines: “The fuuck’s a Lommy” and “Lots of cunntss.” Maisie Williams stares intently at Polliver the entire time, except when saying “My sword. Needle.” where she turns to Clegane, seeking approval and expecting judgment. Every part of the half-minute sequence serves a purpose while also building comedy. It’s a fine winner.

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  • Yeah Arya and the Hounds scenes did becoome a bit like a buddy comedy and the actors worked well together. I myself liked Oberyns remark about dead Lannisters.

    Oh yeah and
    . Hodor!

  • Love how Arya/Hound scenes got both the top two. Great pairing and sad to see it go. Still think her at the Bloody Gate is unrivaled though, best bit of black comedy in the whole show.

    But these are very dark bit of comedy, not really laugh out load, more sit back an appreciate.

    I think Olenna should take the cake for actually being the most charmingly funny character on the show.

  • I’m surprised that the “I’ll eat every fucking chicken in the room” line isn’t there on the list. They’re all good, and I agree that it’s hard to pick the best one.

  • ARYA is doing her water dancing practice outside.
    The Hound asks, “what are you doing?”
    Arya replies, “Practicing.”
    The Hound, “What… Ways to die?”

  • John,

    Id forgotten that scene. The Hound does provide us with quite a bit of sardonic black humour. Something Arya also develops.

  • Neds no Loraq,

    That’s part of the genius of the show, and the source material. It’s rich enough to enable multiple watching, with detail that can be forgotten and remembered with enjoyment. The Hound and Arya dialouge is just one example. There is plenty of other comedy imbedded in the show that is just allowed to be, without dwelling on it unnecessarily. Two of my favorite moments that come to mind immediately are:

    Pod’s double take of the very flexible lady at the beginning of the purple wedding scene.

    The Tickler and his buddy setting up for a good pee outside the tavern, prior to getting hacked up by the hound (and Arya.)