Game of Thrones Humor Recap Season 2

Game of Thrones Musical Recaps: Game of Jones and The Roots

Last week, we posted about Game of Jones Episode 1, in which Sex Pistols founding member Steve “Jonesy” Jones recapped the first season of Game of Thrones. In song. This week, the rock legend returns to recap Season 2 in a video that is simply delightful…and NSFW…definitely NSFW.

Watch the video after the jump.

From Nerdist:

“The long march towards the new season of Game of Thrones continues with another musical recap of the show’s second season from the Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones.”

“Joffrey, Joffrey, high and mighty and cocky”

Once again, Nerdist and Steve Jones have managed to balance out hilarity and accuracy. Lines like “That green fire will f**k you up every time man.” literally had me laughing out loud. Jonesy recaps Game of Thrones as if he is Unsullied, and I dig it.

And then there’s the coup d’état, knock out punch-line:

“Renly, Renly, we like him and his army, killed by a shadowy hellspawn spewed from a witch’s p**sy, a smelly old stinking p**sy.”

I don’t think I have laughed so hard at such blatant toilet humor since I was a teenager. I cannot wait for Episode 3.

It would appear that Nerdist wasn’t the only organization that wanted to bring a musical angle to its Game of Thrones recaps. We have this very excellent entry from rap group The Roots appearing on The Tonight Show.

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