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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Guests on The Tonight Show, dances, looks very silly

Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show celebrated the imminent return of Game of Thrones‘ to our TVs with a couple of different shorts last night. First, they put together one of their signature “sing along” reels, made up of clips from the show and overlaid with a well-known song.

The song in question? “I’m So Excited,” of course.

But it’s the web-exclusive short that also came along with this episode that should make fans really excited. The show had Nikolaj Coster-Waldau sit down as part of their ongoing “Tales from the Set” series. Coster-Waldau regales us with the story behind that extremely odd clip from the Season 4 blooper reel of Tyrion and Jaime dancing their way up to the dock for Tyrion’s plea bargain (the one that goes completely awry after Shae shows up to testify).


So how exactly did that come about?

Meanwhile, Coster-Waldau, in his interview with Fallon, admitted that he likes dancing, especially in front of his teenage daughters and their friends. This leads to Fallon trying to teach the poor man a Madonna-style dance move he learned from the Material Girl earlier in the show.

Poor Jaime! Between his sister’s rage, his brother Tyrion murdering their father and now this, the man just cannot catch a break.


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