Bronn Celebrity Jerome Flynn Season 5

Jerome Flynn talks Game of Thrones auditions, insistent fans, and new Ripper Street series

Jerome Flynn is out promoting Series 3 of his other costume drama, Ripper Street, and interviewers are also keen to hear about his role on Game of Thrones, and landing the role of Bronn, which returned him to acting after a long hiatus.

For those who might not be aware, Flynn was once part of Robson and Jerome, one of Simon Cowell’s first success stories. But fame didn’t agree with Flynn, and he retired to a run down Georgian Pembrokeshire estate to find himself spiritually. He was so determined not to return to the limelight, when offers came in–like being a judge on the original UK XFactor–he turned it down.

But, according to an interview with The Independent in the UK, he decided he was ready“[I]t was partly financial, and partly because I felt like I needed to get back out there. I hadn’t been on screen for 10 years. My agent didn’t give up on me completely, even though I was handed around among people. I think I was probably quite a frustrating client to have.”

Find out how he altered his appearance for his Bronn audition, more about his role in Ripper Street, and why he’s partial to being famous in London, after the jump….

[W]ith Game of Thrones I happened to be coming down to London,” he says. “And my agent said ‘There’s this American TV series’, and I was like ‘Oh my God, you’re joking’…”

“And on the Monday I had the audition. I was going up for this killer mercenary, and I was staying at my brother’s and I pulled out his kitchen cupboard on to my face and I had this big bruise over my eye. I put my hair back and suddenly I started to feel the character, although I had no idea what it was.” 

Flynn also recognizes that he’s had good luck being paired with other talented performers: “I was brought up on double acts and I love them. I’ve always had a lot of good leading men, funny men, like Robson and Peter.” The double act chemistry between Flynn and Dinklage was enough for fans to create their first fantasy spin off of many over the seasons, One and a Half Man. One can only hope he finds that same rapport next season with his apparent new partner. Just as long as they avoid bursting into song anyway.

He also isn’t totally happy with being famous in Spain, where he was filiming Thrones last month. “In Seville there are huge Thrones fans and they don’t seem to have any barriers.” This explains the weary expression on his face in some of those fan pictures.

The entire interview is worth a read for getting perspective about Flynn’s entire career, from his pop stardom to his history with his cult to his role as Detective Inspector Drake on Ripper Street. The third series of Ripper Street is streaming on Amazon Prime in the U.K, and is set to air on BBC America in early 2015.


  • That was an interesting interview with Jerome Flynn, who would have thought that he’d been a pop star in a previous life? Love him as Bronn, he does a great job.

  • Hey where are all the Bronn fans?
    Ive enjoyed discovering Jerome Flynn as an actor and haven’t seen him in anything before GOT. Im glad I hadn’t seen those cheesy photos of Robson and Jerome as it might have influenced how I saw Bronn who I think is a cool if opportunistic character. Flynn seems like quite a cool dude himself.