Game of Thrones Humor Season 4

The Fine Bros blast through Season 4 of Game of Thrones in eight minutes

The fifth season premiere for Game of Thrones is a mere 10 days away. That’s less than two weeks. That’s 240 hours. That’s 14,400 minutes. For many people, mostly those whose jobs don’t involve watching, reading, and thinking about Game of Thrones, that may not be enough time to catch up on the show’s twisty plot and massive cast of characters. Luckily, the Fine Brothers are on hand to help.

The Fine Brothers are the proprietors of a YouTube empire that includes the very successful React channel, where children, teenagers, and the elderly react to various cultural phenomena while we sympathize with and/or laugh at them. They are also huge dorks, a trait they put to excellent use in this video recap of Game of Thrones’ fourth season.

The Fine Brothers’ passion for the show results in a fleet, funny, and very thorough recap they impressively pull off in one take. They also have a video recapping the first three seasons in just nine minutes, for anyone who needs additional refreshing. Those who have truly busy lives are welcome to skip watching Season 5 in favor of just watching this pair’s eventual recap, but it isn’t recommended.