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Eight possible surprise deaths in Season 5 of Game of Thrones

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Season 5 is less than two months away, and it feels like everyone involved with the show is teasing us about what happens. Kit Harrington talked about “huge set pieces” and said one scene took a month to film. John Bradley said fans will feel “double-crossed.” Emilia Clarke promised Youtube reaction vids. Now George Martin is taking his turn, warning us about surprising deaths:

“People are going to die who don’t die in the books, so even the book readers will be unhappy. So everybody better be on their toes. David and D.B. are even bloodier than I am.”

Who could be next to lose the Game? Many candidates stand out as potential victims. Read on to find out which characters we think are most likely to see their final days on Westeros in Season 5….


Loras Tyrell

In A Feast for Crows, Cersei sends Loras to Dragonstone to dislodge Stannis’s remaining forces from the island. He’s said to be horribly wounded in the ensuing siege, victim of both crossbow quarrels and boiling oil, although we never actually see him in this state. Whatever is left of Loras won’t be quite so pretty anymore, but he is still technically alive when we last hear about him.

With the Kettleblacks apparently cut from the show, Cersei and Margaery need more direct fuel for their feud. If Loras is outright killed in action following Cersei’s command, it would deepen the gulf between the queen regent and the queen. Loras hasn’t had much to do since Renly was stabbed in the heart by shadow Stannis. The last we saw of him, he was nodding off during Tyrion’s trial. We also know he’s getting into a physical confrontation with zealots in King’s Landing. His fading arc could wrap up this season.

Myrcella Baratheon

It seems more and more likely that Oberyn Martell’s paramour, Ellaria Sand, will play the role of uncast Arianne Martell on the show. In A Feast for Crows, Arianne attempts to crown Myrcella queen in order to start a war between the Martells and the Lannisters. In the books, the “Queenmaker” plot fails and Myrcella is wounded in the ensuing brawl. Afterward, Myrcella plays no pivotal role in the story. Dorne seems destined for war with King’s Landing in both versions of the story. If David and Dan want to get them to that point sooner, they could kill Myrcella to force the war.

Jaime Lannister

Jaime’s role in Season 5 is unclear. In the books, Jaime plays peacemaker, visiting the last holdouts from the War of the Five Kings to give them terms of surrender. In the show, we know he will visit Dorne instead, with the knighted Ser Bronn in tow. Will he play the role of Kingsguard member Arys Oakheart, who is seduced by Arianne into helping her crown Myrcella in the books? It seems unlikely that he would turn against Cersei and his son. But it’s possible that he could die saving Myrcella from Ellaria and her Sand Snakes.

In the books, Jaime’s role moving forward into The Winds of Winter is unclear. The last we see of him, Brienne seems to be leading him into a trap set by Lady Stoneheart and the Brotherhood Without Banners. But with Lady Stoneheart most likely cut from the show, David and Dan may have no use for the Kingslayer in Season 6.

One fan theory claims that Jaime is half-Targaryen: that Tywin is not his real father because the Mad King raped Jaime’s mother. If so, that makes him eligible as one of the prophesied “three heads of the dragon.” Jaime’s death would be very unhappy for proponents of that theory.


Through four seasons, Bronn has been the ultimate survivor. He is one of the better Game players — he acts only when it is to his distinct advantage and only then. He says what’s on his mind so people trust what he says. He makes no qualms that he will serve whomever can reward him best. I don’t see him taking any unnecessary risks in Dorne.

In the books, his story is essentially over once he abandons Tyrion and marries Lollys Stokeworth, although he is amusing as an off-page irritant to Cersei Lannister. David and Dan have decided to send him on a mission with Jaime instead. Bronn is now a knight in service to the queen, and things are expected of him that a simple mercenary could walk away from. His ambition could prove his undoing.

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  • Hmm interesting article. I think there’s a possibility we could see the ends of –

    Bronn, one or more of the Sand Snakes, Samwell, Alliser Thorne, Jorah/ Barristan (but not both), Robin Arryn and potentially Jaime and or Brienne

  • I think Jaime is way too big of a change to kill him off. That would be a horrible mistake. Just as killing off Bronn, people like him too much. The others I think are possible.

    I’m pretty sure Hizdar won’t live for very long in TWOW so I won’t be complaining if they just get that over with already. Loras can’t survive for long either. We know that Myrcella will not survive to see the last book, so could be possible. Without LS, Brienne won’t have very much to do except wandering around looking for some Starks, so I see that happening. Mance is pretty boring in the show and I don’t think they will go that deep into the books. Jorah, could be possible, but it would bother me cause I don’t know what he’ll do in TWOW.

  • Since Littlefinger comes back to Kings Landing, I think Varys will kill him with Pycelle and Kevan Lannister…

  • In the books, Hizdahr isn’t the poisoner, though. That’s the Shavepate.
    Of course, since that guy hasn’t even been introduced, it’s doubtful the show is going to go into all the undercurrents in Meereen, and they may very well give his role to Hizdahr.

  • “In the books, Hizdahr isn’t the poisoner, although. That’s the Shavepate.”

    That is far from being certain, or even the most accepted theory, you shouldn’t talk about it like it was a fact.

  • Here’s my death list in order from charectors we know from show or we’re just casted 1.young cerseis friend 2 Denys Mallister , 3 balon grey joy 4.maester aemon 5 berric dondarion 6 bron 7 Robyn arryon 8 Janos slynt 9 grey worm 10 trystene martell 11 maester pycel 12. All loser Thorne 13 Kevin lannister 14 meryn trant 15 hizdizar zo loraq

  • Moka,

    Wow that’s really interesting. If he’s supposed to die at some point in Winds they might condense that. But when I think about it… no. Him being alive gives Sansa more agency. If he dies then someone else will take over as leader of the Vale. Sansa is not influential enough to take over the roll at this point.

  • Definitely going to die: Merryn Trant, Janos Slynt, Maester Aemon, Grandmaester Pycelle, Kevan Lannister, Grey Worm, Hizdahr Zo Loraq

    Probably going to die: Loras Tyrell, Bronn, Barristan Selmy AND/OR Jorah Mormont

    Might die: Jaimie Lannister (I hope not), Brienne of Tarth, Podrick, Mance Rayder, Missendei, Myrcella Baratheon… and of course, Jon Snow.

    There might be a few other surprises, but I think everyone else is likely to survive the end of this season.

  • Wow interesting predictions, although I think Margarery might be killed this season at the very end. We will have to see what happens.

    I think you will all enjoy this article that recently came out about company culture and The Game of Thrones:

  • I hate to say it, but the obvious answer is Barristan the Bold. I love him in the books, such an awesome character. But Ian Glen is more of a fan favorite, I can see him replacing Barristan in the story line. He isn’t at Dany’s side in Graznak’s pit in the trailer. Where else could he possibly be but dead? I really hope I’m wrong.

  • Where does it show “The Vale marshalling armies” in the trailer? Here are the visuals relating to The Vale.
    (1) A carriage with Vales-men escorting it on an open road.
    (2) LF giving Alayne a speech about vengeance.
    (3) Sansa in a bath.

    Unless has seen a different trailer, I saw nothing to warrant this statement.

    This is all I know, from the show – Book left alone.
    LF does not have control of The Vale. Alayne can’t because she’s LF’s bastard daughter.
    The Vale Lords haven’t declared for LF or Sansa.
    There’s one person not seen in the trailer who holds the real key. Last seen, Robin was fit and well, about to leave The Eyrie with LF and AS.

  • Except Jaime is said to be missing for several weeks… several weeks. If he was dead in the books someone would have a) found his body by now or b) already pranced around Westeros gloating about the famous Kingslayer’s death. And narratively speaking it would be pointless to mention he’s been missing for weeks if when we come back to his story he is indeed just… dead…

    And if people honestly believe that Brienne, the woman who was going to hang for him, is going to bring about his death then they haven’t been paying enough attention to the text. She will spill the beans or he will find out. She definitely won’t stand back to watch him die. The whole point of LS is so Brienne’s arc can mirror Jaime’s oathbreaker/kingslayer one. Not to mention the show has gone out of their way to build that Jaime and Brienne relationship. It would make absolutely no sense to spend the extra time and energy building it up like that just to kill him before anything is resolved. They could have significantly cut their trip and scenes if they weren’t an important dynamic to the overall plot.

  • It is a guarantee that we will see an end to Balon Greyjoy, thanks to Mellisandre and Gendry’s King’s blood.

  • It will not be Jamie, he will be the foretold brother who kills Cersi. It is known. Tyrion is the one who was born malformed due to the Mad King’s shallow DNA pool and will be one of the heads of the dragon . It is known.

  • The Dude:
    “In the books, Hizdahr isn’t the poisoner, although. That’s the Shavepate.”

    That is far from being certain, or even the most accepted theory, you shouldn’t talk about it like it was a fact.

    Similarly Hizdahr being the poisoner is far from certain. He just happens to be the guy Barristan is blindly convinced did it (because characters never get that wrong -eg like Cat accusing Tyrion). The article shouldn’t be presenting that as fact either.

  • Judging by the trailer, I think Selmy will die. He isn’t in the shot where Dany is in the fighting pit. Seems like he should be there to protect her.

  • Gilly is another possibility. She doesn’t really do much in the books besides follow Sam around and cry and killing her off would help develop his character.

  • I am sure that the following will die meryn trant (arya will kill him. i don’t know why, i just believe it), pycelle, janos slynt, greyworm.

    Might die: Bronn maybe, myrcella maybe. loras maybe

    Not going to die: Ser Barristan the badass, jaime (hell no).

  • wickerwoman,

    How cruel! Gilly is the temptress for Sam. Keep her in. If the show bypasses most of their book storyline, I can appreciate that. I’d be a shame if the show didn’t nod to the book with a chance meeting that takes place. Played out differently, it can be a test for someone else. That keeps to the essence of the books,

    Even reading between the lines on the show, it would only be a matter of time where Aemon is concerned. Refer to the trailer and watch closely. You’ll see a maester’s chain in one of the fires. The most likely candidate to fill those shoes is the guy who is best suited – Sam
    Where Sam goes, Gilly goes too, with baby.

    Aemon must have some profound words for Jon as his farewell shot. Jon needs to hear this advice, and the way it is said. I’d say Aemon has a better than good idea concerning Jon – but he’s keeping it with him.

  • James,

    This was an untidy loose end not sorted out before. This news ought to have been included in the show, and passed to Theon to increase his agony, adding more to Ramsey’s breaking in of Reek.

  • I also think that Tormund is going to die.
    He’s the one that Melisandre is going to burn instead of Mance and not Rattleshirt
    Too bad, he’s one of my favorites

  • Interesting list, although somewhat surprising that the obvious one isn’t on here, being Jon Snow. Now, personally, I don’t believe he will bite the snow this season, as I think they’re going to at least try to have GRRM reveal Snow’s exit strategy via tWOW before season 6 (hunch that tWOW releases in about 12 months).

    As far as deaths go, I’m thinking:
    Loras — him throwing the script after reading the finale is telling
    Bronn — While he may not have the “loyalty” to the crown, he does have his desires, and Ellaria Sand may well be one he submits to.
    Barristan — Not happy about this.
    Janos Slynt — Edd, fetch me a block.
    Kevan, Meryn, Pycelle — Killed by spiders, Faith, and Varys respectively.

  • I don’t mind if any of the characters should die, I believe that will make it much more real. just can’t wait on how things will unfold…….April should come faster

  • Jaime!? If they are including a certain froggy prophesy concerning brothers that isn’t going to happen.

  • I think Edd will die at Hardhome. Aemon’s kind of a given cos Peter Vaughn isn’t exactly in the best of health and they’re not gonna kill off that character with throwaway dialogue.

  • Interesting, however, i dont think you can say that certain characters have ‘nothing to do’ after a certain point before the final two books are out, Bronn in particular is definitely up to something and i think that most people believe he will do something significant in the next couple of books

  • I just finished binge watching season 4. Loved it. Things are different, though. Most scenes are darker, the filming process. Is that intentional? I think so.

    Finally as I suspected 3 years ago, Arya is going to the assassins. I don’t have HBO so I won’t find out till next year. That little girl has always been my favorite. It’s because she doesn’t want to be a royal, I think.

    Maybe I’ll get HBO.

  • gah,

    exactly. It is interesting how their roles are flipping and how innocent yet incredibly hard decisions can determine how you are viewed. Honor isn’t the simple thing briennr thought it was and looking in, she has basically been a hedge knight or even a mercenary wandering from Loyalty to loyalty changing as she pleases. We still as readers see the innocence in her decisions, but before her story is over she will go through the same descent as Jaime did and I doubt that she will have the same chance Jaime had in redeeming himself. She will die probably having her honor tarnished and she was basically a tool for Jaime to regain his lost honor.

  • Jaime as a secret targaryen? You must be kidding me, if he is a tag cersei is a targaryen too, because they’re twins!! The other options are more realistic, and maybe I’ll include Brienne and probably Ser Barristan Selmy, and why not? Myrcella Baratheon (Lannister).

  • julandro,

    If the writers want to introduce the flashback of Cersei, her friend and Maggy, is supposed to give many clues.
    Tommen is a more realistic candidate, and I have my doubts with Myrcella.It is assumed that you must first crowned queen

  • I’ve said it before: what if the entire Oldtown storyline is skipped (likely without Euron and Victarion) and Sam buys it in the confusion of Jon’s stabbing? Sam and Maester Aegon aren’t travelling to Oldtown via Braavos I’m guessing. So I could see him try something to stop the would be assassins and he gets killed.

  • They are doing Maggy the frog in the first episode… no way Jamie dies since he is valonqar (little brother) who will kill cersei

  • K26dp,

    I think there’s zero percent chance of him dying early… He may die, but that scene where he has to fight in the pit will most likely be in the finale. There’s no way a scene that huge would be played out early

  • I hope For the Watch is in this season. Imagine if the last shot of s05 is Jon’s Julius Caesar moment. Camera pans out as he faceplants into the snow. Cut to black. Credits. See you next year.